Public Service Announcement for Rosa

by Tugger


 I just saw this cheezy add for an Iranian personel service.


I just gotta say this to Rosa:

Rosa, if you can't find one decent picture of yourself without some guy's arm wrapped around your waste then that tells me volumes about you. You are either:

A) Have never been without a boyfreind longer than it takes to figure out how a digital camera works, in which case you are a needy clinging insecure psychopath.

B) You are slut. or

C) You are either too stupid or lazy to get someone to take a more appropriate picture for you.

If the answer is A or C, I want nothing to do with you!


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this alert brought to you by....

by thank you for the alert... (not verified) on

The Iranian Taliban.


Good catch !......LOL

by Majid on

You beat me by minutes on commenting on this!

Good catch buddy!