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This is from another site. Some guy going on about how all of Iran's problems are the fault of the UK and US. I just thought I would solicit some Iranian input before I respond to him. Thanks.

1) The United States of America and the British ARE THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL IN IRAN

-For two centuries GB has been attacking Iran
"In fact, Iran's current southern and eastern boundaries were determined by none other than the British during the Anglo-Persian War (1856 to 1857). After defeating Nasereddin Shah in Herat in 1857, the British government assigned Frederic John Goldsmid of the Indo-European Telegraph Department to determine the borders between Persia and India during the 1860s.[3]

In 1872, the Shah signed an agreement with Baron Julius de Reuter, which George Nathaniel Curzon (who was one of the greatest statesmen of his day) called:

    The most complete and extraordinary surrender of the entire industrial resources of a kingdom into foreign hands that have ever been dreamed of...[4]"

-During WWII the British were military blockading Iran b/c they were scared that Iran might become a transport route for the Germans. Countless Iranian ships were sunk by the British.

-lets fast forward to the Anglo-Iranian oil company
They stole TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS (adjusted to inflation) from Iran in 3 decades until Mosadegh decided to nationalize the oil industry. This got him killed and the MI5+the CIA destroyed Iran's democracy and brought back the monarchy. Until 1979 the US of A received oil grantees where they would receive oil for the same price no matter how much the price went up and it would only be adjusted every few years. With the profits Iran was also encouraged to purchase BILLIONS OF DOLLARS wotrth of American weaponary. The situation was so bad that in 1979 Iran was only making RPG and AK 47 rounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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by Vishtaspa on

is right. Tugger's an arab who's trying to use us for his pro-Islamic-extremist agenda.


You're not welcome here, tugger.



by masoudA on

another goode reference is the vbook called "Strangling of Persia" by Morgan Schuster - a Princeton Graduate.    In the book he describes what the Russians and the Brits have been doing in Iran. 



Here is the reference

by Tugger on


Based on his avatar I think the guy is an Iranian pro-Israeli nazi? New to me.


I will read up on the entente thanks.


As for America

by masoudA on

The only time in the last 300 years Iran and Iranians have been able to have some political independence from Russia nd England - was the 30 years after WW2 - and only because of the American presence in Iran.   In case you need to educate yourself more on the subject read about the 1907 Anglo-Russian entente on Iran. 

I think Tugger is more like a Brit agent trying to make it as American and Brit interests in Iran have been one and the same.  



Tugger - give us the reference to the other site u talked about.

by MM on



tugger: are you trying to

by vildemose on

tugger: are you trying to educate Iranians about their own history?? Are you Palestinian??