Unspun caught in it's own web


by Tugger

Khadija Abdul Qahaar (aka Beverly Giesbrecht) is in over her head. She is a pro-Al Qaeda, Pro Taliban Muslim convert who runs the propaganda site Jihad Unspun. //www.jihadunspun.com/index.php

 She went to Peshawar to document how horrible the war was and she got kidnapped by the Taliban!

Now you’d think that because she is a Muslims and pro-Taliban that that might help her.

Not really. The conspiracy lovers developed a conspiracy that her whole website was a front for the CIA.

 In 2003, Rita Katz sure didn’t help her with this speculation.

 “Some Web watchers, including Katz, believe the U.S. government may be using the Internet jihad to spy. They speculate that Jihad Unspun, an English-language site that appears to promote terror, may be a CIA creation, designed to find out who visits or orders videos glorifying bin Laden.”


 Of course Rense.com loves a good conspiracy and joined in.


 So the Taleban think she may be a spy.


 The woman is in deep doodoo. The fact that the CIA denies she is a spy only proves that she is. The Canadians are trying hard to free her, so that makes her look suspicious as well.

 This woman could get her head cut off. The Kafir denials are only making this more likely.

 So let me state very clearly. SHE IS NOT A SPY! PLEASE RELEASE HER!

For a look at the current Somali Pirate dilemna, please check out my other blog.



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