Islamo-Fascism Week? Whats good for the Gander


by Tugger


Now that Islamo-Fascism Awareness week is behind us, I’d like to take time to reflect on this precedence setting moment of enlightenment. Even though we are now in the 6th year of military confrontation with the forces of militant Islam (and others), perhaps some things needed to be clarified. Perhaps the general public missed the media coverage on Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Taliban and Hamas over the past decade. Maybe they were unaware that there are really bad guys who are out to get us. Is it too much to ask that we take one week out of the year to think about the threats we face all year round?

Some may ask, What is the purpose of making such a highly publicized event when it only focuses on something we are already aware of? Why not just sponsor a hurricane awareness week in New Orleans?

Mr. Horowitz states:

“Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is an effort to educate the general public about the enemy we face and, in the process, to give moderate Muslims support in their struggle.”

Can anyone claim their Awareness of the enemy is complete without having sat through an Anne Coulter lecture? Surely she has saved her most thought provoking opinions for these speakings; the stuff you can’t get on FOX news everyday of the year. Or perhaps people would miss out on exposure to the numerous in-depth writings that the architects of this event have to offer, like

The End of Time by David Horowitz $12.00

Unholy Alliance by David Horowitz $18.00

Left Illusions by David Horowitz $21.00

The Hate America Left by David Horowitz and Jamie Glazov $15.00


Sadly, the vast majority of those moderate Muslims found the term “Islamo-fascist” to be offensive.

Thankfully, Mr. Horowitz was able to clarify their misunderstandings. You see, the term “Islamo-Fascism” was initially coined by Algerians. Algerians are Muslims. Can Muslims be offended by terms originated by other Muslims? Of course not! Therefore the moderate Muslims of the world are mistaken to think that the words are offensive. Just because words offend does not mean they are offensive.

Furthermore Mr. Horowitz states: “No one who wants to see moderate Muslims succeed in their efforts to resist the oppressive doctrines of the Islamo-fascists should oppose the use of this term”

You hear that? You are either with us or against us! If you don’t like the term Islamo-Fascist, then maybe that’s because you are one!

Mr. Horowitz and friends are simply exercising there freedom of speech. Islamo-Fascism refers to Muslims who are fascists. All other Muslims are exempt from offence.

Of course others may differ as to what threats we face deserve a week of awareness. For example some may prefer a more introspective approach and focus on the threats to peace that emerge from within. For those people perhaps we can have a week like this?


Obviously Christians who are not warmongering idiots will not take offence to these words. If for some reason they do, then we can only then assume that they are indeed warmongering idiots themselves and thus consider the offense well placed.

Still others may want to focus on more specific subtle threats. Like the threat of people who profit on creating hysteria and fostering stereotypes that promote intolerance. For those people we can have this week.


Rest assured no non-hate-spreading media whores of the Jewish faith should be offended.

Thank you


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