Afghan Warlords and their dancing boy toys.

by Tugger

I just read a revolting article on Reuters on how Afghan warlords are honoring the age old tradition of keeping young dancing boys as their mistresses.


I just had to voice how appalling and non-Islamic this is. This flies directly in the face of clearly written Islamic law. Don’t these people know dancing is forbidden in Islam!?


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This is Old News

by Mollah (not verified) on

In all arab countries where women and men are separated by our great backward religion, and in Iran specially small town and villages of Iran they use everything with a hole for sexual gratification, that includes donkies, boys, children, donuts, horses, watermellons, crack on the wall, couch cushions and vaccum cleaners.
It's usually kept a secret because in our great religion as long as things are done in secret God won't see it therefore it's not considered asin. Our intelligent, well-educated, morally superior mollahs are aware of all of these opportunities.



by Tugger on


I can't shape my material to target the masses. They're not worthy. You got it. Mission accomplished.



This is appaling

by Arian (not verified) on

Child abuse is awful, but it certainly is nothing to do with their religion. Its not such a problem in Arab states, I think it was made fashionable when Alexander invaded these countries. Anyway I do not think its as big issue as it is here in the west.



by Ms. Irani (not verified) on

Dear Tugger:
I don't think the commentators got the joke. It's Ok to have boy toys, but not the dancing ones!!! :-)


Shut the F*(k up!

by Kouroush Sassanian (not verified) on

Mohammad the pedophile was raping little girls, so what wrong with raping little boys! These idiots are just doing what Muhammad told them to do olagh!



اختر سادات (not verified)

بی بی سی برای همین رویتر را خرید که چنین اخباری را انتشار بدهد. هدف انتشار فساد در منطقه است برای کوبیدن اسلام.


بچه بازی و ملیجک مداری از سنت های دیرین بزرگان است


در ایران بچه بازی و ملیجک مداری از سنت های دیرین بزرگان است! مخصوصا بزرگان فعلی (آیت الله ها) که از دوران جوانی ئ تحصیل در حوزه های علمیه به این اعمال حسنه خوی میگیرند! خوب افغانها هم خیلی از سنت های حسنه را با ما شریک هستند !


Way around

by IraniValiAzad (not verified) on

Don't you worry yourself for minor infractions such as these .... In cult of Islam, there is work around for every rule, of course, to benefit the one who wants to break the rule, usually done by those who enforce those crazy rules.