Power for money or power for power

by Troneg

I don’t know why these days there are many posts about Pahlavi’s money in this site. As the time has been stopped 30 years ago and nothing happened.

Since always some people have wanted to take power to live more comfortable than others and some others wanted to take power to show others they are the most powerful and others should be their slaves. They are all stealer. Personally I prefer the first category.

Look what is happening today: Rafsanjani is picking money and buy Mal, buildings or put them in Switzerlands banks. Ahmadinejad pick money and send it to Hamas for war or give it to Chinese for arms. In both case people are stolen.

Rafsanjani is using Iran as a cow and AhmadiNejad use it as a donkey to satisfy his ego. In the first case Rafsanjani would never kill the cow and even he will feed it to have more milk. Ahmadinejad would kill it as soon as he no more needs it. It is why I prefer the first category.

Look at the history, nobody judge kings or communists because money they picked, they are judged about what they did with this money. Qujars wasted money by useless trips to Europe, Reza shah picks fields and houses at the end he died and fields and houses are always in Iran! Nobody brought money to his tomb.  As soon as money is not wasted and owned by Iranians, it will come back to country.

Stop discussion about who own money and how much, discuss about what they are doing with this money.


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Maryam Hojjat

Vary Good point!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for your blog.