Nuclear power and Earthquake

by Troneg

As you may read in newspapers, a huge explosion has rocked a Japanese nuclear power plant damaged by Friday's devastating earthquake. //

There is a very high potetiel to have Japanease Tchernobyl !

Iran is also a country where we experience regularly earthquakes! What if it happens tomorrow in Iran ?!



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Multiple Personality Disorder

The safest source of energy is cow manure...

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

... but unfortunately it is not the cleanest, so it has to be handled very carefully.

Azadeh Azad

The cleanest and safest source of energy

by Azadeh Azad on

This is the idiotic idea that has been advanced by some, including many scientists, until the last few days. What do they have to say now?



Nuclear Energy is the most usafe form of Energy.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

As clearly seen in Long Islad, Chernobyl and now Japan. There are much safer and cheaper forms of energy generation: Wind, tidal, Solar, Geothermal to name a few. The reason Nuclear energy is used so widesored today is the quick return on investment. In other words more profit for the the greedy few in charge. But we, the ordinary people of Ukraine, Long Islamd, Japan, and in future Iran, have to pay the price for the Greed of the few...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


So, the power plant

by Rea on

built by the Russians is outdated.  But we have all known it I suppose.

However, none here seems to give a damn about Japanese. They don't count I suppose, they are not Iranians. 


1.Aftabe with volume control 2. Self Heated aftabe for cold weat

by darius on

  3.self cooling aftabeh


The U.S. military assistance

by vildemose on

The U.S. military assistance operation is being called Operation Tomodachi, or "friendshi­p.”
U.S. Forces Japan, which is based at the Yokota Air Base near Tokyo, is serving as the lead military command for coordinati­ng the assistance­..

U.S. President Barack Obama has vowed his assistance for Japan.
"I offer our Japanese friends whatever assistance is needed," he said. "[These] events remind us how fragile life can be."

"USS Ronald Reagan is prepared to serve as an afloat platform for refueling Japan Self Defense Force and other helicopter­s involved in rescue and recovery efforts ashore," the U.S. military said.

The governor of California­, Jerry Brown said he has "directed California­'s Emergency Management Agency to make state resources available to the Japanese government­."

Read more: //www­.ibtimes.c­om/article­s/122037/2­0110313/ja­pan-us.htm­#ixzz1GRPR­uVf0


Partial Meltdown in Reactor

by vildemose on

Partial Meltdown in Reactor #1 AND #3 - just reported US experts fear 'Chernobyl­-like' crisis for Japan



why is an

by vildemose on

why is an antiquated nuclear power plant built by Russians is a point of pride for IRI apologists?

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Dear Darius: Please name 1 high tech item, not 2, not 3, ....

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

that Iran has produced in the past 32 years!?

Be factual, please no images of refurbished American-built military hardware that was purchased in the 60's and 70's!?

Iranian invention complementing the best invention by the West:




Dear somebody!

by darius on

 Now, I know exactly what kind of people brought Khomeini and his gang to power in Iran!

aftabe sazi" is not  the problem, people like you, are the problem. 

Aftabe is the only thing you can vision, beyond that you get confused. 

How  could anyone ,any Iranian ever get chance to go forward when

individual like you are amongst them ?

It is not British,American or colonialpower , it is you and your likes

that always stop the nations .Your  love is not for the sake of

iranian who would die in  nuclear accident, you see no place for Iranian in any field period, that has nothing to do with Evil IRI. As

a matter of fact IRI love to see you around .

Good luck to you 





Suggest, prior to ....

by Rea on


When was your last Chernobyl ?

by Rea on

In the meantime, France is getting 80% of its energy from the nuclear plants. 

Trust IC for the latest news. ;o)

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

If what happend in Japan happens in Iran or any other 3rd-world

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

country, the human casualties will be in millions if not in 10's of millions...

Iran does not have the technologies, infrastructure ,and capability to warn people or plan and execute any rescue mission for that matter! Just look at how IRR has REACTED to the massive earthquakes in Bam and Manjil for the past 32 years!?

The consequences of a nuclear reactor disaster caused by an earthquake, malfunctioning, accident, or incompetence of its operators in Iran would be of biblical proportion...

Let's face it, a nation of AFTABEH-SAAZ should not attempt in acquiring technologies that they can not or do not know how to handle specially under the IRR regime...Instead they should stick to simple technologies such as solar, wind, and others.

The wise nations of the world should not allow IRR or similar incompetent systems acquire NUKES of any kind civilian or military, period.


Possible but is not limited to Iran

by darius on

The nuclear plants are expensive to build ,because in any design two important element are considered priority, safety of public and the safety of the reactor core that holds the nuclear fuel.

All the safety features are designed in redundancy to make sure that

in any catastrophic events  the reactor cooling system successfully

removes the heat of  fission to avoid any leak of the fissionable

products to atmosphere and environment.(the very first thing that escape the containment is gases , one is I-131 that attacks thyroid gland)

The power plant in Iran and Japan are PWR , the primary system is isolated from the secondary , there is no  chance  ofcontamination  and the coolant in reactor core is confined in a closed loop and it is not returned to  environment in any way.

The coolant is the sea water and by injecting huge amount of water

to the steam generator the hit produced by the fission is removed.

Any time there is an earth quake ,  nuclear  plant goes into alert and precautions are taken to make sure there is no  hazards.

The case for any nuclear plant to become "LOCA" which  means

Loss Of Coolant Accident is probable if not impossible.Case of Chernobyl was a clear case of negligence by the plant operator an dhuman error and lack of concern in design for the safety of public.  

The  PWR or pressurized water reactor  are designed to scram the

reactor meaning to shut it down in  as soon as deprresurized and without operator interference start emergency systems to remove the heat and bring the tempeature of the core to safety level while

operator  look for the cause and begin emergency steps.

What are the possiblities of any nuclear plant at any geographical

location to become disasterous?  No one really knows but it is probable that happens in any place.These plants are designed to

at least take an earthquake at higher than 7 richter scale based on

the knowledge we know about the earth movement. 

For this reason people working in this places are under constant training, checked for fitness for duty and are accountable .I hope that our  vodka drinking Russians and operators and builder of the plant dones their job right. I hope they do not go to Bushehr plant with the alcohol in their system. Hoepfully IAEA did their job right as well and did not let the russians to get away with cheap and unreliable product  to endanger people for higher profit gain.

one note before  close the this note , this is not in defense of IRI but to remind ourselves to remain impartial to the truth . Remember , we are living in a planet that is wandering through vast  space ,all

our advances only can tame our powerful nature to some extent and beyond that no design or industrial or military power can overcome

the fury of nature.Japan is a good example,they are good at what they are doing but the force of earth quake is beyond their industrial strength. 





Jahanshah Javid

What if...

by Jahanshah Javid on

The earthquake happened near Israeli nuclear plants, or American ones, or those in China, India, Brazil... it's a global problem.

When environmentalists AND objective scientists scream and shout that the risks involved with nuclear power are too great, opponents brand them as alarmists and hippies.

What do they have to say now? It will only take ONE major meltdown to cause mass devastation on a global level for years. Look at Japan, where they have the highest standards in earthquake-resistant construction technology. A disaster can happen THERE, let alone other countries who are not as advanced.

And let's not forget the nuclear waste issue, and the fact that it remains highly toxic for tens of thousands of years.

And of course the military applications of nuclear power. Remember that?

So don't tell me nuclear technology is good for humanity. It's insane.


I don't even want to think about it

by onlyinamrica on

I can't fathom.