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by Troneg

Today I write you in English to be read by the most people! I don’t know if you noted that there are more articles in English than Persian in

Of course you could tell me it is easier to write English with computers. I noticed also when articles are in English there are more comments, so more viewed and read (only JJ can confirm it by system counters).

So it is may be a feeling but you could check it with Iranians around you. We are less and less comfortable with Persian (Farsi) depending on at which age we left Iran. Somewhere it is normal. How many of us write Persian (Farsi) every day? And it is not only about language.

For people who left Iran at 18 -20 years old after revolution. If your retrieve childhood, we lived in Iranian society about 10 to 15 and we are living abroad more than 20 years. Take it like a provocation thought but are we still Iranians?

Let imagine, if tomorrow, Iranian government change and a secular government rule there. How many of us will go back to live there? I bet a few only. Why? Several reasons:

- Our children born here don’t want follow us.

- How many of you are still able to do Tarrof during 5 minutes! J How you want do business without Tarrof!

After years we are still foreigner here and became stranger to Iranians.

And what will happen in 20 years? Our children are already American, Canadian, French or German and it is normal and Ok for me. They should be aware about their origin and proud of it but we mustn’t try to change their life with our past. Their life is here and their future will be where they want.

Are we the last Mohicans, disappearing year after year? Virtual and obscure communities on the web how look for a desperate final fight to exist as Iranian. It is what Net historians will say in the future?

I would like to believe that we have a main role to play. We would be pillars of a huge bridge between Iran and West and someday we will be useful.


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persian westender

Most of the comments are in

by persian westender on

Most of the comments are in english. same goes with the postings, and both have the same reasons: writing in english is easier, (not creating them of course, at least for me). for me writnig in farsi is much more easier. I should edit when I write in english. still I won't lose the opportunity and the pleasure of writing in english.

You brought up a good point to discuss. If the majority of the visitors of this website are second generation of the Iranians living abroad, you will see probably no more farsi articles in the future. but we should not forget the influx of the immigrants and newcomer Iranians to the west, might be ongoing as well. The ones who more likely will seek their community attachments comparing to the younger generation. That would increase the chance of using the farsi language through this website.




To Ben Madadi

by Troneg on

I don't agree with you.

English is not more modern than French, German or Spanish ! It is used a lot in business because US and old British colony power.

The most of Iranian live in US, UK and Canada.

Actually what is spoken is not English of Shaksper, it is Globish (Global English).

Alphabet is a point to consider. Sometimes I was thinking may be we had to do like Turkish people. Changing Alphabet to latine but when I think we will all poesie done by Feerdoosi, Hafez, Khayam and others. I prefer keep our language.

I'm not worry for Persian language and I know this site is filtred from Iran. My purpose was about Iranian living abroad.

A language is not a sign of modernity. Look at Japenese. Many of them speak a bad English and they are more modern than US with conserving their tradition.


Why English not Farsi

by bahmani on

I think the main reason this site has more English on it than Farsi, is more technical than cultural. I think Farsi is used less and less outside of Iran, but I am pretty sure it is still spoken and written widely by a majority of Iranians inside Iran. However as you know, we are not a free people at this time. So you see, inside Iran, they actually can't read this. And since we are here, and they are there, there is this little barrier thingey called "IRANIAN.COM IS A BLOCKED SITE" that prevents a majority of Iranians inside Iran from posting anything in Farsi on this site.

That is the real reason why more Farsi is not on this site.

And that is also just one of the many problems with oppression.

Someone should ask a local Mollah in Iran what to do about the oppression and how we can reduce it, so more people can post on this site in Farsi again.


It's going to be in the future!

by like I am going to tell you Haji (not verified) on

Based of the amount of deletions and censurship pretty soon JJ is gonna come out of the closet and call it


To Jesus

by Troneg on

Actually I never asked any deletion for this topic!

I think you have some network problem to put your comments !


Interesting topic. I don't

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

Interesting topic. I don't think we have much to worry about. I think Iranians are more or less like other human beings. So, if we follow immigration patterns, we can see what our future will be. Where I'm at, there are thriving Greek and Italian communities. I won't look at newer immigrants like arabs. But those who have been here for several generations. I can also tell you that Ukranians here have a pretty tight community too. Sure, none of these people are exactly what they would have been without immigration but...we will end up pretty much the same.
With one exception! Language. We survived atrocities and held on to our language. But it seems like the first generation immigrants are intent on espeekeeing English with their kids. They name thier children Sam and Ramona (trying to put a Persian spin to it). I hear them in the mall saying JOOOLEEEE PEELEEZ COME HEEEAAARRR. It's such a shame.
As for target audience has changed. That's all. People like me don't have a place here anymore and little by little the trickle will disappear. But it will be replaced by more people because the marketing seems to be better than before. Oh well...all good things must end some time.


How come one of my comments

by Jesus (not verified) on

how come one of my comments which had no insult, or cursing was never published? did the editors find it offensive because I stated that author's writing was more like a joke, and good for a laugh? This is in regard to another thread.' future is very bleak. You are going to have one voice here, pro-islamists, pro-reformers, like-minded like JJ. For me, this is my last visit to this website. If you can not live with your own motto, than you have no credibility.



by farokh2000 on

"Ben" ... Now English is a better language than Persian? Where did you learn that, asswhole?

There is no argument that people who have lived outside our Country for 20-30 years have a little harder time with it but it is still our Native Tongue and we should love it until our death.

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

I can say about why English is more used, and of course read, by Iranians themselves who are still able to read and write in Farsi quite well.

English is a much modern language, much more precise, much easier to read and write, especially because of the alphabet. The Arabic alphabet of Farsi and the fact that the language has not been modernised is indeed a problem.



by Geej (not verified) on