Has Been

by Troneg

During a discussion about GooGoosh, some people said she is a “Has Been” because she is old and “she has to let younger generation have the same opportunities.” Why do young people think nowadays that everything should be about them only because they are YOUNG ?! I mean you are either talented or not; after that you could be young or old. Why only young people are IN and old one are OUT. I hate this mentality which is only looking for something “A la mode” without thinking if it is something good or not.  Hopefully everyday life and people recognize the talent. Rolling Stones are still rolling around the world with stadiums full of fans and young talented artists are arriving also.  When Googoosh started, nobody let her “golden chair”. She worked hard and she is still a great performer.  At the time, nobody told Delkash to stop singing to let Googoosh start! We have talented groups arriving like Abjeez and Kiosk //www.abjeez.com  //www.kiosk-music.com/As long as you have talent, energy and passion you should continue and people will recognize it.


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need to add

by lightining (not verified) on

I do NOT see the same emotion, passion and love in her new songs. They're stale & boring.


Googoosh was just part of it

by lightning (not verified) on

She was an innovator and creator of Iranian pop music as we know it today
Iran's pop music, as in popular music, is much older than that, and Googoosh didn't start it, and I doubt that there would ever be a consensus of who really started it, if there is such a thing. Googoosh did pop music years after it had been already established. Music is a dynamic phenomena. Various elements of pop were gradually being introduced into our music scene, way before Googoosh became famous. You see, this is a continous process.
Iran's music was entirely folkoric and traditional up to Qajar period. There was a very slow introduction to western music at that time. For the first time, our musicians were inroduced to western instruments, such as piano, violin, and were thought western music theory. The use of multiple instruments in traditional Persian music, is one such example.
We see this influence through the years, in variety of ways, morphing our music into something new, incorporating various styles into our music. For example we had people like Nouri, who sang in folkoric style (melody), with western instruments (e.g piano), and using western theory (eg. harmony). This and many other famous & not-so-famous people, paved the way for newer music and modes of expression. (examples include, Viguen, Aref, Rohani) (Viguen did tango, and jazz, for instance)

And then came the 60's and Googoosh happened to be singing then. The whole fashion thingy, showmanship thingy, blond-thingy, or whatever she did, was being influenced, and mirrored by the west. Googoosh was part of it, but she never, ever invented it. If one understands the continuum, and dynamic nature of music, then they would know that Googoosh was a very important part of it, but that's it, no more, no less.

Having said that, I love her voice, and singing ability, however the new songs are very stale. I only like the old songs.

Nazy Kaviani

Googoosh Is.

by Nazy Kaviani on

The whole idea of a "has-been" is one based on overngight fame and short-lived celebrity, prevalent in American entertainment industry, as is most tangibly seen on shows such as American Idol. This does not apply to Iran and Iranian artists, in my opinion, especially not to certain artists who will forever hold and enjoy positions of preeminence in their fields. Googoosh is one of those artists. She wasn't just a performer. She was an innovator and creator of Iranian pop music as we know it today, and as such enjoys a well-deserved iconic status. An icon never ages and never dies. Googoosh "is," that's all.


Googoosh was great but

by Daryush on

She is not anymore. If she made her own music or played instrument, wrote her own lyrics...then we could talk in more detail. She has a great voice and had many beautiful songs. Leave it at that and leave it alone. Not worth anything more.