why Pahlavi, Rajavi and AIPAC envy NIAC...


Ramin J
by Ramin J

It is pathetic to see that those who never lift a finger for Iranians are so quick to spread hate against those who do all the good work. I think much of the attacks on NIAC are out of pure jealousy.

Some quick research on the web reveals the following:

2003 - NIAC forces Monster.com to stop discriminating against Iranian-Americans. Neither the MKO nor Pahlavi lifts a finger. MKO too busy fighting for Saddam, Pahlavi too busy getting instructions from AIPAC.

Score: NIAC 1, Rajavi 0, Pahlavi 0

2003/4 - NIAC raises hundreds of thousands for victims in Bam. MKO fundraises to kill Iranians. Pahlavi fundraises for Israel.

Score: NIAC 2, Rajavi 0, Pahlavi 0

2004 - NIAC reverses National Geographic's use of Arabian Gulf, corrects it to Persian Gulf. Rajavi uses Arabian Gulf in interview with French paper. Pahlavi watches Dallas Cowboy's game.

Score: NIAC 3, Rajavi 0, Pahlavi 0

2005 - NIAC forces Don Imus to apologize on air for insulting Iranians. MKO forces its members to say prayers to Rajavi. Pahlavi cant force anyone to do anything.

Score: NIAC 4, Rajavi 0, Pahlavi 0

2006 - NIAC registers Iranian-Americans to vote. Rajavi cancels vote and declares herself President-for-life-in-exile of Iran. Pahlavi has the brilliant idea of running for King so that people can vote for him.

Score: NIAC 5, Rajavi 0, Pahlavi 0

2008 - NIAC defeats AIPAC bill that would have greenlighted war with Iran. Rajavi and Pahlavi lobby for war and cant believe their mentor AIPAC lost to NIAC.

Score: NIAC 6, Rajavi 0, Pahlavi 0

2009 - NIAC forces Jane Harman to retract statement calling for civil war in Iran. Rajavi infuriated. Pahlavi pretends to be upset at Harman.

Score: NIAC 7, Rajavi 0, Pahlavi 0

2010 - NIAC kills the Step Act, which would have Iranians deported from the US for being Iranian. Pahlavi wonders if this will affect his bid to become a US citizen. 

Score: NIAC 8, Rajavi 0, Pahlavi 0 

2011 - NIAC fixes single entry visa issue for Iranian students. Pahlavi goes on TV and defends Mubarak in Egypt! Rajavi on a tour in Europe and US funded by Israel to get off of the US terror list.

Score: NIAC 9, Rajavi 0, Pahlavi 0 

NIAC wins with knock-out in all rounds.

Well, no wonder the MKO, Pahlavi and AIPAC supporters on Iranian.com keep on attacking NIAC! Their irrelevance, impotence and disregard for Iranians have been made evident by NIAC's victories for the Iranian-American community.


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I despise fascists and stalinists

Petty, just petty and low

by I despise fascists and st... on

If an organisation is as accomplished as you claim then it lets its own record speak for itself.

 Keeping scores is low. Plus you provide ZERO proof for your outrageous claims.


Ramin J, I don't know if you are in any way connected to NIAC but your poor tactics are not doing it a favour. You better think harder next time. Remember people admire those who take the high roads not people who are childish and petty.



Here is a simple definition of NIAC

by Rostam on

To the NIAC's internet response team:

NIAC is a bridge between those who are looting Iran from within the country and those who want to join the looting from abroad.

That is the sole purpose of NIAC, establishing that bridge. This is the sole purpose of corrupt Trita Parsi.

I'd love to hear responses from members of NIAC's internet response team.



by afshinazad on

There is no competing if you and I or anyone cares about democracy and freedom of our motherland and our nation. It is quite pity to see still we don’t understand fundamental of democracy and in our case Iranian whether we live in Iran or out of Iran if we don’t understand the politician like Trita Parsi or any other figures , we could end up with people like MOUSAVI OR BANI DSADAR or people like them .

NIAC or any other group which lobby for existing Islamic Regime, they are not for our or our nations interest. They are the groups who don’t care who will run the country, for these people millions of dollars from IRI or others, in their accounts are important.

What you have listed are not based on facts and Visa entry for Iranian was joined effort of multiple groups and ordinary Iranian and change of American policy, otherwise NIAC is not the reason or the group have done it.

Argument about REZA PAHLAVI is quite old storey and I could tell you he has more supporter than anyone I know and last time in Khodnevis there was a online voting about type of government for future Iran. Monarchy was 2 to 1 against republic and you could imagine now why REZA PAHALAVI would envy NIAC.   I don’t know about Rajavi, because I don’t know them and really don’t care about their policy. But they are the most disciplined and organized group alive among Iranian after 32 year.



Ramin J

by Simorgh5555 on

Do.actually read Trita Parsi's book relating to IR and Israeli ties. The whole conflict is nothing but a.charade which the Islamic Republic started to create a bogey man and justify killing its opponents for being Zionists. Israel has also exploited thr IR for.its own benefit but the IR is funding and killing Israrlis through its Hezbollah proxies whe n Israel had not touched a single Iranian soul.DO not beleve this anti-Israel.hysteria rubbish. Israel.is not our enemy.
the irony is that Trita Parsi is guilty of the same compliciity and inside dealing with the IR -or unholy alliance, as he calls it-which he accuses Israel of.
Don't waste your time on the NIAC rubbish and return back to the fold of Iran, patriotism and constitutional monarchy.
Javid Shah


Ramin J

by Simorgh5555 on

So what if Reza Pahlavi supports Israel? Hey, Israel does not torture, maim, mutilate, rape, imprison or execute Iranian minors but the Islamic Republic DOES. Before your glorious revolution of 1979 Iran had excellent ties with Israel just as many Muslim and Arab counties have. The moral outrage you are claiming is due to the fact that you have beeb brainwashed bu IR propaganda into hating Israel for a conflict that has NOTHING to do with Iran and too complicated to take sides in.
Anyway, Ariel Sharon does not provide any concrete proof that Pahlavi raised funds for Israel but there are emails which PROVE Parsi is dealing directly with a regime which kills 8 Iranians per hour. There is no moral equivalence.
Also if you go to Pahlavi's website there is ample evidencr that he csmpaigned for suppoting the Persian Gulf.


Ramin J

by Simorgh5555 on

So what if Reza Pahlavi supports Israel? Hey, Israel does not torture, maim, mutilate, rape, imprison or execute Iranian minors but the Islamic Republic DOES. Before your glorious revolution of 1979 Iran had excellent ties with Israel just as many Muslim and Arab counties have. The moral outrage you are claiming is due to the fact that you have beeb brainwashed bu IR propaganda into hating Israel for a conflict that has NOTHING to do with Iran and too complicated to take sides in.
Anyway, Ariel Sharon does not provide any concrete proof that Pahlavi raised funds for Israel but there are emails which PROVE Parsi is dealing directly with a regime which kills 8 Iranians per hour. There is no moral equivalence.
Also if you go to Pahlavi's website there is ample evidencr that he csmpaigned for suppoting the Persian Gulf.

Ramin J

Pahlavi loves Israel

by Ramin J on

For those who dont know about Pahlavi's ties to Israel, just read Ariel Sharon's biography. Pahlavi was offering Sharon money to help him invade Iran! For people like me who hate the mullahs, I am still disgusted by this.

Why is it that Pahlavi fundraises so much in the Jewish comunity? Why is it thathe so relies on the neo-conservatives such as Daniel Pipes to help him?

Why doesnt he use his potential for influence to push for things such as the single entry visa? Why doesnt he stand up for the Persian Gulf? Why didnt he push back against war?

I was a monarchist when I grew up, but I cant cling on to an idea that simply never delivers. This is the 21st century. To win my vote, you need to produce results. Pahlavi and the MKO doesnt do that. But NIAC does. So even if I dont agree with NIAC on all points, I still need the results on the points I do agree!


Mamane Omid

by Simorgh5555 on

NIAC is not about negotiation. They are about appeasement of a terrorist regime and bringin a mass murdering evil.government to the mainstream. Please look at thr NIAC minutes and tell me where have they lobbied.or negotiated for human rights. Please see the email links.
As for Iran being bombed.or not is not the question you shoukd ask. Would you support the destructioj of the Basij and Sepah scum? Its all very well for us to.sit comfortably in exile whike 8 Iranians are killed every hour.
A step in the right directiion would have been for Trita Parsi to say, "Mohammad Zarrin jan, please ask your scum bag President to stop killing Iranians".

Parsi ans the NIAC do not care about hum rights. They care about saving the regime.


Small steps in the right direction

by Mamane-Omid on

Thanks for pointing out NIAC's role in coalition buliding among Iranian Americans.

I beleive what is contravesial among Iranian Americans might be NIAC's stand vis a vis IRI. NIAC faces the same dilema all of us Iranian Americans face. Namely, bomb Iran or not? thus negotiate with IRI or not. NIAC has been on the side of "negotiate". Nothing wrong with that.

There is a lot to be done, and places like NIAC provide a platform for the Iranian American society. IF NIAC's stand regarding IRI doesn't agree with anyones view, they should find an organinzation that does. If there none, this is America, start one!  




hirre jan another NIAC lie

by Simorgh5555 on

You know that NIAC is a lobbying group. I know NIAC is a lobbying group. Trita Parsi knows NIAC is a lobbying group. However, they have claimed to be a culturally educational group to get tax exemptions and declaring details of their lobbying activities in public. These emails were leaked following a defamation case.
Whilst NIAC had success in cooperation with other Iranian interest groups it does not tackle the only vital issue of concern: stopping Iranians from being killed.
Their main lobbyiing activity has been to end sanctions and the recent human rights activities have been an afterthought givrn that prior to the 2009 unrest there was no serious campaigning on this issue.
Furthermore, you say there is nothing wrong with reaching out to the good people in the regime but there is no evidence from the emails or documents.from NIAC meetings that they have actually pressured someone in the regime to address this issue. You can clearly see from the emails between Zarrin and Parsi that he clearly couldn't give a shit. Why the suddden interest in human rights now? It is a complete sham which either the naive or stupid amingst Iranians don't see.
Every single publicity statement (which is very selective) always comed back to the issue of sanctions.
Trita Parsi is full.of crap and the only unholy alliance that exists is him and the Islamic Republic. He is not the only Zoroastrian to have sold out to the Tazis -a thousand years ago another Iranian did the same. His name came to be Salmane Farsi.



by hirre on

Obviously you must understand that lobbying is not limited to the US alone. NIAC should make contacts with iranian people working for the regime in Iran in order to influence them. Also in general not everybody in the regime is bad, just look at all those diplomats who have resigned their posts during recent years, or all those politicians, journalists and so on who have dropped out... It takes real currage to drop out, and believe me that there are a lot of people working for the regime, but are afraid of expressing their true thoughts and dropping out...


Trita Parsi's makes contact with the IR

by Simorgh5555 on

Here is a list of the published emails. Judge for yourself: 


Here is a sample of Parsi speaking to his chum Zarrif, the ambassador of a Terrorist regime which mutilates and rapes Iranians:

Parsi meets Zarif

Document: Parsi’s email: meeting

From: Trita Parsi [mailto:tp@tritaparsi.com]

Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 3:39 PM

To: Javad Zarif

Subject: Salaam

Salaam - would you have time to meet next Friday? I am having a meeting with Gilchrest and Meeks, and they asked for our assistance in getting some communication going between the parliamentarians.


Trita Parsi, PhD


From: Javad Zarif


I will be happy to. Tell me when you are planning to be in the city and I will let you know how I can fit it in my schedule.

Best Regards,

M. Javad Zarif, Ph.d.


Tel: +1(212)687-2020

Fax: +1(212)867-5662"

Would Trita Parsi have the same close contact with what he calls the 'Terrorist' MEK?  

 Has Trita Parsi ever used to word 'Terrorist' to publicly describe the Islamic Republic?



by Simorgh5555 on


Minutes from a NIAC board meeting:



"Trita reviewed the membership trends: 1,034 (2005) increased to 1,307 in 2006 and 1,680 as of today - citing these figures as absolutely unacceptable".


 "Alex [ Patic,  co-founder and a member of the Board of Director] felt it would not be deceitful to mention NIAC as being comprised of 25,000+ members when dealing with the media and other inquiries."

How does a party claiming to represent a cross section of Iranian Americans have1,307 members and how does the 1,300 registered members tally with the figure of 25,000 people its Treasurer Patio gives to the public,

The figure is as rigged as Ahmadinejad's re-election result! 




by bahmani on

While I am not a fan of the MKO or the (Pure) Monarchists, the accomplishments you mentioned were not all done by NIAC solely on it's own, but through the far more difficult process of coalition efforts with other US-based Iranian groups such as BAIVOTER, Persian Gulf task Force, and others who helped.

This rare "Iranian teamwork" is a far bigger accomplishment, namely working with other groups, that NIAC often does not get recognized for either.

All the more reason why I stand by my claim, that NIAC is the best organized group we have with the foresight, qualifications, and experience to handle pointing out, objecting to, and suggesting reasonable reform of Iranian government policies, laws, and practices that affect the lives of Iranians AND Iranian-Americans in a negative way.

That's what I am pushing NIAC to do.



by Simorgh5555 on

I don't seem to remember Reza Pahlavi and the MEK doing business with the Islamic Republic.  

The lobbying against sanctions and stopping military action comes at a price 

Trita Parsi has had direct contacts with the IR Terror ambassador Javad Zarif lobbying for the interest and not ONCE does he actually press upon Ahmadinejad's terror henchman to address the human rights issue. 

Even the author of this Blog has not mentioned any contribution which the NIAC has done towards improving the human rights condition in Iran  

It's OK for Trita Parsi to become dooste joon jooni  with IR Terror representatives holding numerous email correspondence and meetings with them but it is NOT ok for the MEK to receive support from Saddam Hussein. 

If you believe that the ends justify the means then you have no right to condemn the MEK for supporting Saddam. 

It is OK to denounce the MEK as 'Terrorists" when the biggest sponsor of state terror in the world and murder of IRANIANS both inside the countrry and dissidents aborad is doing business with NIAC.

Trita Parsi has not demonstrated satisfactorily how not having sanctions benefits the Iranian people after 30 years of oppression, violence and mass murder. Here is the joke: Parsi says sanctions prevents Iranians from downloading mobile applications on their Apple  I-Phone so they can video Basijis beating them! What a lame excuse to defend the IR Terror regime when most Iranians do not own an I-Phone! 

Defending the name of the Persian Gulf is great but it does not stop Iranians from being murdered

Having Iranian student receive multiple entry visas is great but it does not stop Iranians from being murdered.

Normalisation with the IR and supporting unconditional negotiations will not stop Iranians being murdered. 

Parsi and his NIAC cronies lie to the Iranian people when he says that the IR can be reasoned with and respect human rights when it has killed defenceless men and women for years without trial. This is not a statte which understand diplamcy and Parsi knows this,  

 The NIAC's track record for human rights is Iran is pitiful. It failed to document human rights violations before the 2009 election and Trita Parsi did NOT give his full support to the Green movement by warning that foreign powers could infiltrate the opposition movement. 

The disservice the NIAC has done towards Iran as a nation is immeasruable and they are a stain on the memory of the men, women and children who have been murdered by the IR.  

The NIAC is worse than the MEK. Please boycott the NIAC and treat its support with the contempt they deserve.  

I look forward to the day when Parsi and his band of scumbags are put into jail with the ambassadors and members of the IR government he dealt with. 





Soosan Khanoom

Right on points .....

by Soosan Khanoom on

Both even sometimes score negative ... especially the MKO and those on this site that are nether Pahlavi supporters or MKO supporters but still blog against NIAC or keep nagging are just Jealous  !!


I love this blog

by jasonrobardas on

      NIAC rightfully wins for serving the interests of iranian people . The self serving , self promoting MKO and Pahlavi are, however,  the obvious losers!


I have been wondering about the same thing…

by Bavafa on

I don't know, nor suggesting that those who speak against NIAC are necessarily part of the said groups in your blog here but I am very curious about their motivation and what compel them to be so anti NIAC without any apparent logic.

I mean what is wrong with

- Empowering Iranian-Americans in the US

- Uniting together to push for an agenda that we feel most important to us

NIAC has proven so far to listen to its members, reprioritize its effort to its members wish and has had a very positive and successful track record in pushing for those priorites.

So, I am curious to see why there are, although few but so active and so strongly working to discredit NIAC without any effort to

- engage to change its direction to what they believe would be a correct path


- work or provide an alternative advocacy group that gives Iranian-American a voice

- provide honest and creditable information as why NIAC is not good for the future of Iranian-Americans


James D.

pretty funny

by James D. on

Though I doubt AIPAC envies NIAC, this demonstrates pretty well how NIAC has served the community while others... talk.