Why do NIAC haters LOOOOOVE Israel and Netanyahu??


Ramin J
by Ramin J

Iranian.com is a universe of its own. Even though it is disconnected from reality - a fring minority within the Iranian community dominate the blogs here - it is still interesting to study it.

One fascinating phenomena is the relationship between bloggers here hating NIAC and loving Israel and Netanyahu. One example is "Fred' who always champions AIPAC and begs Israel to bomb Iran. 

Another is of course Hassan Dai, who according to Bozorgmehr is financially supported by the racist right-wing Zionist Daniel Pipes.

And then there is the new darling of the neo-con "lets-bomb-Iran-to-prove-how-much-we-love-the-Iranian-people" crowd, Sohrab Ahmari. 

Ahmari has no real credentials. His only asset is that he is an Iranian that hate Iranians and love Israel. That will land you a job in DC pretty fast among the plethora of neo-con think tanks.

Ahmari has landed at the Henry Jackson society. Henry Jackson was the legendary father of the neo-cons, a Democratic Senator from Washington State known for his close ties to Israel. Among his staff in the 1970s, you would find the people that became the key leaders of the neo-con movement - Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and many of the others that dragged the US into the disastrous Iraq war. And who tried desperately to drag America into an even more disastrous Iran war. While serving as a Senate staffer for Jackson, Perle was incidentally caught by the FBI handing over classified material to the Israeli embassy. To the neo-cons, however, that is not a crime.

It's among these fine right-wing supporters of Israel and haters of the Iranian people - brown skinned folks with bad hygiene, according to Pipes - that Ahmari has found a home. 

There, he spends his time defending the Mujahedin terror organization, MKO, attacking NIAC, - and making trips to Israel to shake the hands of Israeli soldierspaid for by the hawkish American Jewish Committee.

What is the correlation here? Why is it that if you are a right-wing supporter of Israel, a support of war, you are so much more likely to attack NIAC?

To me, it raises memories of the early 1950s. Then, Iranians paid by the Brits and the US, attacked Mossadeq (a true Iranian patriot) and accused him of being a communist, a sell-out, a stooge - you name it.

Today, Iranians paid by the right-wing pro-Israel crowd, attack NIAC (real Iranian-Americans) and accuse its members of being Islamists, mouth pieces of the regime, and stooges.

Same foreign attack on real Iranian patriots using the same Iranian "this-is-my-price" sell-outs.

Will we learn from history?



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AO: Lock step marching in

by vildemose on

AO: Lock step marching in single file; spreading their dear leader's propaganda...lol

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Anonymous Observer

wow, all of NIAC's 100 members have shared this blog on their

by Anonymous Observer on

Facebook pages!



by shushtari on

so what is YOUR position??? didn't see anything about the 33 years of terror by the akhoonds- are U denying it- or maybe you're a bache akhoond yourself!

to call people who call out a stooge like T parsi 'fringe' is nonsense....

You are the one on the fringe- just like the traitor parsi 



by hirre on

There is also a dimension to this where we as iranians have to consider other nationalities as well. Is it okey for Iran to send money and support groups that cause harm for other people in the region? What should a syrian protester, or a jewish citizen think of the IR when those supported groups cause harm for them? What do we iranians think about paid foreigners who tried to stop the demostrations in 2009 by killing people?

When you think of these questions you have to understand that the other side feels it must protect itself, in worst case using force. How have NIAC addressed these issues, do they believe that the IR will one day stop supporting these groups? Should the people in other countries suffer and wait until talks perhaps lead to something? There is a urgency which NIAC tries to neglect. People are dying in other countries because of the IR, sure they are not iranian so we tend to neglect them, but still that matters!

Imagine you are the president for a democratic Iran. Imagine that Israel is a dictatorship where they pay and support terrorist groups that operate in Iran. Imagine that these groups have many deaths on their hands. What would you do as the president? How long would you negotiate?

It is still amazing that Iran has not been targeted by Israel in a military operation concidering how long time Iran has supported these terrorist groups...


Those who support NIAC are basically two kind of people

by hirre on

Those who support NIAC are basically two kinds of people:

1) Those who are afraid what a war would do to Iran, people that are scared (the majority)

2) Those who believe in core values (like Trita) that the IR can be reasoned with, that is, the IR have a capability to change, bring democracy, respect human rights, ignore islamism etc (the minority)

The first group I have total sympathy for, because it's focused on human values. The second group however I have no understanding for. This group is in my view very ignorant and indirectly support the IR (in long terms) by their actions...

The same way people critisize (by all rights) the MEK, AIPAC etc, you should critisize NIAC aswell. One critic is e.g., why have human rights been the focus during recent years and not something that started from the beginning of the organization? If human rights were no issues, then iranians would not be so disappointed with the IR, since human rights also indicate that there should be democracy etc...

The main priorities for NIAC is, by reading their policies is:

1) Create a relationship between the US and the IR

2) Engage in democracy and human rights


Now, how many believe number 1 can be achieved in order to achieve number 2? 


There are also many myths about NIAC, read:




Save Iran, don't leave out any options

by hirre on

If you look at NIAC's long term policy it will undisputedly lead to the legitimization of the Islamic Republic. NIAC are opposed strong sanctions, they are not FOR overthrowing the islamic republic (either by force or by the people). They are for targeted sanctions, however they do not want to acknowledge that targeted sanctions don't work in order to overthrow the IR. Their policy will create at best a new "saudi arabi", that is, a country that is internally oppressed but have active diplomatic and business ties to the west.

AIPAC on the other hand are too military offensive, they are also too arrogant.

The solution to the problem is somewhere between both of does alternatives.

Personally I am more afraid of a long term status-quo than a short term war. If you look at the short term wars in the middle east, it is a disaster. But if you look at the situation 10-20 years from now you will see that the wars were the start of a new beginning. A status-quo situation will be more long term costful for the iranian people!

For those who are only favourable of "soft" actions, imagine a worst case scenario. For example, during WW2, imagine if the US & Germany would agree to stop fighting each other and continue their own businesses. Imagine how the situation would be for the jews... This example also applies to the middle east. Think of how much the people in Saudi Arabia suffer in long terms because the US & the west are friendly toward it. This will also happen to Iran if diplomatic ties are made. "Iran" will never surrender fundamentalism and islamism in favour for something better, like democracy, no matter the ties with the west. The IR can and must only be brought down, no reforms, either by the people or by force.

We should leave ALL options on the table if we care for Iran and the iranian people in the long term.



why do red team haters love Esteghlal team and ..Hassan Roushan?

by مآمور on

more so because unlike perspolis ya Esteghlal whoes supporters will ultimately  find a common interest,NAIC and Israeli lobbyists have nothing in common.

I wear an Omega watch

Oon Yaroo

Had it not been for Israel Iran would have been taken over by

by Oon Yaroo on

A-rab countries long time a go.

Israel is the only natural friend of Iran.

Israelis love Iranians and Iranians love Israelis!

God bless Iran & Israel & USA of A.



by MM on

It is not right to tie being anti-NIAC to being pro-Israel. Close to 60% of Israelis do not war either.



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

One day, after the islamist regime is overthrown and trita joon has been forced to find himself a real job - for the first time in his life- selling second hand cars in Texas,  this few hundred or so simpleton members of NIAC wake up and realise that the universe was not centred  upon two forces of good (trita joon) and Evil (jooooos) with "Fred" pulling all the strings!

Until then, there is this site, their virtual battle ground with "fred", and their 24/7 moaning, bitching, slandering and lying .........

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


In Ramin's simple world

by Reality-Bites on

NIAC critic autmotically = NIAC hater = Israel lover.

Now, did someone mention being "disconnected from reality"? 


I don't support NIAC yet I'm no fan of Netanyahu either

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

For me just because NIAC opposes Iran attack, like I oppose it too, doesn't mean I have to support a them.

You need to wish the IRI regime is pulled down from power to have my support, NIAC does all it can to support the US policy to keep mullahs.

Siamak Asadian

Odd that you mention 50's, and our struggle for Oil Iindustry

by Siamak Asadian on

Natioalization, but forget to mention how NIAC itself was created by four non-Iranians with heavy ties to American Oil mafia.

What gives?

Is anyone who mentions NIAC's ties to the Oil mafia, in favour of exteranl intervention in Iran? Or just reminding you and everyone else to not be fooled again?

Please show some integrity and do reply. Cheers


Ramin What are you 12?

by masoudA on

Is TP running out of meat?   is this the best you guys can do?   and you want to represent Iranian/Americans?  



by afshinazad on

The only person or the group who has no credential is NIAC and people like yourself, which you and your friends don't give a hood about Iran nor the Iranian, No Iranian want to have an attack on their country.

The problem with NIAC and people like you is supporting fascist regime which we Iranian hate it. seems like you don't understand it, and there is only one reason for it and that is blood money and you people like to see Iranian to get killed and raped for the money that you make.

It is shameful for you to come and defend the people who are killing Iranian and destroying our country, of course I don't call people like you Iranian.

Talking about history, I suggest you educate yourself with history, because Khamenie is not A Mosadegh. It is funny someone like you or the NIAC will accuse Iranian trader which you and NIAC betray Iranian every day.

Ramin, have you ever asked yourself why NIAC is lobbying for this regime or NIAC never condoned the regime for killing Iranian, have you ever asked yourself why this regime bankrupting the country for nuclear program, which is useless and so many other questions following that, I guess if you are really true Iranian and you care about Iran, you should ask yourself a hard questions, what is that makes so many Iranian to hate NIAC.



برو بابا خدا پدرتو بیامرزه


آخه اینهم شد بلاگ!


I too believe

by Cost-of-Progress on

that NIAC has ties with the Islamist occupying socalled government in Iran, but do not advocate attacking Iran. This is actually what the regime and their paid agents would love. It gives them high hopes for another 32 years of misery for Iran and her people.

For this stance, I have not received any payments from US or UK or by Israel, for that matter. In fact, I have paid a lot of taxes lately.

You think I should ask for a refund or something for believing that the Islamist anti nationalist occupiers of my ancestral land are a bunch of thieves and murdres who are looting Irans coffers, bankrupting the country, killing and raping her people and wiping her national identity?

Arash Kamangir

Ramin: you didn't mention my name!

by Arash Kamangir on

If you want to issue a list of names of those in favour of attacking Iran you can put my name at the very top.