30th Anniversary of the assassination of a true friend; Anwar Sadat

by Pejman7

I am not pro-Shah but I should pay my respect to the late Egyption President Anwar Sadat; a real friend and a great man.

After the Islamic Revolution in Persia in 1979, almost none of the close allies of the Shah in the West accepted him. Anwar Sadat was actually the only one who welcomed the Shah in Egypt and paid in a terrible way for this invitation.

6th October was the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Sadat in Egypt. God bless those who do not forget humanity and friendship for temporary economic or political interests.

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by Fatollah on

will do so! reading and learning are two different process, and obviously never enough. but, whichever name makes you happy, and sound comfortable. i've no problem with that.


Why was Anwar Sadat not invited to the Persepolis Celebrations?

by Simorgh5555 on

Anwar Sadat, along with Richard Nixon were probably the only friends of Shah who helped him ih his hour of need. He was also one of the few important Middle East neighbour that was not invited to the Persepolis Celebrations of 1971. 

The Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi (with all  due respect to him) shoved down caviar and breasts of peacock flown from Maxims in Paris (Iranian cooks were obviously not good enough) down the throat of monarchs, preisdents and prime ministers of countries who would refuse to give him haven while he was exiled and dying of cancer.

The only person who offered him refuge was the only person whose government was not represented at the 1971 Celebrations.

When I see Shahbanou Farah who made Paris her home  depite being the country which gave refuge to Khomeini and flew him on a passenger plane to Mehrabad Iran my stomach turns in disgust. They shafted you and your people but she puts her affection for French art and culture above Iran. In steep contrast, when President Chirac refused to support the American led invasion of Iraq in 2003 angry Americans poured French wine down the toilet! What a contrast in behaviour. 

It is time for Iran to know who its actual friends are. People like Anwar Sadar and not the West and Euro Trash.  


Darius Kadivar

You needn't be 'Pro Shah' to be a 'Constitutional Monarchist'

by Darius Kadivar on

Explaining the Concept of a Constitutional Monarchy to a Staunch Republican


Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index 2010 (PHOTOS)  


If by being 'Pro Shah' you mean being for the Rule of One Man then indeed no one including I support that idea. But why should being a Monarchist be something to be ashamed of or prompt someone from being apologetic about the very mention of an institution which largely has shaped our collective and national identity for more than 25 centuries ?

The Republic born in 1979 is barely 32 years old and look at what it has done to our nation and it's reputation in the world ?

One can argue that this Theocracy is neither a 'Republic' nor a 'Democracy' but then one should give the benefit of the doubt to those who are suggesting the same regarding our understanding of the Monarchy.

Republicanism does not necessarily equate Democracy. Just look at all the Republics in the Middle East ranging from Gaddafi's Libya to Bachar's Syria or Saleh's Yemen all of which are Republics and how they have cracked down on their people in the name of the people ...


Where as Morocco and Jordan have behaved far more constructively to date, particularly Morocco:


Morocco vote to curb king's powers, abolishing death penalty


Advocating the Restoration of the Monarchy is not a step backwards but a leap into the future if it means restoring all the social rights which already existed prior to the revolution added to restoring the natural system of government which has strongly shaped our collective identity and culture as a people but within a democratic framework.


Reaching this conclusion is the result of learning from the bitter lessons of the past:


THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY: How Would You Evaluate Iran's Democracy Index in 1953 ?

And by being Accountable


ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza Praises Mossadegh's Patriotism (ANDISHEH TV)


ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza on Torture During His Father's Rule


As such the Monarchy in it's Constitutional form is nothing else than a Republic BUT within a Royal Framework.


Journalists in Radio Zamaneh should know better given that is also what you also have in Holland:


ROYALTY: Holland Greets Shah of Iran with Pomp and Circumstance (1959) 


Are the Dutch apologetic when they celebrate their Royal Heritage ?  


Or the British ?


Stephen Fry On Why Monarchy Is Imperfect Yet Should Be Preserved


How Truly Democratic And Stable Is The British Monarchy?

Or Spaniards ?


ROYALTY: King Juan Carlos of Spain Greeted by Shahbanou at Sa'ad Abad Palace State Dinner (1978)


So why should we ? 


Holland by the way was a Republic prior to becoming a Monarchy ...


The Dutch Republic: Its Rise, Greatness, and Fall 1477-1806 (Oxford History of Modern Europe)


The Editorial Staff at VOA Persian, BBC Persian, Radio Farda and Radio Zamaneh seem to fail to understand that One can be an Objective Journalist and yet be opinionated


That's what I try to be ... But then Maybe it explains why none of those medias wish to hire me ...



But thank you Pejman Jaan for reminding us of this great Man Sadat:

THE LAST PHARAOH: The Life and Death of Egypt's Anwar El Sadat (25 Dec 1918 - 6 Oct 1981)


As an Iranian and a Monarchist I shall never forget what this Great Man did for our sovereign and I am greatful to the Egyptian people for their kindness.


I just hope they will not make the mistake we did back in 1979:


A QUEEN's LOYALTY: Barbara Walters Shares Shahbanou Farah's concerns for President Mobarak's Family

Warm Regards,



An Un apologetic Monarchist ;0)



"A Country that Loses it's Poetic Vision is a Country that faces death" -Saul Bellow


Recommended Listening:


AUDIO: Shahbanou Farah on Bakhtiar and the Anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution 


Recommended Blogs:


MORGEH TOOFAN: Paris Ceremony For Shapour Bakhtiar & Soroush Khatibeh

RESTORATION: Shapour Bakhtiar advocates Restoring the Monarchy (Newsweek July 30th,1984)

RESTORATION: Britain's 'Glorious Revolution' of 1688 and the 'Bill of Rights'



RE: Fatollah

by Pejman7 on

In English Persia means Iran. Read some books plz. :)

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

NonethelessThanks for your true humane side of acknowledgment

yes he was a true friend to the late shah till his last minute may his soul rest in peace.

BTW  we're always persian regardless of others definition

we would still be if germans wouldn't come there during and after

wwI &II.



Yes and we all know why he was murdered.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

He was the only person to stand upto this...


God Bless Him.


After the Islamic Revolution in Persia in 1979

by Fatollah on

it's Iran, not Persia!

Nonetheless, thanks for the post.