ROYALTY: Holland Greets Shah of Iran with Pomp and Circumstance (1959)

ROYALTY: Holland Greets Shah of Iran with Pomp and Circumstance (1959)
by Darius Kadivar

Dutch TV reports on Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard Greeting the Shah of Iran for a Short State Visit. (circa 1959)

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Darius Kadivar

By the way Holland Was a Republic before becoming a Monarchy ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Just as a footnote to SPink's "Half-Baked" Republic Predictions ...  




by benross on

You missed the point. And I might add DK is not helping there very much!

It's not about defending constitutional monarchy, which as you noted, is an opinion that can be expressed and debated and is very healthy.

It's about restoring the legal and legitimate constitution of Iran, which happens to be a constitutional monarchy. Historically speaking, this is the constitution we had, when we were moving toward modernity and IRI constitution is the one we got when we fought against modernity.

The whole paralysis of political discussion in past 30 years is in that many Iranians are still in denial and don't want to admit they participated in an anti-modernity movement. Their main scapegoat is of-course the dictatorship of the Shah. They refuse to accept their responsibility and drop all the blame on him... the easy and lousy way out. But emphasizing that the legal and legitimate constitution of Iran has not yet changed by any legitimate modern process, will attract all Iranians from all walks of life to get together and restore this legitimate constitution and then proceed to modify it in accordance to a modern process.

The referendum is not about the form. It's about the content. It's not about the choice between monarchy and republic. It's about the historic path we chose, as a nation, over hundred years ago, toward modernity.


I'm outta here

by Rea on

@DK, thx for the link, appreciated.

Hate communists, my own family was forced into exile. Yet I still have a lot of respect for Tito. As I do for the Shah.

@fooladi, history is complex, nothing is black or white, read and learn. ;o)


Darius Kadivar

fooladi Jaan blame it on my Blistering Barnacles! ...

by Darius Kadivar on

I am Often Intolerant With ANONYMOUS Cyber Revolutionaries ...

I tend to Respect someone who stands Up for his ideas even if they differ with mine in the light of the day ...

But when you come and express opposite views that then indirectly side with my opponents ( SPink in this case ) ... then indeed don't expect a polite intellectual discourse on every occassion.

That said I know you enough through your writings to know that you are not a bad intentioned person nor a Stupid one nor have much in common with this IRI Stooge.

But in an ANONYMOUS Crowd I am the one whose Ideas are exposed and that is my way of defending them on every and each opportunity.

No Hard Feelings ... It's just that the Captain Haddock in me tends to wake up at times ...  


Nobody's Perfect ! ...

"I'm Only Human" - John Lennon





DK: A free referendum with all inclusive choices

by fooladi on

In Iran would let people decide what kind of governmental system they want. Really as simple as that.

In the meantime we can debate and argue about our preferences for a regime on internet or else, that is very healthy..

BTW I did read your detailed response and thanked you for that then. you got some valid point. But I still disagree with you on your vision of a constitutional monarchy for Iran. Just because GB is a working costitutional democracy, that does not mean the formula would work for Iran also. two comletely different societies with different developemnt path. Just my opinion. But when you react by calling me "your like", simply because I do not share your views, that comes across as somehow intolerant.


Darius Kadivar

fooladi Jaan I am Not Offended Just Wary of hearing the Same

by Darius Kadivar on

Stereotypes and baseless comments coming from my own Fellow Compatriots ... 30 years on ...  

Valy Here Deleto Khosh Kohn ... Khoshkelam Hast ...

Viva La Revolución !

Only Next Time anyone of you Republicans expresses Pride in the Shahnameh I will make Sure to Hit You on the Head So Hard You Won't dare to ever Recite Ferdowsi in Front of me again :




Darius Kadivar

maziar Jaan The Marie Antoinette Reference did not escape me ...

by Darius Kadivar on

except Farah Was NO Marie Antoinette ...

La Preuve:

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE:Shah and Shahbanou Visit Earthquake Victimes (VIDEO)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shahbanou Farah visits Persian Gulf Compatriots (1974)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Greeted by "Bandari" People of Persian Gulf (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE:Farah chatting with a local lady in Gilan Province (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Comforts Tabas Earthquake Victimes (1978)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah visits compatriots inflicted with leprosy (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Helps Clean Village Sewage System (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah visits village wives and children (1970's) 

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Greeted affectionately by girls in Luristan Province (1975)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah and Quashgai Kids (1976)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah and Soraya Share meal with worksman's family (1956)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah visits Nursery in Tabriz (1960's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Farah Pays Respect to Baloutch Sunni Minority (1970's)

ROYALTY AND THE PEOPLE: Shah meets Kurdish Representatives (1948)

But for Iranian Jomhurykhah's like Fooladi "Republicansim" has become an ideology of baseless Stereotypes which they continue perpetuating due to the same old "Chapi" Reflexes ...

They would even want to see a Perfectly Democratic Country like Holland or the UK become Republics just to suit their own Demagogue and UNIFORMIZED Mindsets of how societies should be run regardless of whether unlike them millions of Europeans have absolutely no problem with their Royal Families ...

One Failed Revolution was Not Enough  ? ... And they Still demand Accountability for their OWN POOR CHOICE !




Maziar Khan, you are right regarding the cake story.

by fooladi on

My position on MKO is like my position on any Iranian opposition group. If they are happy to renounce their islamist past and work towards a democratic Iran where the government is selected by the people for he people, answerable only to the people, then they are welcome. If they  have committed crimes against People of Iran, then they should be answerable for that in the courts of IRANIAN PEOPLE, and not kangaroo courts of velayate vaghih. By The way maziar my position is precisely the same on Monarchists, and other moderate muslim religious groupings. The fact is, the enemy, the islamist regime would be the only beneficiary of a divided Nation of Iran. In fihting is bad.... 

Now why DK was offended by my cake comment, only he can answer. Maybe something to do with the fate of the person who originally made the cake comment....

Darius Kadivar

Rea Jaan Here you are

by Darius Kadivar on

From a former Diplomat Farhad Sepahbody ( he is the guy in the middle looking straight at Tito - You can't miss him) who later became Iran's Ambassador to Morocco :



Thanks DK for unintended compliment!

by fooladi on

And I wish I had the required dedication and conviction, but no, just another dotcom political debator. Sounds familiar? :)

maziar 58

that cake.......

by maziar 58 on

D K Khan   I always dream and hope for the Iranians returning to their happy & glorious days....

I think what Mr. fooladi qouted was from a queen, when the issue of: peoples have no bread to eat and she replied :they can eat cake.

And I really don't know Mr. fooladi's  position on that other group... thanks          Maziar

Darius Kadivar

Arghh .. fooladi Jaan There No Use debating with your Likes ...

by Darius Kadivar on

You didn't even bother Reading my Lengthy Response on other threads in regard to the same points you bring up here and continue making the same Obsolete Arguments Time and Again ...

Fed up with Your Likes ...



DK, we crossposted

by Rea on

Tito's grave is in Belgrade, Serbia.

If you have any link ref. Shah and Tito, would like to have it, thx.



at least one Fundemental difference between Tito and Shah:

by fooladi on

One (Tito) gained the leadership of his country through the bruital Guerilla war with nazi germany occupiers. He was indisputable leader of Youguslavia till his death and collapse of communism in eastern Europe when the whole federation fell apart  

The other (shah) , was given the throwne by MI5/CIA, but could not hold on to that, so he and his Taj were  replaced with khamenei and his Amameh, again  by MI5/CIA


DK, hope you don't hold grudges

by Rea on

Had to say it, it's been on my mind for a while.  ;o)

Darius Kadivar

Quite True Rea Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Actually Tito and the Shah mutally admired one another. The Shah not only invited him to the Persepolis Ceremonies but pays homage to Tito's Patriotism in his Book Answer to History ...

Where is Tito Buried by the way ?


Funny but reading about the Iranian Shah

by Rea on

..... I end up thinking about Tito.

Both ruled their respective countries with an iron fist.

Both dealt mercilessly with their opposition, i.e. the issue of human rights was out of bounds.

Both were respected and well received internationally.

Both embarked on ambitious industrialisation programmes and agricultural refoms turning their respective and previously backward countries into relatively prosperous places.

Both separated state from religion and gave women voting rights.

Both were good looking and had more than two wives. ;o)

Incidently, both died in 1980 and, incidently again, both have their graves in countries other than their countries of origin.

Both are still equally and indiscriminately either respected or hated in their respective countries. Briefly, it’s either or.

Last but not least. Just as the exile of the Shah radically transformed the political landscape in the Middle East wider region, the death of Tito radically transfomed the political landscape in the Balkans.

Darius Kadivar

Fooladi Jaan You can always enjoy your Cup Cake Kebabs with MKO

by Darius Kadivar on

Just make sure not to leave Iran in crumbles on your way out of the party ...




The problem with Royalty:

by fooladi on

Is that everything looks so pretty and glamorous on the surface.

Scratch the surface, you read the old "let them eat cake" story...

Darius Kadivar

SPink Jaan coming from an IRI Stooge who can't even ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Shoot Straight ...



I actually have no doubt that your predictions will actually have the opposite effect ...





Genghis Khan

"to a certain extent, we have (him) to thank for it."

by Genghis Khan on

Dear Mr. Kadivar,

Please don't be hard on him. He is comoing aboard, one step at a time.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

Sargord Pirouz

That top photo instills in

by Sargord Pirouz on

That top photo instills in me a sense of gladness the "kingdom days" in Iran are over forever.

For whatever the case may be, at the very least we have a republic.

And to a certain extent, we have that half-baked puppet to thank for it.