VIDEO: "Persian Hours" @ Amsterdam Concert Hall

by Pejman7

On 28th November 2012, Dutch pianist performed "The Persian Hours" at Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

The piece which was composed in 1913 is one of the most famous works of French composer Charles Koechlin.
According to Sunday Times: "Les heures persanes [The Persian Hours] was inspired by Vers Ispahan, Pierre Loti’s diary of a journey through Persia. Oriental atmospheres are recreated through cycles of day and night, and in piano writing completely new for its time. This evocative piece salutes Koechlin’s musical forebears as well as foreshadowing Messiaen through the “passionate and skilled”.

Watch the beginning of "The Persian Hourse" performed by Ralph van Raat and few seconds of Persian-Dutch author Kader Abdolah lecture at the event.


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