The Pedagogy of the Oppressed


The Pedagogy of the Oppressed
by Peacock_Feather

Violence is initiated by those who oppress, who exploit, who fail to recognize others as persons—not by those who are oppressed, exploited, and unrecognized. It is not the unloved who initiate disaffection, but those who cannot love because they love only themselves. It is not the helpless, subject to terror, who initiate terror, but the violent, who with their power create the concrete situation which begets the "rejects of life." It is not the tyrannized who initiate despotism, but the tyrants. It is not the despised who initiate hatred, but those who despise. It is not those whose humanity is denied them who negate humankind, but those who denied that humanity (thus negating their own as well). Force is used not by those who have become weak under the preponderance of the strong, but by the strong who have emasculated them.

For the oppressors, however, it is always the oppressed (whom they obviously never call "the oppressed" but—depending on whether they are fellow countrymen or not—"those people" or "the blind and envious masses" or "savages" or "natives" or "subversives" [or “Muslims” – PF]) who are disaffected, who are "violent," "barbaric," "wicked," or "ferocious" when they react to the violence of the oppressors.

Yet it is—paradoxical though it may seem—precisely in the response of the oppressed to the violence of their oppressors that a gesture of love may be found. Consciously or unconsciously, the act of rebellion by the oppressed (an act which is always, or nearly always, as violent as the initial violence of the oppressors) can initiate love. Whereas the violence of the oppressors prevents the oppressed from being fully human, the response of the latter to this violence is grounded in the desire to pursue the right to be human. As the oppressors dehumanize others and violate their rights, they themselves also become dehumanized. As the oppressed, fighting to be human, take away the oppressors power to dominate and suppress, they restore to the oppressors the humanity they had lost in the exercise of oppression

~ Paulo Freire, The Pedagogy of the Oppressed



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iraj khan

What a haunting drawing,

by iraj khan on

one tries to stay away from the page but he is drawn back to it again, to have a second look at it.

Interesting observations by the author Paulo Freire, mentioned above, thanks for posting it here.



by Peacock_Feather on


Dr. Mohandes

Peef Puff

by Dr. Mohandes on

and you sound your own self. a deranged and sick man.

have fun old man. 


Blah blah hate blah blah hate

by Peacock_Feather on

You sound like Netanyahu with his cartoonish Looney Tunes bomb diagram and red magic marker...

Dr. Mohandes

My what???

by Dr. Mohandes on

Oh ok there Sir , Mr. General!

How does my sarcasm relate to my using "transparent tactics"??? please do elaborate on that with your wonderful persuasive skills! 

I don't know what you are smoking or driking and what gives u a buzz, but i really would not need to use any tactics here or anywhere for matter.

I come here to be informed and have a chat with my pals every now and then, and i know what brings you over here but let us not get into that.

You are nothing but a paranoid, out of touch, full of hate, grudge, ill intentions for everything that is good and positive out there.

YOU have no point/points whatsoever, quit deluding yourself.


Your tactics are transparent

by Peacock_Feather on

And with every sarcastic post you prove my point.

Dr. Mohandes

Answer the damn question

by Dr. Mohandes on

AVoid deviating from the subject and creating one diversionary tactic after another.

No preaching after 8:00 am. understood? 



Psychological reversal & victim blaming

by Peacock_Feather on

Are not arguments or explanations. They are indicative traits of tyrants, bullies, abusers and sick minds. You people need to look at this for your own sakes. Most of you here, with a handful of exceptions, are certifiable psychotics.

Dr. Mohandes

Yet another definition of YOU

by Dr. Mohandes on

Gosh you are on a roll tonight.

Every single one of us on this site is yet to see, One, JUST ONE single, and unique evidence to prove your assertions that is actually in the buisness of promoting such hatred.

In fact since that has been your one and only talking point in almost all of your for at least the past two days, more than likely it is the case that YOU Are the one who is promoting hatred and propaganda when it comes to

you don't even, could not, point to one such example, except for rediculous and made up letter/emails from some bogus former user, to really make your case, if your life depended on it.

The right diagnosis has already been made about you, so all your repeating your talking points and nonsensical tid bits here and there and all the revelations and confessions, won't work. 

And that is what the doctor has ordered.

have some kangaroo steak and alligator wine and see if that make you feel anymore sober.

and by the way it is deeesmeees...not dismiss LOL.  


Abusers & tyrants blame everybody but themselves

by Peacock_Feather on

For their shortcomings and failings. Whether we speak of the IRI, the USA, Israel, the EU, Saudi & the Gulf states, the USSR, Nazi Germany, an abusive spouse/friend/lover or, it is always the same.

This site is perceived far and wide within the greater Iranian community (inside and outside Iran) as a site that promotes propaganda, hate-speech and hatred against Iranians, their beliefs and their identity. Hide your heads in the sand all you like and deny it until you believe DENIAL is actually a river in Egypt. But your diminishing membership numbers, negligible contributions, low stats and dirt terrible reputation among the wider Iranian community everywhere speaks volumes for itself.

Dismiss at your peril!

Dr. Mohandes

Par pari joon

by Dr. Mohandes on

Ohhh They guy was talking about uuu!!!

Look... You see where the word "oghdei" is typed??? well that is you ... You are the supre dupre, beyond cure, ogdayi , top of the line, latest model compelet package even with A/C .

If there is anyone out there who can not tolerate free expression and the freedom to express various opinions, like the way you are being tolerated, then they can take a hike and all we have to, well, at least i know i do, to say to them is good riddance and don't let the damn door hit your behind on the way sucker. 

Hey would you like a cold beer anti-bahai, freedom loving mashti?:)) 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

We always do. 

You know what the problem is? With haters and fearmongers such as yourself standing in the background, we can never see a clear pictiure, so why don't you move your behind from there and make everybody's life easier.



A little snippet from what one of the old posters says of IC

by Peacock_Feather on

One of the old posters of this site regularly talks to me on facebook. I have taken their name out. This is what they said to me recently when I invited them to come back here (names & identifiers of all parties taken out).


...ran the place like a dictator with X arbitrary banning and playing
favorites. He sits on his throne an pretends he is better than the rest.
He once accused me of being racist and when I challenged him just went
silent. I have no respect for him. I don't know or give a *** what
happens on or to that site.

It is a shame that the name Iran is
associated to such a vile site. People on it seem to have plenty of
"ogdeh" in them. I don't need any more aggravation from brats on IC.

...has shown X to be a sellout to the highest bidder. None of this
surprises me. IC is anti Iranian not anti regime. What X and Y
post with full support of Z is vile. It is propaganda and anyone
should be able to tell. IC is also voice of separatists. My response is
to reject it. I also tell any Iranian I know what I think of it. IC must
be marginalized and treated as a pile of ***.


There above is a sample opinion regarding the reputation of this site among one of its old time contributors who talks to many other former contributors who no longer post here either.



The HATERS are yourselves

by Peacock_Feather on

Take a look in the mirror.

For your edification:  //

Dr. Mohandes

This is beyond recism

by Dr. Mohandes on

This goes way beyond that and i think the proper term, no, sorry it is not even obsession, it is Sadism. This is a sadistic, vindictive individual who is after blood and won't go away until he gets some. 

Wait a second... are they calling that area under the Bridge in westwood or was in downtown LA, the "poverty law center"????

Hey buddy, don't forget your blanket:)))

As i have said before, he/she wants his "hagh ol sookoot" and "reshve" from all those evil western/imperialistic industries that he went through the trouble of listing the other night.

ciao little HATER. 


That is the question

by Peacock_Feather on

A question which needs to be answered ultimately by the former owner and presenter owner when the Lobby here and its hirelings and associates have been spewing endless hate-speech against individuals and an entire nation for the past several years. It is also a question that the Southern Poverty Law Center is presently looking into where and a dozen of its  posters are concerned.


Why would IC

by vildemose on

Why would IC admin tolerat hate speech and violence inciting behavior?


 Internet Hate Speech and the Law




All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


What's funnier

by Peacock_Feather on

Is that no matter how much a lie is repeated, no one really believes the BIG LIE repeated by the Nazi brown-shirts of - including by the liars themselves.

Anonymous Observer

It's kind of funny

by Anonymous Observer on

to see Wahid as a more rabid bigot when he appeared as a devotchka (MaryamJoon).  He's too timid now--more of a gloopy ded of a bigot.


Only 8000?!

by Peacock_Feather on

C'mon, you can do better than that number ;O)

Once again, in a real forum and venue where you people don't get to disinform, misinform, lie, misrepresent, bamboozle, decieve, libel, slander, demonize, scapegoat, ostracize, shun, banish, backbite, defame,  discredit, smear, revile, suppress, attack, bully, intimidate, threaten, malign, blackball, coerce, silence, harass, hoodwink, propagandize, manage perceptions, vilify, manipulate and control the levers of discourse to your own benefit against everybody else - especially where all parties put their cards on the table - you don't stand a chance! I believe you people know this to be true as well, particularly given the legal shallacking you received in two US courts in 2008 and 2010.

That said, if you don't mind me saying, I don't believe anything you say especially since the exercise of Baha'i hikmat allows you to lie shamelessly for the sake of "the Faith."

WISDOM AND DISSIMULATION IN THE BAHA’I WRITINGS: The Use and meaning of Hikmat in the Baha’i Writings


"In many cases hikmat calls for the apparent suspension of a Bahá'í principle in order to ensure the protection of the Faith."

Comment: In other words Baha'is may lie under any circumstance to ensure the protection of their organizational cohesiveness.


From Mission Problems in New Persia, 1926, p. 83, 87 and 89 quoted by
William McElwee Miller in The Baha'i Faith: It's History and Teachings,
1973, p. 289.


"...There is no conscience with them [
i.e. the Baha'is], they keep to no principle, they tell you what is
untrue, ignoring or denying undoubted historical facts, and this is the
character of both the leader and the led...As to morality and honesty,
the whole system has proved disappointing...I have been in contact with
many Baha'is, and have had dealings with many and have tested many, and
unfortunately I have met not a single one who could be called honest or
faithful in the full sense of these words..."

Dr Sa'eed Khan [was] a highly-respected
physician...who had as a doctor treated the second widow of the Bab,
and had for a lifetime known intimately both Babis [i.e. Bayanis] and
Baha'is in Tehran and Hamadan.



Says the guy with doctored videos and 8000 different

by Onlyiran on

user ids's on IC.  The fact that you keep registering under different user id's and posting two blogs a day, which include doctored videos and lies (all of which are featured), negates your own pathological lies about the site censoring anything.

Again, you're nothing but a pathological liar and a violent racist: a skinhead wannabe

And all the Southern Poverty Law center, which you comically try to attach yourself to, have to do is to see your various websites to see who the real violent racist is.  In fact, they will probably sue you for defamation just for you, a racist, keep mentioning their name in your racist rants.

PS- I'm not a Baha'i.  But I'm a human being, a qaulity that you seem to have forsakened a long time ago.  


Take a look in the mirror, friend

by Peacock_Feather on

And say whatever you want here on where you get to censor, misinform, disinform, misrepresent and manage perceptions to your benefit. But if we ever enter a fair terrain where you and your friends don't pull the levers of discourse, you folks here will come out looking like total dirt and will be toast, like you did in two US courts in 2008 and 2010. The Southern Poverty Law Center seems to agree as well.

No group of people have perpetrated more hate-speech on this forum than the Haifan Baha'is and their fellow travellers - and there is a more than enough evidence for almost a decade plus to prove it hands down.

Now keep deluding yourself otherwise if it makes you feel better.


Wahid, whatever you say or do, or however you try to

by Onlyiran on

sugarcoat it, the fact remains, and you have demonstrated time and again, that you are nothing but a violent racist: a skinhead wannabe.  



by Peacock_Feather on

As far as hate-speech is concerned, the Haifan Baha'is and their fellow travellers have that game wrapped up on this forum very well and their record is quite extensive in that regard.


A: PF is the same person as Vahid, Maryam Jon,...who has been

by Zendanian on

consistent in his hate speech against Bahai's. In order to get a correct view on a writer we ought to see them in their TOTALITY.

And the totality of PF IS NOTHING BUT HATE AND VIOLENCE, covered under a thin layer of so called "critical theory," and such.

His position on Rushdie was that Rushdie deserved what happened to him because he wrote a bad novel!!! Later on he claimed that Rushdie had probably done all that in coordination with Khomeini himself, because he wanted to get famouse. Just how deranged can one get.

And all of this coming from someone who invokes "Freedom of Expression" for all the garbage he writes.

Obviously he thinks his deranged, repugnant anti-Bahai hate speech deserves to be protected by Freedom of Speech, but Rushdie's does not.

I posted a link for a Persian translation of Satanic Verses in here last night. It still should be here somewhere down there. Of course getting a copy of it in English is the best way to read that masterpiece of 20th century literature.

While you're at it you also might want to read Rushdie's latest book "Joseph Anton." It's a memoir of his Fatwa years ( to be reviewed here by truly yours, as soon as I get a chance). That book and Rushdie's life, once again demonstrates why the pen is  ALWAYS mightier than sword. And Freedom of Speech is a principal where there can not be a compromise of any kind.

Happy readings.

Soosan Khanoom

Zendaian can you focus on PF please? ...since PF has been

by Soosan Khanoom on

a member he or she seems to not be mentioning anything about the Bahais ... at least I have not seen it.  In regard to the question you asked about Salman , I have a feeling that PF also agrees that it is an act of oppression  or at least I have not read anything from PF in supporting the death Fatva other than when PF stated that it was not a well written novel ..etc.. 

I have to re read the book ...cause other than The Ayatollah figure and QUeen thingy character in it I can not remember much ... my first take on the book was that he is making fun of Khomeini and Farah Pahlavi but that was long time ago and i did not even read the entire thing ...

Could you please provide me with a link to its English version and save me some time if there is an online version?  or should i just go to Library ? once i read it entirely then we can all discuss it ... that would be a nice project .. 



A clown is a clown is a clown

by Zendanian on

You could "write" half a page on textual intrepetation of a phrase from ancient text but don't have the guts or integrity to defend teh freedom of expression for a simple novel written in 20th century.

And all this garbage in here in defense of killing Iranian Bahai's SAlman Rushdie and others is wrriten under the pretext of "Freedom of Expression." Just more convoluted and repugnant can IR coolies get?

Much much more repugnnat and convoluted.

This is exactly like those degenrate Muslims denouncing the West do every day. They hate Western world yet  they're always using every single product and contribution of the West from Intennet, Smart phone, ...

PF here dismisses everything about West, yet he feels very comfortable invoking "Freedom of Expression" to write his hate filled none sense on a daily basis.  


Thou shalt not murder

by Peacock_Feather on


You shall not murder sometimes translated as You shall not kill, KJV Thou shalt not kill (LXX οὐ φονεύσεις, translating Hebrew לֹא תִּרְצָח lo tirṣaḥ), is a moral imperative included as one of the Ten Commandments in the Torah,[1] specifically Exodus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 5:17.

The imperative is against unlawful killing resulting in bloodguilt. The Hebrew Bible contains numerous prohibitions against unlawful killing, but also allows for justified killing in the context of warfare, capital punishment, and self-defense.


The Hebrew verb רצח (r-ṣ-ḥ, also transliterated retzach, ratzákh, ratsakh
etc.) has a wider range of meanings, generally describing destructive
activity, including meanings "to break, to dash to pieces" as well as
"to slay, kill, murder".

According to the Priestly Code of the Book of Numbers, killing anyone with a weapon, or in unarmed combat, is considered retzach.[2] The code even includes accidental killing as a form of retzach.[3]

The Bible never uses the word retzach in conjunction with war.[4][5] The Covenant Code and Holiness Code both prescribe the death penalty for people that commit retzach.[6][7]

The act of slaying itself, regardless of questions of bloodguilt, is expressed with the verb n-k-h
"to strike, smite, hit, beat, slay, kill". This verb is used of both an
Egyptian slaying an Israelite slave and of Moses slaying the Egyptian
in retaliation in Exodus 2:11-12.

Another verb meaning "to kill, slay, murder, destroy, ruin" is h-r-g, used of Cain slaying Abel in Genesis 4:8, and also when Cain is driven into exile, complaining that "every one that findeth me shall slay me" in Genesis 4:14, he uses the same verb.



Correction Please!

by Demo on


Regarding Soosan Khanoom's comment:

The Bible says "You Shall Not Murder" & never says "You Shall Not Kill"

Kill & murder have entirely different meanings. Please correct. Thanks.



by Shepesh on