Request to UN Credentials Committee to reject islamic republic representatives


by MM
Request to UN Credentials Committee to reject islamic republic  representatives  Dear friends, The collection of signatures to discredit IRI's UN representative has just been initiated. We have until the September 2010 general assembly session to collect as many signatures as humanly possible. This was done to Apartheid South Africa for 5 years as they were brought down. Please sign the petition and distribute as widely as possible by all means and networks:

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Akbar Mohammadi Born 1972
Iran Died July 30, 2006
Tehran, Iran Known for Imprisonment after July 1999 Iranian Student Protests and died at Evin prison due to hunger strike.

Note from the Amnesty International on Akbar Mohammadi's unjust murder: //

پيا م شا د ر و ا ن ا كبر محمد ي د ا نشجو ي مبا رز و ر هبر قيا م 18 تير 1378 د ا نشجو يا ن  به تما م مبا ر ز ین ر ا ه آ ز ا د ي و جنبش د مگرا تیک ا ير ا ن بعد ا ز 22 خر دا د 88

شا د ر و ا ن  ا كبر محمد ئ د ر مو ر خه 1385 – 08 – 05

 آ ز ا د ي و طن


 ا يا  ا ي   جو ا نا ن  ا ير ا ن  ز مين ******  شكو فنده  گلها ي ا ين  سرزمين                   

من آ ز ا د ه ،  آ ن پهلو ا ن  ا كبر م ******   كه ر فته  ست د ر را ه  ا ير ا ن  سرم                  

به ر ا ه شما  گر كه  سر د ا ده ا م *******   به ر و ي شما چشم بگشا د ه ام                 

” بنا م خد ا و ند جا ن آ فر ین *******   حكيم سخن د ر ز با ن آ فرين“                

به نا م  فر يد و ن و د ا را قسم ******** به د ير و ز و ا مر و ز و فر د ا  قسم                 

به  ما ز ند ر ا ن ،  شهر آ مل  قسم ********   كه بشگفت ا كبر ا ز آ ن گل قسم                 

به  نا م آ و ر ا ن،  مر ز با نا ن  قسم *********  به ر ستم  به  ز ا ل و نر يما ن  قسم                 

به با بك به نا د ر به آ ر ش  قسم ********* به  گفتا ر و منشو ر كو ر و ش قسم                 

به آ ن پر چم شير و خو ر شيد ما ن ********  كه  ما ند ست  ز ا جد ا د  و آ با  ی مان                 

به  فر د و سي و  نظم شهنا مه ا ش ********* عجم ز ند ه گر د يد ا ز  چا مه اش                 

به مشر و طه و عز م ستا ر خا ن *********  كه  ر ا ند ا ز و طن خيل  بيگانگان                 

بمر د ا ن ا ند يشمند بصير ********  به عز م بلند ا مير كبير                

ر ضا شا ه شا هنشه پهلو ي ***********  كه  بر ملك ما د ا د فر نو ي                 

به ا ند يشمند ا ن ا ير ا ن قسم ************  به آ ر يا مهر آ ن  شا ه شا ها ن قسم                

به مر د د ل آ گه مصد ق قسم ***********  كه در عز م خو د بو د صا د ق قسم                

به آ نا ن  كز ا ير ا ن سخن گفته اند *********  كه  د ر بستر خا ك و خو ن  خفته اند                

به فر د و سي و سعد ي و مو لو ي ********** كه فر هنگ ما ن شد ا ز ا يشا ن قوي                

   به ا ند يشمند ا ن و الا قسم **********  به  خيا م و بر ا بن  سينا قسم

به خيل جو ا نا ن ميهن پر ست ********* كه    هرگز نبينند ر و ي شكست               

به فر ما ن يز د ا ن عنا يت  كنيد ********* ا ز ا ند يشه من حما يت كنيد              

 نگير يد هر گز غبا ر ملا ل ********* مبا د ا  شو د خو نما ن پا يما ل


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

MM Jaan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Thanks you are right. When a government starts to massively kill its own people they are in big trouble. IRI has lost all sense of proportion. It is going down and hard.  The world  should withdraw recognition of IRI. Stoning people: what are these apes thinking! It is mind boggling. However I do not think they even understand how bad it looks. Just read "No Fear"'s post praising a woman for not shedding tears for a lost child. These people think that is a sign of strength. 

IRI is going inasne or showing its insanity for real. The people who shamelessly defend it on IC are going down with it. I hope to meet you in person in a free Iran soon :-) You and the rest of the good patriotic Iranians on IC.



by yolanda on

If IRI withdraws from UN, that will be great! I can't wait!

Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Good-bye!



signed ...

by Fatollah on

signed dear MM.


ISK - I hope IRI listens to u & withdraws voluntarily from UN

by MM on

in which case, we will move to the next stage to discredit and outlaw this 7th century regime.


Thanks Yolanda, David, Azadeh & AO for signing

by MM on

we shall overcome, Azadeh.

Anonymous Observer

MM Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

Signed the Petition.  Thanks for your efforts.


The missing 'think' in an IRR thug's response

by oktaby on

says it all. There is no room for thinking.

War & mayhem is the language of their psychology. After all they are the bastard offspring of the same imperialism & Zionism they scream against. Never mind the twisted mindset at individual level.

I was tempted to say 'with friends like these Iran needs no enemies', but then I remembered, they are Iran's enemies 



VPK - IRI is lashing out as the last act of a dying regime

by MM on

Once the IRI UN representative is no longer accredited, (or voluntary withdrawal from UN, as ISK eluted to) the next logical action would be to withdraw recognition of IRI by the civil nations of the world.

The repression you see in Iran right now; women's dress code, stoning, men's hair-dos are desperate acts of a dying/failed regime who is lashing out against her own people to claim that they are in-charge.

Let's help IRI realize their eventuality and see them out of Iran.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There is some logic in withdrawing from UN. If a nation feels it is not getting what it wants then why be a member?

However in this situation it does not make sense. IRI is in the dog house and has no friends.  It is hated both inside and outside. Its leaders are considered criminals by Iranians and foreigners. IRI is being treated more than fairly. They have brought this upon themselves. Do they have to stone women? Do they have to be total jerks!

If they take your advise and sow war they will guarantee a USA attack. Right now part of US is itching to attack them. Other parts are resisting. With your advise the attack will be for sure. Then IRI leadership will face the same fate as Saddam. Furthermore it is likely that its cyber groupies will be prosecuted. Do you really want that? 

It means more than losing an ill gotten pay check.


i dont this anything will come out of this

by i_support_khamenie on

out of this petition.

i think that IRI should instead just withdraw from the UN after the sanctions were passed.

This would free Iranian officials from sounding and acting diplomatic. None of this worked despite best efforts.

It's now time to withdraw from UN, and look for every chance to sow war (between other nations) n instability in the middle east until the World comes begging to Iran. I pray to God, they select this route!

Azadeh Azad

Thanks, MM

by Azadeh Azad on

Stopped by and signed!

We shall overcome,



MM, thank you

by humanbeing on

thank you really. there was a blog about hoder just two days ago here, it may even be in the featured blogs (bottom of the list, i'm no good with links).

there was almost no response to it by his fellow bloggers from ic, and he was part of this family -- even if he was an enfant terrible.

 i respect your openmindedness and activism




by yolanda on

I signed already! I hope UN puts more pressure on IRI to stop stoning and other human right abuses!

Thank you for posting the links!

David ET

isolate IR, isolate IR

by David ET on

We must demand all nations of the world to isolate the religious miliatry dicatorship in Iran by all peaceful means: economic, diplomatic and political (not military) , just as it was done to South Africa's apartheid regime.



Hovakhshatare - Akbar's completed lines is a call to action

by MM on

thanks for adding the missing lines.


م. م. جان، درود بر تو و تمام ایرانیان آزاده



آن شعر ز جان خواسته که وصیت نامهٔ اکبر محمدی است در نهایت اینگونه خطاب می‌کند:

بيا ئيد    و  با  خو يش    يا ر ي   كنيد          نها ل       و طن       آ بيا ر ي       كنيد                

چر ا  جو ن  ز ما ن عصر آ با د يست         كه   هنگا مه  بسط      آ ز ا د ي   ا ست          

كه  ا و تشنه  عشق  سر با ز ي  ا ست         علا جش  فقط شو ق  جا ن  با ز ي ا ست         

و طن    ا ز  شما  ميشو د   ر و   سپيد         بغير ا ز     شما بر      كه  بند د     ا ميد      

"و طن    ا ز  شما  ميشو د   ر و   سپيد         بغير ا ز     شما بر      كه  بند د     ا ميد   " 




by MM on

OK, I see who you are talking about.  I do not know him personally, but no one should face prison/torture for expressing an opinion. 

The way to keep hossien alive is to keep his name alive (as Shadi Sadr eluted to) in blogs, facebook, write to representatives as well as get a signature campaign going.  He already has a facebook page at //  To begin with, let's fill the facebook fans to the max via an email campaign, and I will ask around to get a signature campaign going.



Have signed, signing is easy....

by Rea on

However, prior to forwarding need to read a bit more.  Need to know if it is IRI Rep UN HRC or IRI Rep UN tout court.


mm, the co-blogger

by humanbeing on

is hoder (hossein derakhshan) the proto-blogger.


Dear All - please spread the word with BCC-emails & sites

by MM on

humanbeing / OKtaby: As Shadi Sadr has stated, only those poor souls whose cases are not brought into the world's attention get the worst of the system.  IRI, although barbaric by nature, does look around to see how they are being viewed.  Who is the co-bogger?

Ari / Bahram: Thanks.  As I said, the Iranian Diaspora need to differentiate itself from barbarism.

Mina /Mehrdad: we are just starting.  Be patient.

Mahmoud:  I am hoping that this signature gathjering will be a repeat-annual event, but I share in your enthusiasm.

VPK / Mehrdad / COP / onlyIran / Babak / fooladi / DK: you are welcome and your help is appreciated.

Special thanks to Sargord Pirouz for his disapproval of the initiative



by humanbeing on

after seeing that the petition made a change for sakineh, i hope you all will remember your co-blogger and organize something to help him as well. regardless of what you think of his personality.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Thanks MM for putting time and energy into the human rights cause. You are defending all of us.


Thanks oktaby

by minadadvar on


I hope more people sign this important petition.


Last petition helped Sakineh Ashtiani. This one

by oktaby on

can prove another nail in IRR's coffin... 



Every action counts 


Bahram G

Thanks MM

by Bahram G on

Just signed it. Better to confront the IR peacefully and try make it come to its senses than letting guns and bombs do the talking.

Baharm G


Friends - this effort JUST started, but will continue

by MM on

Do not be disappointed in the number of signatures since this effort just got underway and we have a long way to go in order to advertize it and build up the signature basis to discredit this non-Iranian regime.

The Iranian Diaspora has a duty to distance itself from the non-Islamic, non-Iranian IRI, and tell the whole world that we do not approve of their brute / inhumane 7th century-like behaviour.  You are welcome to make the links advertized in other sites.

Thanks for your support.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

It takes a while to build up the number of signatures. We are going to get there.



Done but disappointing to see how few have so far signed

by Bavafa on

If the number shown on it is the repersentation of # of signatures.

Thanks MM for distributing



Done...Thanks MM

by Cost-of-Progress on






Signed- Thanks for the blog

by Onlyiran on

The IRI should be kicked out of UN, period.  It's a human rights abuser and has no place in the community of nations.