Request to UN Credentials Committee to reject islamic republic representatives


by MM
Request to UN Credentials Committee to reject islamic republic  representatives  Dear friends, The collection of signatures to discredit IRI's UN representative has just been initiated. We have until the September 2010 general assembly session to collect as many signatures as humanly possible. This was done to Apartheid South Africa for 5 years as they were brought down. Please sign the petition and distribute as widely as possible by all means and networks:

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Akbar Mohammadi Born 1972
Iran Died July 30, 2006
Tehran, Iran Known for Imprisonment after July 1999 Iranian Student Protests and died at Evin prison due to hunger strike.

Note from the Amnesty International on Akbar Mohammadi's unjust murder: //

پيا م شا د ر و ا ن ا كبر محمد ي د ا نشجو ي مبا رز و ر هبر قيا م 18 تير 1378 د ا نشجو يا ن  به تما م مبا ر ز ین ر ا ه آ ز ا د ي و جنبش د مگرا تیک ا ير ا ن بعد ا ز 22 خر دا د 88

شا د ر و ا ن  ا كبر محمد ئ د ر مو ر خه 1385 – 08 – 05

 آ ز ا د ي و طن


 ا يا  ا ي   جو ا نا ن  ا ير ا ن  ز مين ******  شكو فنده  گلها ي ا ين  سرزمين                   

من آ ز ا د ه ،  آ ن پهلو ا ن  ا كبر م ******   كه ر فته  ست د ر را ه  ا ير ا ن  سرم                  

به ر ا ه شما  گر كه  سر د ا ده ا م *******   به ر و ي شما چشم بگشا د ه ام                 

” بنا م خد ا و ند جا ن آ فر ین *******   حكيم سخن د ر ز با ن آ فرين“                

به نا م  فر يد و ن و د ا را قسم ******** به د ير و ز و ا مر و ز و فر د ا  قسم                 

به  ما ز ند ر ا ن ،  شهر آ مل  قسم ********   كه بشگفت ا كبر ا ز آ ن گل قسم                 

به  نا م آ و ر ا ن،  مر ز با نا ن  قسم *********  به ر ستم  به  ز ا ل و نر يما ن  قسم                 

به با بك به نا د ر به آ ر ش  قسم ********* به  گفتا ر و منشو ر كو ر و ش قسم                 

به آ ن پر چم شير و خو ر شيد ما ن ********  كه  ما ند ست  ز ا جد ا د  و آ با  ی مان                 

به  فر د و سي و  نظم شهنا مه ا ش ********* عجم ز ند ه گر د يد ا ز  چا مه اش                 

به مشر و طه و عز م ستا ر خا ن *********  كه  ر ا ند ا ز و طن خيل  بيگانگان                 

بمر د ا ن ا ند يشمند بصير ********  به عز م بلند ا مير كبير                

ر ضا شا ه شا هنشه پهلو ي ***********  كه  بر ملك ما د ا د فر نو ي                 

به ا ند يشمند ا ن ا ير ا ن قسم ************  به آ ر يا مهر آ ن  شا ه شا ها ن قسم                

به مر د د ل آ گه مصد ق قسم ***********  كه در عز م خو د بو د صا د ق قسم                

به آ نا ن  كز ا ير ا ن سخن گفته اند *********  كه  د ر بستر خا ك و خو ن  خفته اند                

به فر د و سي و سعد ي و مو لو ي ********** كه فر هنگ ما ن شد ا ز ا يشا ن قوي                

   به ا ند يشمند ا ن و الا قسم **********  به  خيا م و بر ا بن  سينا قسم

به خيل جو ا نا ن ميهن پر ست ********* كه    هرگز نبينند ر و ي شكست               

به فر ما ن يز د ا ن عنا يت  كنيد ********* ا ز ا ند يشه من حما يت كنيد              

 نگير يد هر گز غبا ر ملا ل ********* مبا د ا  شو د خو نما ن پا يما ل


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let's stop the filth from penetrating the UN

by mahmoudg on

I signed with gusto, as they say.  We should stop the filth of the Islamic Rapist Republic from penetrating bodies such as this in the UN.  There was a day when the UN was represented by Iranians such as Nasrullah Entezam, and today leeches such as Ahmadinejad, represent the good people of Iran.  What a shame and how far have we dropped on the ladder of civilizaion.  All thanks to this cult we call Islam.


MM Jaan

by Mehrban on

you are an inspiration.  Thanks

Babak Khorramdin


by Babak Khorramdin on

Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave


Darius Kadivar

Great Initiative MM Jaan,

by Darius Kadivar on

Signed !



thank you friends for signing

by MM on



MM, this is a great initiative

by fooladi on

I signed it already, thank you.


Signed. Timely action

by oktaby on

Mohammadi's will is plain beautiful. 




Thanks SP- ur disapproval is appreciated (a mark of correctness)

by MM on


Sargord Pirouz

No, it is not unreasonable

by Sargord Pirouz on

No, it is not unreasonable for Iran to have a representative at the UNHRC, just as it is not unreasonable for many of the other countries on the council.

Have you seen the council in action? If you had, you'd see that the Iranian delegation brings up some good points, as do other members of the council.

The idea is based on discourse and discussion. Exclusion is self-defeating.

But if you're anti-Iran like MM, of course you seek an anti-Iran agenda wherever possible.