Ari's first & last love in Israel


Ari's first & last love in Israel
by MM

This is a continuation of Ari's journies to Israel.  The story was paused at "What a Trip Israel is (1)" by Faramarz
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and herein, I touch on the amorous aspects of Ari's trip as told by Ari, of course.


Well, until my flight came about the next day, I decided to explore the hotel bar.  There, I met Dina whom I had been introduced to at the El Al counter as another free-rider.  Dina was a beautiful, hot-bodied and humorous girl in her late 20's - early 30’s, a delightful irresistible combination.  I certainly felt electrified, affectionate as well as more volumous as I stood next to her.  I found that she had also decided to leave Israel since she ran out of money in her all-expenses paid journey on the second day.  I was delighted when Dina accepted my invitation to spend the evening exploring the town together.  You know - we could not afford any more free stuff.

Our first stop was a BYOB restaurant close to the hotel.  I bought a bottle of red Bureau wine and paid more than twice as much for the bottle because of a little seal in the bottom of the bottle (mandatory in that winery).  Anyways - We asked for a table, sat down, the maitre d' took my bottle and kept on looking at the fine print on the bottle.  I asked him “hey, what is wrong?”  The maitre d' said, well, this is a kosher restaurant and we need to see a seal of a rabbi on anything that enters this establishment.  I thought to myself: OK, good thing that I bought the bottle from a kosher winery, but I do not think that I am Kosher.  Should I tell him that, I thought?  Well, we ate a good meal, so I guess I did not find out whether it was OK for me to be there.

We both felt a bid tipsy and a hand-in-hand walk and more fondling in the heat of the night got us both juicier than Sundis drinks.  We went back to my room, and needless to say, things got hotter than a half-fucked fox in a forest fire.  When I got undressed, she sighed – oooooh.  I proudly took a deep breath and moved towards her.  Dina said: not tonight honey! You are not circumcised.  I said, wait Dina, you are a progressive young woman of the modern ages.  Why insist on circumcision?  While putting back her undies, slightly embarrased about her beliefs, her humor came to her rescue and she said: well, as a matter of principal, I do not buy anything unless it is at least 10-15% off. . 

I thought – for Dina, I will do whatever it takes……

I told Dina to stay put and after calling the winery and the restaurant, I found a Mohel rabbi who used his Izmel on off-hours.  I paid good money for the taxi across town and my last dollars went to the rabbi who made me say lots oh words with KHs before a painful procedure that evaporated the last drops of my ethyl alcohol content.  While back to my room, the sight of half naked Dina on the bed gave me the feeling of nirvana in my head as well as a sharp pain in my manhood as I remembered the last words of the rabbi: Do not get excited for 6 weeks!!!



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Ari - It could be worse. Faramarz - I look forward to ur chapt.

by MM on

The story could be worse, Cf., Al Bundy gets a circumcision


Ari Siletz

6 weeks!!

by Ari Siletz on

Che naashi bood taraf!


Thank You MM

by Faramarz on

I am on the case!

Ari deserves a night of unbridled passion, hot romance and on behalf of the Israeli Consulate and Farsi-speaking Mosad agents, I will deliver that in the next day or so! Thanks for the ideas!


Thanks Yolanda/Anahid/Monda

by MM on


Unfortunately, it is said that you are not there, unless you get there.  There must be another episode where we unite Ari with Dina.  I suggest Divaneh, Faramarz, Mehman or Shazdeh to write the next chapter, unless you ladies do not mind tackling men's dirty imagination.  Wait, there was a lady that described some xxx-rated bath scenes, but I cannot remember her name!


I tried to describe erotica while leaving part of it to our imagination, but I am sure Divaneh and others will do a better job than me too.  Especially when it comes to ....


I am glad you liked the story.  I also get bored if the story beats around the bush w/o substance.


Now we're talking! :o))

by Monda on

MM jan, I noticed my ADD did not interfere with my full grasp of this story since it contained sufficient erotic material. 

Anahid Hojjati

MM jan, I think Divaneh can do better job

by Anahid Hojjati on

Divaneh is much funnier than me.



by yolanda on

Thank you, MM, for the funny story......after reading this episode......I kept thinking of Clinton's statement "I do not have sex with that woman!".....your story gave the guy the deniability......the character in the story was tempted.....but because of the technicality.....serious "transgression" was not made from gallivanting Holy Land.....:O) he probably does not need the song "You are always on my mind!"

Thank you for stretching your imagination!


Thanks Divaneh/Anahid

by MM on

Thanks Divaneh/Anahid - I appreciate your kind words.

Unfortunately, in this story, Ari ran out of money and he is out of commission for 6 weeks.  Maybe you two can continue with a title like "In Search of Dina", get him laid properly and with more colorful words.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear divaneh, we got the picture

by Anahid Hojjati on

Some of us; at least I,  think this cut version is plenty enough. Good job MM.


The uncut version

by divaneh on

Thanks for the good laugh dear MM. However, why can't you guys be a little more generous to Ari? Would it be too hard to let Ari have a little bit of Dina. I mean all that paying for meal and wine and all that hard work, just to get a shorter pride and go vegetarian for 6 weeks.


Sorry Ari

by statira on

Your love story came out the same time of the bad news of Prince Alireza's death. Hesabee toyeh chortemoon khord.


Ari - I apologize in advance for revealing your personal info

by MM on