Mousavi Is More In Touch With His Feminine Side (anima) !!!

by minadadvar

According to Jung, the famous psychoanalyst, the persoanlity structure consists of the ego, the persona, the shadow, the anima and animus, the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious. The anima represents the feminine traits and the animus represents the masculine traits.

Although, I do not believe in this election/selection, I did watch portions of the debates. What I find interesting is that these two candidates are so different. Following is the summary of what I observed. (Please read it with a sense of humor).

1) Mousavi seems somewhat shy. Ahmadinejad seems confident to the point of being arrogant.

2) Mousavi sounds interested in talking about people. Ahamadinejad sounds interested in talking about his accomplishments.

3) Mousavi sounds interested in cooperation. Ahamadinejad sounds interested in domination.

4) Mousavi seems to be interested in connectedness (with the world). Ahamadinejad seems to be interested in distancing Iran from the world.

5) Mousavi sounds interested in diplomacy. Ahamadinejad sounds interested in aggression.

6) Mousavi seems laid back/passive. Ahmadinejad seems energetic/aggressive.

7) Mousavi is reportedly interested in painting and designing buildings. Ahmadinejad is interested in nuclear power.

8)) Mousavi seems emotional. Ahamadinejad looks unemotional (his facial expressions remain the same).

9) Mousavi seems felexible.  Ahamadinejad seems rigid.

10)Mousavi believes in peace.  Ahamadinejad believes in war.

In summary one could say,  "Mousavi is more in touch with his feminine side."


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by minadadvar on

Irandokht Aziz :  If I thought voting would make any real difference, epecially for women,  I would go to the end of the world to vote.  I have worked with many Iranians (both males and females)  who have been imprisoned/tortured by IRI.  One thing that I hear is "It does not matter who is in charge, as long as we have  "Velayat Faghiih."  

Thanks for responding


Dear Ms Dadvar

by IRANdokht on

Maybe the reason Mousavi looked much "nicer" (in touch with his feminie side) was due to the way Ahmadinejad carried himself with no class, no dignity and totally arrogant during the debate. He nagged and kept complaining to be a victim of conspiracy and badmouthed (gheybat) others trying to connect Mousavi to all sorts of corruptions and in the process brought up many names and accused people of many things from stealing to forgery.

I am not saying the people he mentioned were not corrupt. Actually I believe he had a point, but his approach was totally wrong. If Mousavi was a more articulate speaker and stronger in debate, he could have turned it around and asked him why is it that so many corrupt people were not targetted by the government to be investigated closely, and instead his government had been after human rights activists, bloggers and students with full force. His passive/uninspiring style gave the impression that he might actually be worried to be exposed in AN's uncontrollable rantings too. He looked too cautious for his own good.

Ahmadinejad showed no class. he would not respect the rules of the debate, went over his time, jumped in and spoke out of turn, and kept on nagging to the last minute.

I agree that not much will change with Mousavi, but I am sure that things can get a lot worse if AN is in office. Another win will make him more arrogant, more controversial and the power trip will definitely go to his head.

Thanks for the light hearted commentary. 



Abarmard and Nilo

by minadadvar on

Dear Abarmard,  As a woman I hope I am in touch with my feminine side!!

Nilo Jan, Being honest, I do not believe we will see fundamental changes in Iran, even if Mousavi gets elected.  When Khatami was elected there was some cosmetic changes not the real ones. And Mousavi reminds me of Khatami. 

Nilo Siavashi

Mina jan, Thanks for watching so I do not have to

by Nilo Siavashi on

Dear Mina, thanks for watching parts of the debate and for analyzing it.  I liked your insight.  I recommend people vote for Mousavi but I do not want to watch the debates.  I cannot justify spending too much time on these candidates presently.  However, I like to read any analysis of the debate. IRI simply wasted too much of my time in my youth so I tend to be somewhat stingy with my time regarding them.  Any way, I liked how you showed Mousavi is in touch with his feminine side.  It seems men who are nicer and more understanding tend to be more in touch with their feminine side, obviously not to the point of extreme but certain degree of being touch with your feminine side is appealing.  Again thanks for watching the debate and writing about it so I don't have to watch and instead can read about the debates.


And you

by Abarmard on

are in touch with your feminine side also ;)

Interesting observations. Thanks