Iranian Youth Rocked The World !!!

by minadadvar

I have been following the selection/election very closely.  I kept on asking myself  "Why"?  I am one of those who believes as long as we have "Velayateh Faghih" there would not be any fundamental changes.  So why was I following this so closely, to the point of being distracted at  work, staying up late and watching the news, checking and rechecking the internet....  This morning I realized that what has fascinated me is not the selection/election.  It is not Ahamadinejad.  It is not Mousavi.   I am amazed by Iranian Youth.  I am in awe.  Their courage, energy, passion and commitment have inspired tens of millions around the world.  I am proud to be Iranian because of our Youth.  They are the ones who keep hope alive.  


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