I do not understand what you are saying Mr president !!!

by minadadvar

I was shocked to hear Mr Ahamadinejad and Mr Rezaie speaking in a language that I did not understand.  Someone needs to remind these candidates that we do not speak/understand "Arabic".  I wonder who are they really talking to.  Do you ?   



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Aghayeh I am with fish

by minadadvar on

I would have felt as frustrated if the cadidates talked in English/ French/ Spanish....

Thanks for your attempt at educating me about Iran and Iranians especially the youth.  With all due respect,  I am not hearing anything that I have not heard before. 

Your personal views regarding my charater/knowledge or lack there of are not relevant. 

Thanks Mehraban.     


Mina khanom

by I am with Fish (not verified) on

The candidates were not speaking to you, or they would have spoken english instead so you could understand them. These candidates are working within the frames of the IRI. If you thought that one of them is going to step on the IRI flag and raise derafsh kaviani for you, you're delusional! People are trying to improve their situation one step at the time, so picking the lesser of the evils amongst these IRI approved candidates, is the step they're taking now.

The candidates are trying to attract the young crowd that has gone to school in iran after the revolution. Those young voters speak the language that they were taught in the IRI classrooms. There is a lot of Arabic mixed in, also there are a lot of Parsi words that people use now and you probably would be left just as confused if you heard them. They also have different expressions. They call someone like you "tablo" and think their politicians "sooti midan" and "omran" "jav nemigirateshoon" va barat "class mizaran".

Iran has moved on and you're left behind, still regurgitating the "glory" of the pre-revolution era like your buddy who understands you so well. I promise you, if you go back there, you won't recognize the country. And they sure don't count you as one of their own either.
that's life! Let Iranians be and do what they think is best for themselves.



by Mehrban on

I think you may be referring to the opening statements of each candidate that was in Arabic.  My sentiments were similar to yours, I asked myself if the candidates realize that they are running for the presidency of Iran that they start their debate in Arabic?  My guess is that they were reciting from the Koran but I am sure many Iranians including myself and now you did not understand the content.

Thank you for the blog. 


Darius Kadivar

Its Not Farsi But Persian ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

To begin with Its Not Farsi But Persian when you want to refer to our language in English or American.

Secondly I think Mina's assessment is that she does not see  see why the candidates have to speak in Arabic when they are speaking about our national interests. But then its logical this regime has Arabized our culture with the greatest insult ever by putting the Word Allah instead of I dunno ... Khoda, Farvahar anything but that word however respectful ( since its GOD) but not in line with our National identity not to say even spiritual identity.

This Proves that this is NOT about a Secular Democracy anyhow but a hybrid religious democracy they want to make us believe in for the past 30 years.

Is it any more clear ?




Dear Fish

by minadadvar on

I am as confused as you are.  If I were a candidate, I sure would not speak in any other language, but Farsi.  

Fish Here


by Fish Here on

Darius Kadivar:  And what was minadadvar's assessment?


minadadvar:  I Didn't get your point. 

Do you really mean to say that you think those presidential candidates used their debate time on Iranian TV to send a message to Lebanon's Hezbollah instead of Iranian people? 

And do you really think that Iran's Leader would approve candidates if they speak a lot of Arabic words during their TV debates? 

Or are you trying to say that you object to the utilization of so many Arabic words in the two candidates' spoken Farsi? 

Forget about Arabic and English.  How about if you write in Farsi so we can understand what you mean. 



Darius Kadivar

Well Said !

by Darius Kadivar on

I share your assessment.

Thanks for sharing your view so honestly and sincerely.