Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

by minadadvar

It is important to express your gratitude on mother's day.  I hope the following list can help those in need of some ideas for this special day. 

1)  Buy her, her favorite flowers/card.

2)  Write her a poem, for those who are poetic.

3)  Cook her, her favorite meal if you are a good cook. Make sure to clean up afterwards!!! 

4)  Take her to her favorite restaurant.

5)  Purchase cleaning services for one week, two weeks, or more depending on your budget.

6)  Purchase catering services for a party that she wants to throw. 

7)  If she wants to visit a friend/ family member and can not afford the ticket, purchase a round trip ticket for her.

8)  Buy her something that she is interested in like a book, CD, DVD, perfume...

9)  Surprise her with a visit or  promise of a visit, if you live in a different state.

10) Volunteer to clean the kitchen, wash the dishes, vaccum, iron......

11) Wash and detail her car. 


If you are a mother, what do you want?

Please post your ideas.  Thanks.




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Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Dear Monda

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

hahaha  What a creative daughter you have. Yep! Technically it does count. However, did she clean the interior of the car too? :o)

Luckily, my son did not think outside of the box. lol


Natalia and Majid

by Monda on

Natalia: I asked my daughter to wash my/our car, instead she used her coupon and got it washed for me at the carwash. That counts, doesn't it?! 

Majid: I bought my mom some yarn one year with the same hope. She loved the color so much that immediately started a sweater for herself.


Mina jan, J. Holland is almost correct!

by Monda on

He describes two of my hardest challenges, organizational skills and frustration tolerance.  (That is if I qualify to be the artist type.)

I can't see myself as impractical though. Infact most friends and family members consider me too pragmatic. Thank you for the insight.



by minadadvar on

Your Mother is lucky.  Gold coin will be on the next year list.


hi i love my mom more than

by Arash M (not verified) on

hi i love my mom more than any thing in the world and i bought her a golden coin that cost me alot but it make her happy and I am happy too do the best to your mom
it worth
belive me



by minadadvar on

Your comment is clever and funny.  And it does capture the essence of motherhood.  Have a nice breakfast/lunch!!   


بهترین هدیه که سالها باقی میمونه......



من پارسال برای روز مادر برای مادرم کاموا خریدم که برای من یه ژاکت ببافه.....خیلی هم خوشش اومد و گفت دستت درد نکنه.

امسال هم کلی خرید کردم تا فردا یه صبحونه و ناهار حسابی درست کنه.

پس هستی من ز هستی اوست......تا هستم و هست دارمش دوست.

شما هم میتونین این هدیهء ارزنده رو به مادر هاتون بدین.

روز مادر به همهء مادران ایرانی و خارجی مبارک باشه  که ماها رو « پس انداز» کردن!


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

RE: minadadvar

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

kheyli sepaas!

Please, do feel free to add it to your list. I am sure many moms would love this types of gifts.

Happy Mother's Day!



by minadadvar on

Your kids sound wonderful.  You must be a great Mom to raise such thoughtful childern.

I hope you do not mind my adding what they did to my list.  

Happy Mother's Day.   

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Excellent ideas

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

My son Arman cleaned the kitchen and fumigated it yesterday as my Mother's Day gift.

My other son Julio, just finished detailing my Mustang, as his Mother's Day gift.

Thank heavens they did not cook for me this year. hahaha




Monda and Tahirih

by minadadvar on

Monda jan:  I remember Zaneh Rooz and Keyhan. You are an artist. I am just an art lover.  I almost always got a D in my art (Naghashi) classes.  

Since you sound interested in self-exploration, You might find the following interesting.

According to John Holland, artistic people are complicated, emotional, expressive, idealistic, imaginative, impractical, independent, introspective, intuitive, nonconforming, open, original, and sensitive. The areas that they need to work on are, organizational skills and frustration tolerance.

I hope you post some of your work on

Tahirih aziz,  yes, you are right. Seeing the love and happiness in your child's eyes is very rewarding.   

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Mina, to know they are on the right path is great

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Mina, as a mother of a teenage girl, greatest gift my daughter can give me is a gift not limited to mother's day.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing she is on the right path and is growing as a person.  As far as actual gifts,  I would love if she writes any poetry and presents it to me as mother's day gift.  That way I will know that I have been successful in introducing her to wonder and joy of poetry.


I want the love in his eyes.

by Tahirih on

My son came to my room this morning  with so much love in his eyes, he said mom what should I buy for you for mother's day. He is a teen and I hardly  see that in his eyes  ,not that he does not love me but he is busy with other important things!

The love and that twinkle in his eyes was more than enough but since he was so seriously asking I gave him a few hints,little he knew I have already got my gift from his eyes.

Happy mother's day to all of you ladies,



Dear Mina

by Monda on

We're all artists, are we not? You know when kids were little, until their high schools, I used to volunteer a lot in various arts programs, school-related or not. And as a kid  back in Iran I submitted a couple of my drawings to keyhan bachehaa and later zan e rooz, which they published! Right now I enjoy  environmental arts, playing around with natural elements. Last Aug. and Oct. my teenage daughter and I did our cool mandalas and earth designs in the Sierras. We loved it, so did our group.

So back to your question Mina joon, kids give me too much feedback! I try never to do that to them! :o) But writing is a different story. I read them, (cry or laugh or get angry) mentally file them and God knows I try to modify my behavior when I see the reasoning. And if I can't make sense of a piece, then I find it a great opening for getting to know each other better. Thanks for asking.



Monda and Nazy

by minadadvar on

Dear Monda.  It sounds like you are an artist and you want your kids to give you feed-back about you and your artwork.  Am I right ?  Please let me know.  Happy Mother's day to you too.

Nazy jan,  you are funny. Not cheap. I hope you will a great day tomarrow.    

Nazy Kaviani

I'm a cheap date!

by Nazy Kaviani on

I don't want my kids to spend money on buying gifts for me. I would appreciate anything personal and creative, such as cooking for me or writing to me, or just spending the day with me, doing nothing in particular.

Happy Mother's Day!


my favorite gift any day

by Monda on

is artwork and written pieces about me or them or both -suggestions on improvements/changes/or more of the same - makes life so much easier. Happy Mother's Day to you Mina.