by minadadvar

Divorce is a process and a time of transition which can last for several years.  Both men and women respond to their separation/divorce with a deep sense of loss.  It is not just the loss of a spouse.  It is a lot more than that.  It is loss of hopes, dreams, friends, children, a particular life style that one is accustomed to ,  and most importantly loss of identity.

Most Iranians who are going through a divorce feel  "ASHAMED",  " LONELY",  hurt, angry, humiliated, rejected, anxious,  guilty and  frightened.  Sometimes they might also feel a sense of  "RELIEF" and "FREEDOM".   

Iranian women are mostly concerned about their children and how the family/friends might respond to their divorce. There is a deep sense of shame/failure.   Iranian Men are mostly concerned about their children and finances. 

Overall most couples convey a sense of disorientation, confusion about their identity and apprehension about the future.  Many feel overwhelmed by both internal tensions and external stressors such as legal issues and procedures, finances, moving, child-care, visiting arrangements by non-residential parent, and relationship with their children and with others.

The symptoms that I have observed among Iranians are : mild/severe depression, anxiety disorders, suicidality, alcohol abuse, psychosomatic symptoms such as weight loss/gain, headaches, skin problems, and fatigue.  

My next blog will be about the factors that affect your ability to cope with divorce:

I welcome your comments/questions, and criticisms, as long as they are NOT about my punctuations/spellings. What is important is the message and the substance.  Thanks. 


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