Delara : The Little Mermaid

by minadadvar

The Little Mermaid is the story of a young beautiful sea princess who has an exquisite and powerful voice,  One day she saves an "earth" prince from drowning.  She then realizes that she has fallen desperately in love with the young prince.  All she can think about is the handsome prince and how much she would want to be with him.  Unfortunately, the princess' wish to pursue a relationship with her beloved is frustrated due to her inability to walk.  Furthermore, her father vehemently forbids any contact with "earth" people.  Feeling desperate and alone she turns to sea witch, an evil yet powerful creature.  The sea witch takes advantage of Little Mermaid's vulnerabilities.  She asks for Little Mermaid's voice in return for a pair of legs.  Following a period of agonizing confusion and doubts, the young princess agrees to give up her voice and become silent as long as she can be reunited with her prince charming.

The Little Mermaid has touched the hearts of millions of children and adults for decades.  It is perceived to be a story about selfless love, beauty, friendship and eternal happiness.  However, at a deeper level it captures the essence of struggles facing the majority of young Iranian women in relationship.

Notwithstanding changes in recent years,  many girls in our society are still often brought up to be passive, dependent and nurturing. They are taught and expected to sacrifice their own personal needs, goals and well being for the sake of their relationship.  Often times they pay a heavy price.  In Delara's case the price was her young life.  


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by minadadvar on

Your optimism reminds me of a dear friend of mine who had sufferred terribly during war/revolution.  With a twinkle in his eyes he said  "I know we (human being) will reach the top of the mountain someday.  My losses are only small set backs compared to what we all will gain."  I hope you both are right


Wonderfully said and so timely!

by alborz on

I believe that until and unless the disparity between the education of girls and boys is not addressed, humanity's fate will be sealed in the tragedies that are experienced around the world and in Moslem countries, in particular.

If only, the next generation of humanity was to transcend the beleagured standards which have diminished human capacity and constrained its true liberty, we would see a spiritual awakening that recognizes the fundamental role of girls, as future mothers, being the prime motive force behind the transformation of society.

If only we were able to make the connection between the plight of humanity and the education of girls and their place in society, I have no doubt that, in my life time, we will see the abandonment of war as an instrument of conflict resolution, elimination of the enormous disparity in wealth, a reversal in the pollution of our environment, and the restoration of humanity to its rightful station.

If only we as Iranians, having suffered so much under the yoke of the tyranny, dogma, and exploitation that has plagued us over the past 1400 years, could realize that it is precisely this history that qualifies us to feel the pain and compel us to transform our land from the darkest corner of this world to a shining beacon of hope.

Imagine that!