To intimidators: Koor Khundin


by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan

There has recently been a surge in the number of articles, blogs, etc. against people expressing their disgust about other contributors’ blogs against Israel’s illegal action in International waters and the subsequent killing of 9 Turkish citizens. The same gang calls anyone who is against sanctions and an eventual war on Iran, traitors, IRI agents, apologists, etc. but are wishing sanctions and war while themselves enjoying the luxury of “lengesh kon.”

I believe Iran’s destiny is in the hands of Iranians inside Iran and should not be manipulated by foreign elements and yes by foreign I also mean the “lengesh kon” society of the Internet era.

Here is a couple of characteristics of the gang as I see them:

1) Probably the only people in the world that have this unique humanitarian view: “Stick to Iranians and f*** the rest. No matter if they are our neighbours. Neighbours? What f******* neighbours. We hate the Turks, we hate the Afghans, we hate the Arabs.” They sure as hell know the solution to peaceful co-existence (!) with our surrounding countries. I live in Denmark. We call these people cold, but God knows they would not react as we do if for example some Swedish or Norwegians died in a humanitarian action.

2) The gang thinks name of the site “” entitles them to ultra-nationalistic mambo jumbo and that the name is analogous to a monopoly on what can be said here and what not. They forget that it’s a place for Iranians to express and exchange ideas about everything they themselves consider relevant and not something dictated by others.

3) The same bunch thinks by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation here and by bom-barding the news and blog pages with their hateful venom they will succeed in achieving their goals whatever they might be. Koor khundin.

4) Amazingly 8 out of ten of these people -- suddenly worried about Iranians in Iran and here on the site -- have all sprouted just before or after the presidential elections of last year. Talking about coincidences (read opportunism!)

5) They also possess the “damet garm” syndrome. With an amazing sense of smell, they suddenly (magically) sniff their gang members blogs and fill it with “damet garm” comments. Well psychologically it is good for them the get this confirmation because God knows they need it. :)


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No "dictating" indeed

by Fair on

Is what the people of Iran have been saying, and paying with their lives for it.  If indeed it is "dictating others what to write and what not to write", your complaint should be lodged squarely on the IRI and its goons.

"I have never poluted his blogs by personal attacks, name-callings etc,
and he shows the same courtesy towards me. "

Take a look around this website, you will find no greater "pollution" of blogs (and this website itself) and lack of courtesy than by the IRI goons, who call all their opponents zionists and western agents and subsersives and so on, and of course demanding THEIR right to freedom of speech to do so.  While of course refusing to condemn the denial of freedom of speech and all other basic freedoms by the IRI to the people of Iran.

To call this hypocrisy is not name calling, it is calling a duck a duck.







@ minadadfar

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

I rather drink and as for hoories go, i'd rather have one whore on this earth (naghd) than 72 hoories in the next (?) one (nesieyh).

I have no religious beliefs:





shah of all IRI gholams

by minadadvar on

left a while ago.  In fact, he left, right around the time IMF character showed up!!  Coincidence?

Meybokhor, you need to stop meykhori.  It is not Islamic.  Harameh, baba, inghadar nakhor.  Othrwise, you will be deprived of all the pleasure in "Behesht"  with all the "Virgin Hoories" and rivers of wine!!  


جناب آقای جوان (شباب)


شما عربها از همه مردم دنیا نژاد پرست تر هستید، مخصوصاً بر ضد ایرانیها.  بفرمائید این بلاگ را بخونید:



به ریتم نوحه بخونید


وای فلسطین وای فلسطین

جمهوری اسلامی چکار میکرد اگر تو نبودی، وای فلسطین

هر روز ایرانی‌ میکشیم ولی‌ برای تو گریه میکنیم، وای فلسطین

هر روز ایرانی‌ شکنجه میکنیم ولی‌ برای گربه‌های غزه هم گریه میکنیم، وای فلسطین

وای فلسطین، وای فلسطین

(مکث برای گریه)

۳۱ سال کردیمت پیرهن عثمان، وای فلسطین 

هر روز از اسرائیل اسلحه میخریم، وای فلسطین

اراذل و اوباش حماس را انداختیم به جونتئون، وای فلسطین

وای فلسطین، وای فلسطین

(مکث برای سینه زدن)

ریدیم به هر چی‌ قرار داد صلح بود، وای فلسطین

اسرائیل از برکت ما بیشتر زمین دزدید، وای فلسطین 

اگر تو نبودی به چه عذری ایرانی‌ میکشتیم، وای فلسطین

اون سربازی عزیزت که در جنگ با عراق بر ضد ایرانیها میجنگیدند کجان، وای فلسطین

(مکث برای سینه زدن و گریه کردن)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Maybokhor ...

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You did not do name calling and that is good for you. There are others who did. Not just on your blog but on many blogs. That is the way it goes. People get excited and bash each other. 

If you want to talk about Palestinians we can also express our feeling on that blog. For example I used to be very sympathetic to them until recently. In the past few years I realize that:

  • They are not  Iran's peoplem. 
  • Their supporters are from segments of Iran I detest the most.
  • They betrayed the friendship Mullahs offered them.
  • They blow any chance for peace over and over.
  • A victory by them will be bad for the world.
  • The Israeli have a valid position.

Therefore I now think it is better if the Israeli simply kicked them out and were done with it. Then I hopefully don't have to hear about the "conflict" any more.  We get to more pressing problems.

Same treatement that IRR gave its detractors.


@Lengesh Kon Goons

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Where did I ever said people should not express their ideas and opinions? I just said that we should not dictate others as to what to write and not write.

If I want to write about the Palestinians plights, that is my choice and mine alone. If Mr. Kadivar likes to write about the Monarchy, that is his choice to. I have never poluted his blogs by personal attacks, name-callings etc, and he shows the same courtesy towards me.

I wish the best for all of you and suggest reading my other blog //

Irani Irani

Javan: Just another Islamo-Nazi living in the West

by Irani Irani on

With all the problems the IRI has, it has actually brought Iranians closer to democracy than any other time in Iranian history.  

You're showing your hand for being another West-residing Rapist Regime Groupie. IRI is a mollah-ruled dictatorship which has killed many, many more people than the Shah's dictatorship. Iran has never been further away from democracy than when the Rapist Khomeini left the protection of the French government in Neuphle-le-Chateau to metastasize to Iran. Got that, O Rapist Regime Groupie?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Name calling

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


People like Javan are an example of the worst Iran has to offer. They call patriotic Iranians Nazi. Did we burn Jews? Did we bomb other nations. Did we lock up people; execute and torture them? No! That is what their dear Islamist IRI does. But these a**** have the nerve to name call and then whine about how they are discriminated against.

In fact it is the IRR Islamists who given a chance would burn the Jews; Bahai; and anyone else who stand against their intolerant 6th century "religion".

I am a proud Aryan. I don't hate anyone for their race but I do oppose intolerance specially of Islam. I vote and I support those who recognize the danger of Islam. If I had a kid like "Javan" I would disown him. Then he would have plenty of time to go
worship death and help the IRR goons. 

Ban Islam and be done with it; the only way to save civilization from barbaric religion. No more mr nice guy.


Aryan Nazis

by Javan on

I don't understand why Iranians have to prove themselves like Uncle Toms by calling themselves "Aryans" and acting like Nazis.  When was the last time an Aryan German did the same thing?  Unless, they are a Nazi?  

Americans do not hate Arabs, Turks, etc.  However, the so called "Aryans" do.  That shows me that if these people ever had the chance to lead in Iran, they would be worse than Hitler.  Is that the democracy they are spreading?  Fascism?  With all the problems the IRI has, it has actually brought Iranians closer to democracy than any other time in Iranian history.  No longer do Kings and Nobles rule the roost so to speak.  There is no divine right of kings, however as Iranians are prone to monarchy since the time of Cyrus The Great, they are weak and love despotic dictators. The movie 300 as false as it was, was roughly based on the idea of absolute monarch of Iranian tradition.  In contrast with the democratic city states of Greece.  

Iranians love dictators and absolute monarchs...that is why the like Nazi Germany and hate religion.   

BTW I would love it if they did free DNA tests all across Iran so that we could see how many people are pure, so at least they can have a platform to talk about their fascist ultra-nationalism. 


MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan = Real Iranian

by Javan on

Mashallah! Khonak shodam...ajab harfai khoobi.  Damet garm!

So well said, these "Legesh Kon" idiots remind me of UNCLE TOMS.   


Yes, we are angry at IRI

by cyclicforward on

And no, we are not going to let them to get away with it. Iran will be taken back and cleaned up once again.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

I forgot, you don't live in Iran!


Sticking my nose in and my neck out...

by Rosie. on

Sorry, but this is too upsetting. So many friends and people I respect saying such terrible things to each other. It's jhorrible to watch.

Anahid, Niloufar and Irandokht are NOT the same person! I know them both WELL onsite (and offsite at times). We have completely different relationships. So different that they couldn't be faking being the same person with me even unless they were both evil geniuses. Mitra, we discussed this issue recently. Why don't you trust me? If you can't trust me, and other friends, who can you trust here? And if your answer is nobody, then why do you stay in an environment that must be painful for you?

Niloufar Parsi. Over and over I have to watch people saying she's a man. Whatever. They're missing the essential point. The essential point is that in the cyber world, it is perfectly acceptable (and in the Iranian context in particular sometimes essential for political reasons if they want to visit Iran) to use an assumed user ID. If she's a he and he wants to be a she in c-space, it's fair game. In c-space it's perfectly legtimate. It is irrelevant.

User ID Fooladi: I don't think you know me because I haven't participated much in the past half year or so, but I have been reading. Or maybe you do know me, and maybe you can't stand me. But that's not the point. The point is I don't understand you. You've been here about four months. At first you didn't do it but one fine day you started calling anyone you perceive to be in a certain political camp 'User ID', to foment distrust, to 'expose' people And yet you don't use your real ID, and you have no information about who you are in your accout.  And plus, you haven't written one single blog or even submitted any news (at least not under your current 'User ID)', Whereas some of these 'User ID's' as you call them have been here for three years, and whatever you think of them or their politics, for better or for worse, they have taken the time to submit many contributions to this site.

Okay, fine, so you say that proves they are IRI agents? Well, at least take the time to submit things before you try to crucify them. I mean have some class about it.

And then I've seen people in Fooladi's political 'camp' jump on her bandwagon without questioning any of this. When it's clear as a bell. How self-serving. How embarrassing to see friends of mine be so disingenuous and so..sophmoric.

And then you wonder why Iran is torn to shreds.


So would anyone like to crucify me because my intrusive unsoliticited criticisms just now happened to be directed to people in one 'camp', and not the 'other'. Welll, go right ahead. Take me. I'm yours.

I know, I know. I have 'no right' to stick my nose into such matters even if I'm sticking my neck out, especially because I'm not 'even' Iranian, I But my dedication is to this site and to Iran. So I'd rather you crucify me than crucify each other.

Here, have some nails On me.


and that is not

by Fair on


"If you don't like us you have no place here.  So leave, or else you might find yourself raped and imprisoned and executed without trial"

That is freedom of speech that Joe Camel here would like to see- freedom of speech only for his tribe:)

Mola Nasredeen

To Angry Bunch: Since you are so angry at the IRI, I suggest

by Mola Nasredeen on

you should leave Iran immediately.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

The usual

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


gang of Islamist whining thugs are out again. Islam's idea of freedom is for them to rape and murder. For others to not dare complain. I agree with Boom. The cry of bigot and racist does not work any longer. We have had it with you and will not be intimdated. No way not now or future.

boom shakalaka

Khar Khodeti, Moftkhor Manbarbesuzan

by boom shakalaka on

You're a vocal supporter of the grotesquely beastly crowd that does just about all the intimidating in Iran, you shameless sell-out. What a dastardly sort you people are! Your beloved regime shoots to kill innocents in Iran and then you cry foul when someone blows the whistle on your dastardly morals.

If I had your grossly limited brain capacity (and moral code) I'd do the world (and humanity) a huge favor and invest in a pound of rat poison. 

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 

maziar 58

Khargag mola

by maziar 58 on

seyd ali va shotorash  LIVE on pay per view.......

cash with proper I.D  we accept food stamp.

said hazrat shotor.                             Maziar

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Comedy club in the house!

maziar 58

sed ali...........

by maziar 58 on

We all live in a fake (pretentious ) world unfortunately.                                                                                             Just becaue you Are using fake avatar, ISK ;too can use fake user name.               

lebanon used the NO VOTE to keep the cash coming NON STOP 

ham az shargh, ham az gbarb fake friend ship.                       (contrary to komeyni na sharghi,na gharbi ) fake dooshmani.                Maziar


جناب "ای ساپورت خامنه‌ای"



                                     بسمه تعالی

استغفر الله -- شما اگر طرفدار بنده هستید لطفا کفر نگوید.

السّلام علیکم و رحمت الله و برکاته.




God Bless Gaza and Lobnan

by i_support_khamenie on

What do we get in return?

Lebanon abstains.

Only Turkey and Brazil vote against.

So all those barely clothed women of Turkey and Brazil turned out to have more dignity than all of the students of Mohammad in Lebanon.

But what did you expect from followers of a pedophile whose wife cheated on him with a teenager in the deserts of mecca!


Great post, Meybokhor

by Q on

rest assured that all good and decent Iranians agree with you. I have seen many Green blogger and commenters support Gaza myself in the past few days. Only those blinded by hate can't see it.


Even Fidel Castro knows War is on the Way

by TheEnemyHateMe on

between Iran and Isreal..


Let's not be 'intimidated' into stopping it...After all the Palestinians human right's are worth a war for Iran..

Mola Nasredeen

"Long live freedom of speech in the land of the free, oops, in

by Mola Nasredeen on

the cyberspace." Said Hazrate shotor munching on his jo.

"They can't silence us Hajagha, we'll be heard." Said I.

"There you go, ahsant ahsant," Said Hazrate shotor getting ready for his afternoon nap.

khaleh mosheh


by khaleh mosheh on

"Playing the victim again Molla? You must be from" said Hazrate Shotor


khaleh mosheh

by fooladi on

Nicely put:

"I think perhaps we should separate these two issues and do not allow the IRI villains to have further success in dividing the Iranian diaspora's sentiment by casting themselves as supproting the Palestinian underdogs"


khaleh mosheh

by fooladi on

Nicely put:

"I think perhaps we should separate these two issues and do not allow the IRI villains to have further success in dividing the Iranian diaspora's sentiment by casting themselves as supproting the Palestinian underdogs"

Mola Nasredeen

Here we go again!

by Mola Nasredeen on

The question is who is stopping who from expressing their opinion? Is anybody stopping the opposition from expressing their opinion about the undemocratic ways of the Islamic Republic of Iran? No, No, No. It's the opposition that is acting like a vicious authoritarian party trying to PURGE the ones who are not following the party line.