To intimidators: Koor Khundin


by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan

There has recently been a surge in the number of articles, blogs, etc. against people expressing their disgust about other contributors’ blogs against Israel’s illegal action in International waters and the subsequent killing of 9 Turkish citizens. The same gang calls anyone who is against sanctions and an eventual war on Iran, traitors, IRI agents, apologists, etc. but are wishing sanctions and war while themselves enjoying the luxury of “lengesh kon.”

I believe Iran’s destiny is in the hands of Iranians inside Iran and should not be manipulated by foreign elements and yes by foreign I also mean the “lengesh kon” society of the Internet era.

Here is a couple of characteristics of the gang as I see them:

1) Probably the only people in the world that have this unique humanitarian view: “Stick to Iranians and f*** the rest. No matter if they are our neighbours. Neighbours? What f******* neighbours. We hate the Turks, we hate the Afghans, we hate the Arabs.” They sure as hell know the solution to peaceful co-existence (!) with our surrounding countries. I live in Denmark. We call these people cold, but God knows they would not react as we do if for example some Swedish or Norwegians died in a humanitarian action.

2) The gang thinks name of the site “” entitles them to ultra-nationalistic mambo jumbo and that the name is analogous to a monopoly on what can be said here and what not. They forget that it’s a place for Iranians to express and exchange ideas about everything they themselves consider relevant and not something dictated by others.

3) The same bunch thinks by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation here and by bom-barding the news and blog pages with their hateful venom they will succeed in achieving their goals whatever they might be. Koor khundin.

4) Amazingly 8 out of ten of these people -- suddenly worried about Iranians in Iran and here on the site -- have all sprouted just before or after the presidential elections of last year. Talking about coincidences (read opportunism!)

5) They also possess the “damet garm” syndrome. With an amazing sense of smell, they suddenly (magically) sniff their gang members blogs and fill it with “damet garm” comments. Well psychologically it is good for them the get this confirmation because God knows they need it. :)


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khaleh mosheh

Who are the oppressed ?

by khaleh mosheh on

1) In the case of The Iranian polulace Vs the dictatorial regime of the IRI, the oppressed are clearly the people of Iran and any independent thinker would align themselves with them due to the overwhemling evidence  to their favour that here they are the wronged party. There is however significant effort is being expended by very few IRI stooges to undermine this in particular by deploying insidious tactics which have bcome very clear on this site.

2) Regarding the people of Palestine and the Israeli government-It appears that the palestinans are being wronged by a powerful opponent.

One question for the Iranian diaspora is that how the case 1 and case 2 are related. Unfortunately due to the IRI taking advantage of the plight of the palestinans, it appears that if one supports the Iranian people against the IRI,  then you would also have to disregard the palestinian issue. This shows how clever and tenatious are the policy makers of the IRI are. 

I think perhaps we should separate these two issues and do not allow the IRI villains to have further success in dividing the Iranian diaspora's sentiment by casting themselves as supproting the Palestinian underdogs. I think we can seek to support the wronged parties on both cases and not get sucked in by the IRI propaganda. However at this point in time my sympathies lie more with the people of Iran rather than the Palestinians and in some way this is ironic as by brutally suppressing its own population the IRI has lost the moral right to be a champion for the Palestinians and we should not allow them to pull the wool over our eyes by their insidious propaganda.



Mola Nasredeen

To all the Free Thinkers, Infidels, Aryans, non Aryans, etc

by Mola Nasredeen on

You have the right to express your opinion free from being demonized, intimidated, stalked and spammed. 

As the Meybokhor puts it: "iranian dotcom is a place for Iranians to express and exchange ideas about everything they themselves consider relevant and not something dictated by others."


Dear Hamvatans

by masoudA on

This note is for all anti IR Iranians.

Please keep up the good work and keep representing.   Unlike what the mullah appologists would like you to think - your cyber presence as well as your consistant anti IR representation in all other forms and mediums is quiet significant and will pay-off in the long run.   Note that besides the educational values of your posts for the misinformed, your collective thoughts are consistantly being monitored by cyber information centers all across the globe and forwarded to decesion makers and policy setters. 

This is a war we will win - not just for the sake of Iran - but for the sake of sanity and peace across the globe.  


Anahid Hojjati

ID,now you defend atrocities in the name of stability. Splendid

by Anahid Hojjati on


I love how these guys compliment themselves.  For all I know IRANdokht may be also NP. Also IRANdokht, I just read a comment from you on this thread that is really in support of rape, jailing and killing of people with the name of stability in Iran and region, makes me think of when Shah was called "gandarme mantaghe". ID, deedi cgegone aan gandarm raft.  Een ham beravad. IRANdokht, you used to make some sense (some) about a year ago. After one year, is this what you have been reduced to?

Darius Kadivar

My Feelings For the Palestinian Cause are Similar to Khomeiny's.

by Darius Kadivar on

Feelings for Iran and Iranians : 



Thanks Only Iran for the link.

by fooladi on

Looks like you guys are on top of things already, great.

Sorry, but I am new to this forum and have missed all these excellent blogs. Would love to read them all, maybe one day when I am on vacation, but hey by then there would potentially be no more islamic regime :)

Keep up the good work hamvatan and dastet dard nakoneh.

Mola Nasredeen

Iran faces its toughest sanctions

by Mola Nasredeen on

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also said that a nuclear fuel-swap deal brokered by Turkey and Brazil was an offer that would not be repeated. Mr Ahmadinejad, speaking on Tuesday in Istanbul where he is attending a regional summit, said that if the US did not change its position "the first ones to lose would be President Obama and the people of the United States".

Iran agreed in May to deposit 1,200kg of low-enriched uranium with Turkey, in return for reactor fuel, but the US and its Western allies said the agreement was too little too late. Brazil and Turkey - also security council members - say the sanctions will kill attempts to revive negotiations with Iran, and put that case forward in a last-minute special session at the UN on Tuesday. 




by fooladi on

lack of farsi language skills is understandable. Islamic regime's support base has been in lebanon/najaf from day dot. They have used these lebanese to do anything from murdering opposition figures abroad to to more benign activity of "cyber warfare"!

I see your point on may and mambar. But it must had been a poisenous may to have so seriously damaged this poor blogger's brain cells so badly!


HG & Fooladi

by Onlyiran on

I agree that these characters have an agenda of division.  In fact, I wrote a blog about it a few months ago.  Here it is:


hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

i think that the major audience for these multiple personalities may actually be the non-iranians.  it is odd, that they rarely, if at all, communicate in persian. maybe they have become gharbzadeh (they should read shariati).  perhaps, it's just a strategy to reach a wider audience (including the american iranians with poor persian skills).  i do agree that one of their goals is to create division within those who oppose the iri regime.

if you also notice, that the personalities they portray can be either without profanities, or profanity-laced and abrasive.  these characters probably have mulitple ids so that they can vent out their frustration with their abrasive personality while playing the nice guy with their polite personality.  regarding this blogger, it's apparent his been drinking a lot of mey, but i've yet to see him burn a manbar. go figure.



by fooladi on

We all know about these fake user ID's supporting islamic regime and their palestinian hams/hezbullah brothers. Perhaps they can all be traced to one room/office !

But Let's understand the reason for the existance of these individuals with fake user ID's.

The reason is to cause confusion and division and diversion amongst the Iranian community world wide, to benefit the islamic regime.

These fake ID's pretend to be female, marxist, teacher, technologist, academic, the kind of people who'd never support islamic regime's existance. They pretend to be me and you.

But they are doing a very poor job. They are giving us a good laugh instead. If I were their handlers, I'd fire them on the spot and hire a few monkeys instead :)


It funny that they say

by Onlyiran on

there are a "few" of us who advocate for Iran (as opposed to advocating for Palestine) when one can count their numbers on two hands (and that includes all of their fake ID's).  Let's see, there is IMF, Mola shotor, NP, maybeekhor, Q and Iraj Yamin Esfandiari.  OK, there' seven of you--as opposed to how many other users on the site?  :-)))

I gotta give it to you though.  You ARE LOUD.  You're on every thread, saying the same boring things, repeating the same propaganda that you have been feeding the people for the past 31 years, playing the victim card--making yourselves martyrs like Imam Hussein.... 

Keep lying folks.  That's how you've kept yourselves in power for the past 31 years.  Stick with what you know! 


user ID "meybokhor"

by fooladi on

"has lived in 4 continents". Wow, join "etelaat" of velayate vaghih, and see the world!

Thanks for the laugh though!


user ID "niloofar parsi"

by fooladi on

Yea, we are all " jews, americans, hate lobbyists". All 70million of us. Only you and your couple of other Goochi bassiji brothers each with dozen user ID's  barking and howling with frustration and anger on behalf of islamic regime on this site are "true Iranians"

By the way, did you choose to have the female user ID's due to your feminine side? :)

Thanks for goiving us a good laugh at your expense, keep it up "sister". :)


MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan LOL!!!

by Marjaneh on

1) DNA papers showing they have no Arab blood (good luck with that)."


(I was about to post a blog on anthropogeny, and you just did the lot in one sentence!)


Thanks for the blog. ;)

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin


@ Free vs Islam

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

If you had attended your language classes, you would call it Kommune and not comoon. As for your English "welfair" suffices. LOL.

FYI, I have a pretty good position in the Danish Ministry of Trade paying taxes to finance welfare receivers such as you who don't even bother to learn the language let alone get a job.

I have lived on 4 continents and seen people like you all the time -- and believe me the likes of you are a dime a dozen.


Looking at the flotilla story from another angle :)

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

I have noticed that if these pure Aryan Iran lovers all got on a boat, they would easily match the numbers on the Turkish ship. So instead of all this "lengesh kon" propaganda to the real Iranian people, all these brave people should sail towards Iran from, say, Dubai with a message of freedom for Iran.

But before that they should have two things in order:

1) DNA papers showing they have no Arab blood (good luck with that).

2) Checking to see they have not mistaken their tonsils for balls. There is a difference because if they have, then their bravery is very close to their mouths. :)

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

this is truly apt. thanks for posting. and as expected, you have attracted a concerted attack from the us/israel/hate lobby on!
great comments from bughzan, irandokht and mola. it is becoming increasingly clear that the hate crowd here is a tiny minority with too much noise. we give them too much of our time. perhaps ignoring them is the best policy.


so we were just educated by arab dokht

by fooladi on

To hate jews, in order to prevent ahmadi and his turkish buddy to carry the mantle of antisemitism. BTW, dont show any signs of patriotism, because "oscar wilde said so"!!

What a pile of nonesense!

Why dont you and your other buddy with multiple user ID's "mulla nassrulah", "no fear", "darvish" take everybody else's advice, get on a "peace boat" to help your hamas/hezbullah brothers in gaza? no more boats? the whole thing just fizzled off? sanctions on track? I bet certain part of your body must be badly burning, Good :) 


And Irans loss has nothing to do with the loss of rights

by TheEnemyHateMe on

in Palestine.Some people are sick of every subject being about Palestine,I for one can understand.That also doesn't mean they are Zionist's or they don't care about the Palestinians.Just as you all say it doesn't mean you don't care about Iranians by making Palestinians human rights an issue to be discussed.Same thing.You're worried about 'the region' other's are worried more about 'iran'.The problem is the Palestinian issue is being used by the IRI to rival Iran,WHILE also depraving it's people of the same thing.

As far as intervention,as you say what business is it of America to invervene in Iran's affairs?It' is not anymore than it is for Iran to intervene in Palestine's affair's.But you think it's ok becuase it's 'in the region'.To the point of war because that is what is around the corner.I hope you will feel happy about the Palestinian's human right's when Isreal is bombing Iran..


War has caused loss of

by TheEnemyHateMe on

War has caused loss of human right's in Palestine.If they weren't at War with Isreal,they would have all the human rights everyone else has.


Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

Your observations about Iran, Middle East and Human Rights are accurate. As for the new comers and multiple IDs holders they should be taught: "A little respect towards othes will not hurt anyone."


بذارین خیالتونو راحت کنم..........




این در انظار بین المللی یه تودهنی حسابی به مش رجب اردوغان بود تا اون باشه دیگه پا اندازی رژیمی رو نکنه که بوی گند الرّحمن ش حتی مشام مفتخور هائی مثل پوتین و شرکاء چشم بادومی ش رو آزار داده!

برزیل و ترکیه؟!!

دنیا شده خراب  موش میخوره شراب؟

تو همین سایت هم کم نداریم کسانیکه هم با گرگ دنبه میخورند و هم با چوپون گریه میکنند! حالا هِی هر از گاه خواب «پنبه دانه» ببینین!

پا نوشت: ساندیس نپّره تو گلوتون........;-)


Peace is important

by IRANdokht on

Dear Meybokhor

Thank you for bringing this up.

The middle East is important. The peace in the region is important. Not allowing the radical islamists like Ahmadinejad and Erdogan to become the champions of the oppressed in the region is important to the well being of Iranians.
Unfortunately we can't even get the message across because some wannabes keep distracting people with smoke and mirrors.

It's important to stand for human rights in the region if we want human rights in Iran. It's just as simple as that!

Iran's stability is ideal, but stability, especially in the middle east is a relative term.

The current situation in Iran although very hard on average Iranians and especially on politically motivated ones, is far more stable than in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan which makes me think that US involvement whether in the form of military attack or a mere ally is not going to make things any easier on Iranians.

On the other hand, if we take away Ahmadinejad's raison d'être, the regime would not have such a strong hold on the people.
As long as US backs Israel and Israel oppresses a whole population and kills at will, IRI and the islamic government of Turkey can make themselves look like human rights advocates. Who's going to hear the plight of the Iranians then?

We should not stand for what helps Israel's goal of instability in the region and opening the door to attack Iran or impose harsh sanctions on our people.

When faced with all this pseudo patriotism/borderline racism, all one can think of is:

Partiotism is the virtue of the vicious. Oscar Wilde.



Mola Nasredeen

Anger Management

by Mola Nasredeen on



by cyclicforward on

I am free to say what I like to whomever I like and I don't get paid for it like you. You can't deal with that then too tough for you. These are not the streets of Tehran.
By the way are you Sargord or are you tired of your Shotor name. I think you definitely look better as a Shotor.


And that is a War they want Iran to fight

by TheEnemyHateMe on

Now do you really think they care about the Iranian people and their human right's under the regime?


Bughzan Exactly the same problem

by TheEnemyHateMe on

applies to the Palestinians,the people Defending Palestine are really just more intentioned of other things..mainly,War..



by TheEnemyHateMe on

They try to keep the Green down on this site.


And it there may be more to this...

by bughzan on

I'm not sure if all the ultranationalists here are even real people. It's a fair assumption that because of the traffic on this site, it would be a prime target for propaganda. It's also proven that many governments including US, UK, IRI, and Israel, engage in various forms of cyber warfare. Bombarding sites like this with misinformation would certainly be on the table. There are even websites that you can hire for this sort of propaganda. Here are the top searches from google:

A couple of years ago, an ex-employee of one of these companies wrote an expose on some of their tactics. You have one guy in a room with two, three screens and 40 different avatars/usernames, and he just sits there all day bombarding a target site with either favorable or negative posts. There is really only one way to get around this. Everybody has to their homework and put a bit of extra effort to discredit them. 

So, don't assume that all these guys are even real. Having said that, your point is perfectly valid. The Iranian diaspora is infested with these extremists that apply noble concepts like Human Rights and democracy only when it suits their purposes. Ironic, that people who proclaim human rights in one sentence, will violate it in the following sentence! It's our disease and until we cure it, we won't be going anywhere.