To intimidators: Koor Khundin


by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan

There has recently been a surge in the number of articles, blogs, etc. against people expressing their disgust about other contributors’ blogs against Israel’s illegal action in International waters and the subsequent killing of 9 Turkish citizens. The same gang calls anyone who is against sanctions and an eventual war on Iran, traitors, IRI agents, apologists, etc. but are wishing sanctions and war while themselves enjoying the luxury of “lengesh kon.”

I believe Iran’s destiny is in the hands of Iranians inside Iran and should not be manipulated by foreign elements and yes by foreign I also mean the “lengesh kon” society of the Internet era.

Here is a couple of characteristics of the gang as I see them:

1) Probably the only people in the world that have this unique humanitarian view: “Stick to Iranians and f*** the rest. No matter if they are our neighbours. Neighbours? What f******* neighbours. We hate the Turks, we hate the Afghans, we hate the Arabs.” They sure as hell know the solution to peaceful co-existence (!) with our surrounding countries. I live in Denmark. We call these people cold, but God knows they would not react as we do if for example some Swedish or Norwegians died in a humanitarian action.

2) The gang thinks name of the site “” entitles them to ultra-nationalistic mambo jumbo and that the name is analogous to a monopoly on what can be said here and what not. They forget that it’s a place for Iranians to express and exchange ideas about everything they themselves consider relevant and not something dictated by others.

3) The same bunch thinks by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation here and by bom-barding the news and blog pages with their hateful venom they will succeed in achieving their goals whatever they might be. Koor khundin.

4) Amazingly 8 out of ten of these people -- suddenly worried about Iranians in Iran and here on the site -- have all sprouted just before or after the presidential elections of last year. Talking about coincidences (read opportunism!)

5) They also possess the “damet garm” syndrome. With an amazing sense of smell, they suddenly (magically) sniff their gang members blogs and fill it with “damet garm” comments. Well psychologically it is good for them the get this confirmation because God knows they need it. :)


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by Onlyiran on

another day, another article by a PCB crying foul about not enough attention being paid to Palestine.

Tell you what, since you're so concerned about the 9 people who died on board that ship, why don't you tell us how you feel about the 13 people who were murdered by the IRI yesterday?  That way we can take your bleeding heart seriously.  Here's the link:


BTW, for all your chest beating and false sense of being "intimidated" about not writing enough about Palestine on this site, I do want to bring to your attention that two of the "most commented" blogs on this site are about the Gaza incident, one with more than two hundred sixty comments.  And the 13 Iranians who were just murdered in cold blood?  NO BLOGS!!!  Even the two news posts about their deaths have no comments!!

PS- Three articles on the main page of the site are also about the Gaza incident.  

So much for your fake outrage!!!