What is a sayed? Sorry I don't know how to spell it. :(

by lelakoopal

My mom told me that my sister and I are sayeds.. can anybody fill me in on what they are?

Please and thank you! :)


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Lela that is an excellent

by Shiva (not verified) on

Lela that is an excellent response. You should be proud of who you are.

By the way, just so you know and don't get the wrong information, seyeds were not mass murderors or anything like that. It is just some garbage people say when they don't like Islam. They talk as if they were there 1400 years ago or the couple of "books" they've read are the bible! As if!


I will be proud of who I am

by lelakoopal on

I will be proud of who I am and where I have come from no matter what. So I suppose the answer to that question is yes, although I could have come from a line of mass murderers. My heritage is a part of me and it always will be- its helped form who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. To hate and reject it would only be a waste of energy because in the end what's done is done and nothing can be done NOW to change that.

Anonymous Observer

I Hope That You Won't be Offended, But...

by Anonymous Observer on

I want to be blunt, if I may, because I believe that understanding the root of this "Seyyed" phenomenon is important.  The word Seyyed in old Arabic meant "master".  In modern Arabic it simply means "sir" ("agha" in Persian).

The Arab culture (and by that I mean Arabian Penninsula Arab, not, let's say, Egyptian) is a highly racist one (ask Egyptians and Sudanese and they will confirm this).  In the seventh century, it was even more racist.  Essentially, in the Islmaic Empire, one was considered second class, and deprived of many opportunities in life, such as work, school, trade, etc., if one was not considered an "Arab"-- that is--connected by blood to one of the Arabian Penninsula tribes.  Read the great historian' Ibn Khladoon's biography for instance.  Even though he was from North Africa (today's Tunisa), he claimed that he was from a tribe in yemen (Arabia) because he wanted to occupy an important position in the society.  Here's a Wikipedia piece on him that talks about it:


Just as in North Africa, in Persia under Muslim rule, in order to prosper, one had to somehow connect himself to the Arabs.  That is how the whole "seyyed" scheme was born.  Persians who were either truly or falsely related to the invading Arabs would say that they were descendants of the "seyyeds" (the masters), and that's how this word entered the Persian lexicon.  It is a testament to the racist nature of Islam and Arabs in general. 

Obviously, ordinary people who call themselves "seyyeds" in Iran today have nothing to do with the origins of the word.  However, the ruling cleric establishment does use its racist nature to establish superiority.  The whole concept of "seyyedism", on its face, is a racist concept.  Otherwise, why should someone announce his / her bloodline, and even make it a part of his / her name?  Isn't it to show superiority over others? 

Aagin, I hope that you are not offended...and I am obviously not calling you a racist.  I just wanted to clarify the origin of the word. 


Persia is Eternal.



by Anonymous wait (not verified) on

Two important points may have been overlooked:

(1) A LOT of these sayyeds were made up during Safavid era when shiasm was propagated and decedents of the Prophet were endeared. That turned this business of being a sayyed into a business indeed and a shop for getting a better job and collecting more of the islamic tax (khoms & zakat) and charity (fetriyyeh). With that, the authenticity of all are in question, although some have family trees going back to the Prophet to prove their lineage.

(2) Brits used the fanaticism of iranians to the fullest in the past 2 to 3 centuries to send fabricated seyyeds from india to iran to influence the government (of Ghajar) and provide Brits the necessary intelligence to counter any disobedience of the colonized or the competitors, French, Germans, or Russians at different times.


now that you know what

by shiva (not verified) on

now that you know what sayyad means what are you going to do about it? are you happy that you are a sayyad?


Dear Lela, The reason you

by lm (not verified) on

Dear Lela,

The reason you see all the people participating here is because perhaps unknowingly you have touched upon a sensetive subject that affects a lot of people here one way or another!

As people have explained here - News Goffer has done a good job- Seyyed ( masculine ) is used for a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammad and Syeddeh is the (feminine) for the direct desendant of the prophet Mohammad.

But the reason for all the humorous and funny remarks here is that these days not many (non religious & perhaps some religious) people actually believe they can really trace back their roots that far back.
They believe numerous people were given these titles at various times in Iran's history to use it for its benefits at that time.(very possibly true)

So People here are kidding and joking about who is what and what type of a Seyyed or Seyeddeh they are themselves, because there are a lot of myths and folk tales and legends about the Seyyeds!!

You've gotten your answer and given people a much needed break to have some fun!
Good for you!!

Leila :)


Az ghadeemo nadeem goftan saamee'aleikomo een harfaa...;

by ThePope on

aaghaayoon-e naraad!

Ooopss. Sorry. This is a "seyed club". Let me redo this;
Al salaam'o aleikom'o va rahmatollah'o va baraakaato!

Nah, let's do it in Persian;
Majid jaan Dorood, thanks for the invitation. I would love to come but unfortunately I'm on the east coast (True North), so... Doostaan jaayeh maa. Amaa Kheilee doost daashtam beeyaam,,, yeh dast 3taayee meezadeem,,, maars keh heechee, maarsestoonet meekardam taa deegeh vaaseh Khaanoom Dokhtaraa koree nakhoonee! :)
-Oonghadaa'am aabaki neesteemaa. Fekr kardee kam alaki'em!!


Amir Kabir, bar pedaret salavaat, bacharo az raah beh dar nakon!


To all DIET Seyeds......

by Majid on

ALL you "kamrang AKA aabaki Seyeds"..... unite in Mason park !

IRANdokht, BN, Hazrat e Pope aleih-e salaam, NG, Amir Kabir e naa shenaas.........let's get together and have a shot of aragh be salaamati e Ebi "pedar o maadar seyed", since he's far away...LOL 



Amir Kabir: make a correction please..... it's 1/5th "khoms" and 1/8th "zakaat"...that's 32.5% income tax rate.....and the other 67.5% would be "Sahm e emaam, Daf'e mazaalem, Sadaghe, Kheiraat, Mabarraat, Sahm e itaam".....!

It's great to be an Aakhoond isn't it? 


What is a Sayyed?

by Amir Kabir attempting to convert another Sheia to an atheist (not verified) on

The word Sayyed which is Arabic (masculine gender) means a master, a great person, the chief. The feminine of the word in Arabic is Sayedeh and the plural for both is Sadat.

In Arabic today these two words are used to address a person as a "lady" or a "gentleman" Or "madam / Sir". Among the Christian Arabs e.g. those in Lebanon the word Sayyed is attributed to Jesus Christ.

Among the Muslims anyone who is a blood relative of one of the descendants of Prophet Muhammad is called Sayyed. But there are garden varieties of Sayyeds and here is the list for your genealogy research:

Related to Hassan: Hassani Sadat
Related to Hossein: Hosseini Sadat
Related to Musa Kazim: Musavi Sadat
Related to Reza: Razavi Sadat

Warning: There has been many granted title of Sadat by rulers since the inception of Islam to people whom were not related to any of the above persons, so very few people these days assume that once someone is called Sayyed he or she is related to any of the cast of characters in Islam.

The form of taxation in Islam dictates a 1/5 of your wealth to be given to needy and a 1/10 towards the community. Historically in Sheia Islam the 1/5 is given by people to their local Sayyed whom would distribute among the needy or the poor. You can see why everyone wanted to have the title of Sayyed now.

Those who call themselves a Sayyed are generally exhibitionist attempting to show off their religious connections. Just like as soon as you get into a group in America those who are Jewish look for the first opportunity to claim "I am a Jew"! Have you noticed that?

Good luck

American Wife

well Lela Jaan

by American Wife on

All I can say is that you're in real good company.  If IRANdokht and Ebi and BJ and ThePope are Seyed, it's for sure it's a good thing......:-)


ebi amirhosseini

Your Holiness ThePope

by ebi amirhosseini on

I have my Ghondaagh ready to wear.



Thank you all :)

by lelakoopal on

Pope I wish I could ask my mother but she wouldn't know... my Iranian side is my father and he's not around.

And thank you all for the help :)

But so much Farsi! Haha I should probably learn it.


Good news

by ThePope on

They say Seyeds that have been naughty will never be thrown into the fire of hell,,, but rather in hell's "Siberia" to freeze their sinful asses!

-make sure to state in your wills to dress you warmly... :)

p.s. Ebi jaan, to shaal-o kolaa bekon! :o)

ebi amirhosseini

NG aziz

by ebi amirhosseini on

His holiness Thepope said it all?!

Seyyedaa chaarshanba shabaa divooneh mishan!!

Every day & night of the week is a Chaarshanbe for me pal!!



1-Irandokht jaan,I believe the use of the word Sheikh by NG has a more educational & phylosofical connotation !.I'm humbled dear NG.

2-Samsam Jaan,emkaanaat nabood fuuly Scythian besham ! Bar pedar mosabebesh salavaat,.

cheers pal.

bajenaghe naghi

news goffer jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

as seyeds all over the world say: aarezoo bar javanan ayb nist.


NG jan nothing over 18 going on...

by IRANdokht on

Seyyed shab-e jomeh is someone who's mom is saadaat but Dad's not. 

You called Ebi "Sheikh" which is someone who's not seyyed LOL  he and I are Tabaatabaaee which means both parents are seyyed.

If we want to keep this blog under-age proof, we should watch BN like a hawk ;-)



Seyed Club

by samsam1111 on

I think most Seyeds are fake .  Regardless & for Good or bad,  most Iranians might have some form of Arab genes in em . Wether one is a fake or real Seyed , the defenition goes as in follows : 

Seyed Defenition:

Those who willingly claime descendence,lineage to the Arab tribes who in 6th century AD invaded the Medeo-Persian state of Iran & put an end to her statehood, killed and maimed over 400,000 Iranian warriors, civilians outa population of 25 mil , took away over 200,000 young females as kaniz/slaves to Hirah,Koufah & Arabia Proper & enslaved 1 million boys as gholams & serfs (quoted by Tabari , Ibn Batoul & Bernard Lewis) . They also put an end over Iran,s religion, language & culture . Basicaly , Iranic identity ceased to exist due to their arrival .  


So Ebi ..half Scythian/half Seyed ? ..lol..Cheers pal!! You are defenitly a fake one..:)




by ThePope on

Ebi jaan, I always new it! Your a taabaatabaayee...

As you know, Seyeds go "bananas" on Tuseday nights (shab-e chahrshanbeh) ... But you probably go W I L D!  :)

News Goffer

Lela Jan

by News Goffer on

I'm afraid being a Seyyedeh outside of Iran is not much of an advantage.  This little nugget of information about your heritage doesn't get you many freebees this side of the Iran and Iraq borders, unfortunately.

And to all my Sayyedi va Saadaati friends:

a) Beware of your conduct on a minor's blog.

b) I am ready to kiss and be kissed on any day other than Eid-e-Ghadir.  My lineage, unfortunately, does not lend itself to the privilege on that particular day, so I let you guys have first dibs!

c)  Bajenagh Jan, nice try!

d)  Sheikh Ebi Jan:  What is the story about some people only being a Seyyed on Thursday nights?  Can you illuminate us?  That is if what you will teach us is suitable for a minor's blog.  I will listen with my "talammoz" pose.

bajenaghe naghi

irandokht jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

my chest is ready to be kissed. 

ebi amirhosseini

Sanazi jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

As His holiness The Pope said,I'm a Hosseini one!!

Is n't obvious from my last name : Amirhosseini?!

But I'm more honored!!since My late Mom was a Seyyedeh too?!

Ajab joonevari az kaar dar oomadam?! Taazeh kojaasho didi?!


p.s. Sine-boosi dar Eyd -e-ghadir

Eyd-e-ghadir,sine maalaamaal aatshe een seyyede haghir jahate boosideh shodan tavasote azizaani ke mikhaahand savaab donyavi va okhravi bebarand aamaadeh anjaame een amale kheyr va eslam pasand mibaashad!.

Please take a ticket,before joining the line>


cousins cousins all around

by IRANdokht on

in my experience it only meant that once a year a few of our neighbors and distant relatives would catch you off-guard and plant a kiss on your chest.

Other than that it shows how the arab blood has been mixed with persian for centuries now and you can find seyyeds everywhere in Iran. Except for some black turbans out there, all seyyeds and saadaat I have known in my life are proud of their persian heritage and honest to goodness Iranians.



me too :)

by sanazi on

Dear cousins, I'm a seyedeh...


As Bajenaghe naghi says I'm a decendant of $profit mohammad$! :)

Ebi jaan, seriously are you a seyed? If you are then no wonder you are soooo sheitoon at your age!

ebi amirhosseini


by ebi amirhosseini on

count me in dear cousins!!

Linguistically speaking,Seyyed carries a sort of social weight,equal to Gentleman in English .The most famous Seyyed is El Cid (Al Seyyed). In your case dear, your children,would be Mirzaa(if their father is not a Seyyed),since their mother is a Seyyede!!.WOW


We all know that it is really a bunch of $$ historically,how come we are all scattered only in Iran ?! abother miracle of Shia' Mullahs.


You're a Seyedeh

by ThePope on

or Saadaat...

Salam dokhtar-amoo, because you are the daughter of a Seyed, then that makes you a Seyedeh (or Saadaat). Our pesar-amoo (bajenaghe naghi) has already explained what a Seyed is and its advantages.

If you marry a Seyed, your kids will be Seyed-e Tabaatabaayee,,,
parteeshoon az maa ham koloftar

BTW, we have different kinds of Seyeds! I'm a Seyed-e Hosseini. You should ask your mother what kind of Seyed you are; Hosseini, Hashemi, etc...
But overall we're all decendants of the Prophet...

SeyedThePope!! :)

bajenaghe naghi

lelakoopal jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

i am a sayed so we are cousins. you are one lucky woman to be my cousin. not many of them around.  we are direct decendents from profit mohammad. partimoon khayli kolofte.