A little more about me


A little more about me
by lelakoopal

My birthday is September 24th, 1993, and I was born and raised in the United States.  I live with my mom, step dad, and step sister, they're amazing.  My real sister is 22 and my step brother is 21.  Hunting, fishing, competitive shooting, and cheerleading are my sports, which is surprising since I have been a vegetarian for the past 4 years.  I used to play left forward in soccer and I was a swimmer, but I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis so I can no longer run or participate in high contact sports.  If I wanted to I could still swim, but I just really don't like it.  I'm enrolled in Humanities courses, which is a 3 hour block of art, US history, and english 3 that all intertwine together.  It's nice because you get less homework and all the classes relate so you're not struggling with separate eras!  Math is a love-hate relationship for me, I'm in Algebra 2 right now and it takes me a LONG time to get things, but once I understand it I'm really good at it!  As of right now, I'm going to a local JC for my senior year to get dual credits and finish high school and my first year of college.  My boyfriend of 6 months is amazing, he doesn't pressure me to do anything and he supports me in the proactive activies I choose to do.  He just enlisted in the air force and leaves in April. :(

I got a kitten a few months ago, his name is Mr. Pickles. He's pretty cute :) Too bad my dog doesn't think so, his name is Buttons and he's been around 8 years longer than Mr. Pickles so he's territorial. Animals are amazing. I love them so much, they just make my day.

I have 2 best friends, and a few close friends. They've got my back and I've got theirs. I wish I could say I'm the best friend, but I'm still learning how to be since for a long time all I had were tons of acquaintances. This is much nicer. 

Overall I'm a pretty average teenager.  I've got my strong points, my flaws, and everything in between.  I'm very passionate about music and recently did I discover I'm pretty decent at art.  I'm good at relating to people and I love psychology.  I'm self conscious about my legs because even when I shave them the hair always seems to be there and they grow back within hours!!! It's miserable.  

I'm a dork- I goof around, I make lots of jokes, and I make fun of myself a lot. I'm trying to be a better and nicer person.  I'm working on achieving nirvana. 

I love The Beatles and Johnny Cash.  Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls is my favorite rapper.  I think Lil Wayne is fiiiiine ;)  I have never been in love, but I'm young and that's okay I still have plenty of time :)

Everyone has room for improvement, be nice to everyone because you don't know what struggles they're facing, and don't judge others because you aren't perfect.


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never ever again

lela, here's to you and that lucky guy!

by never ever again on


Hi! Lela

by Mehrban on

I love your kitten,  I had a cat named Rashid he was a tabby like Monda's and a very smart one but I developed allegies to him and he had to go to my sister's house.  I was very upset but such is life.  Thank you for your great blog, like Benross said, it reminded me what matters.


oh Lela, on our collective hair issue!

by Monda on

one of my female relatives told me she had to work overtime just to afford the constant wax jobs!  The poor thing has to wax front and back down to her toes!  Finally once she learned how to the waxing herself, I heard from her husband their family could afford vacations :o)

It's not easy for us honey, is it?!


Wow Lela, so good to read this!

by Monda on

You have many personal resources you can tap into to get over the occasional humps that life offers. I also think that you're a natural at writing.  Your blogs are really engaging. I hope you never put your pen down.

JC courses have many advantages at academic level but I hope you won't miss the high school social life. I wonder if any of your buddies would be in JC as well?

You Rock Lela, even more than I knew before :o)  

I have a tabby cat named Rosie and a dog named Auggie...  my best confidants when I'm feeling down.  Dogs especially can give such great unconditional attention.  They can assess our moods like no human can!

With your interest in introspection and your power of observation, you'd make a terrific psychologist.  Patience is also key but we normally develop that much later in life :o)  No worries. Even about math, my daughter hated her Algebra II but then she lucked out having a great teacher in Calculus, she loved math again in that class.  Teachers can make a difference, right?



by Shepesh on



But you never tell us

by Cost-of-Progress on

what's your Persian connection although the hair thing is a clue.... (wink)





You have a natural talent

by benross on

You have a natural talent for writing what matters, seriously or not.



by yolanda on

It is good to hear that you are taking college classes. I think you are on the right track! Both college and high school have counsellors or social workers. If you need help, you can always go to talk to them, I am pretty sure they will be glad to offer help.....It is a great idea to start taking college classes......wow, you are mature enough to have started the process, great job! Just hang in there, you will make it!

Please take care!