Step 1 completed!

by lelakoopal

Wow so I've all ready completed phase one (or should I start saying "uno"? :)) of my trip! I arrived in Ontario yesterday to stay with my sister until Sunday morning, when we make a trip to LAX where I will be boarding the excruciatingly long (11 hours) flight to Santiago. Wow!! Just think- in a matter of days I will be landing in a foreign country, meeting my host family and being reunited with my old foreign exchange student!!! It's so crazy- I can't wait!! Then begins my ten week adventure in Ovalle, Chile. :) To me, it's unbelievable to think that in October I was planning this trip, and now it's actually happening! It doesn't feel like any time has passed by either! :)

I will post all the pictures from my visit with my sister up to when I return home :)




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