No title, just another poem.

by lelakoopal

When I was thinking about my friend last night I wrote a poem for her.

We saw you slip away as the cancer took it's course,
And helplessly watched the vibrant girl we knew melt away.

Many tears we shed, and many nights we prayed,
Yet nothing could save you; the hand you got had been played.

The pain we all felt was enough to make one mad-
But the grief we endured kept us only sad.

A year it has been, and it is just as hard each day.
Though we know over time it will get better, it won't always hurt this way.

God knew it was your time to go, although we begged him to let you stay;
But he replied to only say, "I can't let her live this way."

We realize it's selfish to miss you, but all those nights we still cried;
For if love could have saved you, you never would have died.


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This is the InternetS

by Anonymouse on

People try to use the correct English.  InternetS not INTERNET.


Death of the body

by Mehdi on

is not the death of the "person." Seriously!


Dear ConcernedParent,

by underAge (not verified) on

I am 14 years old, just kidding 25, nooo I am 35 or better 45. Ahhh another kidding, no seriously I am an adult. Heyy, you forgot this is the INTERNET!



by lelakoopal on

Yes my mom knows. My dad isn't around and he's Persian, so my mom is totally fine with me being on this site so I can learn about my heritage and culture. I can always ignore the inapropriate content, as well. So really if I'm offended, I have only myself to blame.


Since you mentioned that you

by ConcernedParent (not verified) on

Since you mentioned that you are under age, do your parents know you are blogging here? A site full of all kinds of adult content(violent, sex, politics, religion, insults etc)???
Do they realize you will be cyber conversing with people double or triple times your age???
Please let us know, I'm very curious.
I'm amazed that the publishers here aren't blocking you. It could be a liability issue for them too!!
Best of luck



You have a long life ahead of you

by Mazloom on



One counts how long one has lived

by the number of death one has seen

Yours is one 

Mine is seven million nine hundred fifty four thousand six hundred and fifteen