In Loving Memory of Justin Nathan Myers

by lelakoopal

Rest in Peace...


A face we love is missing

A voice we know is stil, 

A place is vacant in all our hearts,

That only you could Fill.

Tears in our eyes,

They won't go away

We wish you were here with us today.

We knew you never meant to hurt us,

Or to make us cry.

Our thoughts of you will always stay,

If only things didn't end this way.

And now you've brought it to the final end,

We will always remember you as our friend.

We care for you,

Rest in paradise 'till we meet again.

You will be strongly missed.


Justin Myers.


R.I.P to the kindest soul at my high school, Justin Myers, who commit suicide Thanksgiving day.


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by Iktomi on

I miss Justin. Wish there was an internet connection to heaven so he could kick my ass at Halo like he used to.


Because I'm not supposed to

by lelakoopal on

Because I'm not supposed to say anything until the investigation is finished..


rip Shelby Lyn Allen

by shelby friend (not verified) on

was wondering why this is up but Shelby blog was deleted?


Thank you everyone one...

by lelakoopal on

But I did not write this poem.  It was written by a few of his best friends, they put it on the tee-shirts and the program for his funeral.  I just thought it fit so perfectly.



by lelakoopal on

Actually, yes he was. They had just changed his medication too...

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

That was a beautiful poem and a lovely gesture to honor your friend's memory.

My condolences to you, your friends and to Justin's family.



by Javad the plumber (not verified) on

You are Tom Cruise now?


Was he on psychiatric drugs?

by Mehdi on

The so-called anti-depressants are well known for causing suicidal tendencies. There is now a warning right on their box. Was he taking these? As DK's experience incidentally confirms, psychiatric "treatments" itself usually cause people to commit suicide. Was he on any psychiatric "treatment" at any time, or going through the withdrawal trying to quit some anti-depressant?


Lela I am sorry for your

by Javad the plumber (not verified) on

Lela I am sorry for your loss and feel the pain in your poem. The pain of loosing someone is felt the same regardless of your age. May he rest in peace.


Dear Lela

by Monda on

You have expressed your grief for Justin Nathan Myer's death so beautifully in this poem. Thank you for sharing it with us here.

When someone we know commits suicide all kinds of questions come to us, for example what if "I had talked to him that day.." or maybe if so and so had been there for him...on & on. It is very unfortunate that Justin found himself absolutely without any resources, at that moment.

Usually suicidal thoughts and attempts are linked to Depression, which can be remedied by talking to a good therapist and/or medication. In some people Depression is part of another issue that they're facing. In any case, last year in my daughter's high school this Junior boy jumped off the bridge and the entire school was shocked by this. Everyone who knew this boy, seemed clueless about the reasons why he had to end his life like that. 

Since then there has been a group pf mental health professionals, about 50 parent/guardian or student volunteers who got together, over the school year, educating students in the district about the causes of suicide, the distinction between suicidal ideation & suicidal attempts, physiology of Depression, variety of Depressive disorders, and of course ontroducing the community resources when a person feels that low. If you're interested in this idea, you're welcome to email me backchannel and I give you some tips for being part of steering committee, if you are interested. In fact originally in our district, there were a handful of kids who introduced this idea to the school counselor.

Darius Kadivar

Hard to Forgive But One cannot Judge ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Suicide is often a disguised call for Help. If missed it can be a good lesson but when it is indeed successful then its too late.

I had a girlfriend who successfully killed herself at the age of 24. Not because of me but because of a man she loved more deeply who happened to be guess what ? A playboy psychiatrist with no moral ethics !

What a Stupid Gesture. I am reminded of her when I hear this song of Googoosh.

Hope that your Friend Justin and my girlfriend have found peace nevertheless and wish their families and friends to have the stength not to feel guilty or responsible.

So If I may ... Please accept my Respects and Deepest Sympathy to you through this song


Azarin Sadegh

So sad...

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Lela,

The grief in your poem brought tears to my eyes.

I have always wondered about the depth of solitude of the ones who commit suicide. But I think their absence is going to make those who loved them even lonelier, taking them to places even deeper.

If Justin on a particular Thanksgiving day loses all his drive to live, I'm sure his family and his friends – afterwards and every day as long as they live - are going to remember painfully this absence like their own failure.

 Only if Justin – instead of choosing what he chose- had just made another choice. Only if he had made a little effort to talk with someone about it, to write about it. Only if he had tried to express his feelings the way you’ve done here so purely…So many ifs, so many regrets.

I truly hope that you, dear Lela, are going to find the power of forgetting him and still remembering him at the same time.

Take care, Azarin 

Nazy Kaviani

Beautiful Lela

by Nazy Kaviani on

It is not ours to explain the inexplicable, nor to immediately understand that which defies belief. It is upon us to love each other immediately and urgently in the face of such senseless loss, to remind ourselves and each other that love of self and family and society is the way to live. Your sense of loss and sadness at your friend's passing must be overwhelming at this time. Please take good care to spend time with your family and friends and to re-affirm life.

I am sorry for your loss and wish you and your other school friends patience and peace during this difficult transition. I will pray for Justin in heaven.


I am so sorry Lela

by IRANdokht on

It's very difficult to deal with death of a school mate at such tender age, the suicide makes it even harder. My son went through similar motions too, it's a tough one to cope with.

my condolences Lela jan, may you and your other friends find the courage and the strength to go on living a beautiful and peaceful life. You wrote a great poem for Justin, may he rest in peace.