Anthony Rhoads

by lelakoopal

On November 15, 2008, my family and I attended the funeral of a four-year old baby boy named Hunter Anthony Rhoads.  His father works with my step father in law enforcement.  On November 6, 2008 Hunter had been at home with his twin brother, older sister, and mother while the father wasn't at work, but wasn't at home either.  After getting off of work either the day before or maybe even that day, he had put his revolver that he uses for work up in his closet "...where [he] didn't think a child could reach it..."  Apparently, a child could reach it, and Hunter Anthony Rhoads did, and shot himself in the head.  This is a very tragic story, and my prayers go out to the Rhoads family. 

Not too long before that, maybe four months, the same story happened except with a three-year old.  The sad thing is they both happened in the same general region...

So please- if you have guns in your house, or know someone who has guns in their house, use gun safety.  Always keep them locked up where nobody but you knows where they are.  Two deaths of innocent children could have been avoided.

**** I am not blaming the families in any way for what happened.  It was a tragic accident and nothing more.


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bajenaghe naghi

lelakoopal jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

that was a very sad story. the very worst type of story. yani death of a child. thank you for sharing it with us and thank you for the advise.