You say you want regime change?

You say you want regime change?
by Joubin

Sure, we can blame the tyrants du jour and their clever infantilization strategy, but then there is tomorrow to consider. So here is an Ahang from The Ahangaraan to drive the point home. 




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Correlation, not Causation

by Joubin on

Dear Amir Parviz,

I think some may find issue with the general statement that "We are becoming less decent human beings" but I am willing to go along with that.  We are however in full agreement regarding the true joys and pleasures of mortal life.  So let's call this the societal ethos of modern humanity.

The insight regarding the hard and socially accepted ceiling of ambition in a hierarchical society is an interesting thought and I certainly agree at a fundamental level.  But I would think we may differ in substance regarding this matter.

I subject lined this comment in line with the statistical reasoning underlying good science that says "correlation does not imply causation":

Here the two variables are (A) system of government and (B) societal ethos.   

In your formulation, the system of government informs societal ethos. Some would reasonably argue that it is the other way around.  From a materialistic point of view, both positions are defensible.  

I hold the view that they are merely orthogonal aspects of a more fundamental matter. And it is not to me surprising at all that a dualistic dialectic informs the debates of the rational-materialists regarding this matter (in that one hold A->B and the others B->A).  This phenomena is manifest wherever rational materialism is accepted as the fundamental informative context of reasoning, whether the totality/system under consideration is physics, or sociology.  Duality rules the mind of the materialist wherever the cognitive lens of the sentient is applied.  The most fundamental aspect of cognition is cleaving, or making complemenery distinction: True and False; Time-Space; Self-Other, etc. all the way to Wave-Particle. 

As you may have gathered, I most certainly do not subscribe to rational-materialism.  I make a distinction between cognition and Reality (with a capital R).

I hold that the Human is a spiritual being, first and foremost.  I believe in a Supreme Being that is One, Ever Present, Ever Near and I consider every Human to be an immortal subject being.  Naturally, I have noted the fact of my fellow hairy bipeds cranking around and thus further recognize that we are but a fragmented whole manifesting in the material plane.

Thus, in my view, per my understanding, a more fundamental variable, (U) understanding gives rise to both (A) & (B).  

So the causation, in my view, is the change in U, that preceded the accompanied upturning of established systems of government (A) and (re-)emergence of paganism in guise of (B) "rationalism".  

I for one do not need to have a robed fellow mortal hairy biped wearing bling and carrying a mace in his or her hand to understand the notion of limitation of ambition. After all, I willingly bend the knee before the Eternal King and any consideration that I would ever show to a mortal king is in direct proportion to that king's self abnegation before God.


My ethos are not subject to external conditions nor the fashion prevalent among my fellow bipeds.  I know I will have to answer for every action and every choice on that Day that is Certain.  And I have no reason to chastise a rational-materialist for chasing Pleasure.  After all, it is the rational thing to do! (And yes, some get pleasure from heaping riches, some from sensuality, and others crave acclaim.)

Monarchy is but a side-effect of the world view that informed the human society the moment mankind established the institution of Family and the governance of the ethos of choice and responsibility that underlies functional families as a consequence of having obtained a higher understanding that distinguishes the Human from uppity hairy biped the animal.  Those who do not respect Pedar va Madaar will respect no authority. And those who do, will function perfectly in groups, even if not headed by a "monarch".

(A) and (B) are but mirrors.

The late Shahanshah of Iran was a believer.  He understood the responsibility placed on his shoulders and acted per his God given capacity. He will answer for his choices but certainly not for his God given limitations.   

If it is not clear, let me make it clear: I do not believe in theological rule.

But a un-believing collective is only governable per rules of the biological anima. Thus, the modern society that is (very clearly) ruled from top according to the latest understanding of biology and psychology. (Everywhere, however well disguised.)  

(You speak of the German Gotha Queen of the English as if her reign and her family is a blessing for the English.  We disagree.  The English are treated like cattle and watched and surveilled to unbelievable degree, in the land of Magna Carta while the Vampires live and breed in the City.

The key is the Family.  The key is being Human and not animal.

& Salaam 



Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.



by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

We are becoming less decent human beings exercizing our conscience and more like robots by the rules and actions imposed on us by the untested & unproven systems of government that represent the majority of peoples votes.  The sad part is to be kind, caring and considerate you don't need wealth, power or prestige.  In a good way the monarchy teaches us they are the precious qualities that make life wonderful and free of so many problems and one does not need to be the king/queen.  So much comes from being kind, caring & considerate that we can all access while being powerless and unknown and these qualities really matters in life.  Democracy with out a monarchy is to compare a france with a uk or a sweden/norway with an italy.  The people in the monarchys, regardless of age of society have more of what is precious, because in a monarchy everyone is not chasing after being the king/the wealth the power or the prestige, the pm is the highest electable office ad the king/queen is effectively unattainable, yet all can start focussing on the real precious qualities that make life a joy to live for and cherish.  And wonderfully the monarchy becomes the institution that then in return defends that culture with grace and majesty.  The late shah really showed that he cared very deeply about the culture of iran above religions power in government and worked hard to repel the corruption that had settled into various institutions in the centuries before his rule. He helped steer Iran towards a healthier society for all.