Dissonance & Consonance


Dissonance & Consonance
by Joubin

The original title for this blog was Dactyloscopus Lunaticus et Sonare Persicum. I thought it fitting, given that ye old wikipedia says the former is "a species of Sand stargazer in the genus Dactyloscopus, but on further reflection (npi) I decided against it. For if we are to make light of "sand" creatures, surely is it not also fair to mention the propensity of the Persian for, er, lunacy?

There are various notes that I wish to hit here in concord. I shall be as 'subtle' as nature permits, so let the discerning read between the lines. Sheet music, this is. Ding, ding, dong. Verily!

So here is a charming recollection of the meeting between dear lovely Ludwig Van and Herr Goethe. My library is elsewhere so here I'll quote from an internet source:

"Beethoven was 42, Goethe 63, with the publication of the first part of Faust four years behind him. Of this meeting, the following vignette has come down to us. - As Beethoven and Goethe walked, some of the nobility passed with their entourage. Goethe politely stepped aside and bowed deferentially to the nobles - while Beethoven, in a typical gesture, strode almost defiantly right through their midst, with his hands behind his back and without acknowledging the presence of the nobles, who had no alternative but to give him clear passage. When Goethe asked Beethoven how he could so disrespectfully treat these nobles, the composer replied, again characteristically, There are countless 'nobles', but only two of us."

Take a bow, Herr Goethe of Faustian bargain fame. & Bang on, Ludwig Jaan. (Some peoples like to repeat themselves. For worse, or for the better.)

That said, allow me to introduce to you Her Imperial Highness Valentina Lisitsa. Muscle memory is clearly at play here, but there was an original script. A score, marked down furiously in the shimmering light of a candle (with garbage strewn all around) by a lone mad man of ill temper. So there, a guide; and there, a faithful disciple. And all the tautly stretched metal strings sat still, waiting their turn, to be hammered into singing their assigned tune. They're in a box, what choice do they have?

Dissonance and Concordance then shall be the title of this post.

Hush now, the angels are standing ranged, silent. HIM is about to play.

Let's listen:


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