The Truth About Iran's Policy Towards Israel


Jalil Bahar
by Jalil Bahar

The Bush administration (in particular) and more generally US administrations have been playing a two sided game with Iran's mullahs - that has been termed public enmity and prive amity.

In the case of Israel, the United States has realized that the Camp David accord solved the problem between Egypt and Israel - BUT - has in fact, in retrospect, provided Israel with no credible motivation to settle with its other neighbors and the palestinians - since (with Egypt neutralized) it isn't scared of anyone.

So Iran is being used as a local bully to scare off Israel ...into making peace. The Bush administration pretends to love Israel and support Israel, but is privately dealing with Mullahs to scare Israel ...and achieve other strategic aims too (such as obtain an excuse to place missiles on Russia's border, scare UAE into buying billions of dollars of arms, steal away oil from the Caspian Sea ....). The mullahs influence with Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria is all part of a grand scheme to influence Israel into coming to the table, scared and ready to negotiate.

The Mullahs in Iran have long had private relations with the US administration - dating back to secret deals between Reagan/Bush to keep the hostages at the US embassy to humiliate Carter, to Iran-Contra, to direct support for the Afghanistan Invasion, to .....

The Bush family hate the Jews. They were Nazi sympathizers before the second world war (and Grand daddy Bush actually helped finance Nazi Germany when he was a wall street banker). They are/were very close to many evangelist christrians and Nixon who it has now been revealed through the watergate tapes ...exchanged nasty comments about Jewish influence in the US, etc. ...

The Mullahs are playing a mean political hand pretending to hate the US, while privately serving US interests in the region. They are traitors - and are selling Iran out.

As you all know, the sanctions against Iran have no teeth. The US doubled its DIRECT exports to Iran during the Bush administration, Iran is doing Billions of Dollars of Business with Iraq. The enmity US is espousing has no real meaning or significance. Its all hollow.

The key with Politics is to focus on actions NOT rhetoric. In actions, the Mullahs have been doing and ARE doing exactly what the US needs them to do - to serve US interests.

The whole Idea with Israel is to get them to come to the negotiation table, like they did with Egypt ...scared. And Iran is being used to accomplish that.


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thats complete lies, name

by ... (not verified) on

thats complete lies, name the sources before you spew false information


Interesting, however....

by Ali Kuchulu (not verified) on

Jalil, you raise an interesting argument for Iranian-United States foreign relations that I alone would never have conceived. In terms of politics, especially politics in the Middle East, it is always important to look at both sides of an issue in order to gather a true understanding of it. Your view on Iran's real policy towards Israel and American involvement is strikingly interesting and has offered for me the other side of the coin from which to view the issue.

Some of the points you raise, such as George W. Bush's grandfather supporting Nazi Germany, Nixon's loathing of the Jewish influence in the U.S., and the doubling of American exporting to Iran, all leave me questioning the legitimacy of what we actually hear in the media, whether it be the Western media or even Iranian media.

I have one question for you though. As interesting as your points are, I see no citation of sources from where you acquired your information. Your points have tickled my curiosity, and as such, I would like to know where you found your information on the subject. Was it online? If so, links would be duly appreciated. Was it in a book? The title of the book would also be most appreciated.

Thank you, Jalil, for writing your thoughts on the matter, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

- Ali