Iran Under Siege


Jalil Bahar
by Jalil Bahar

Iran is under siege from virtually every corner – inside and out! There has been so much repression, so much corruption, so much mismanagement – that many Iranians are now turning to outside forces to free themselves from this brutal regime. New groups of rebels, renegades and separatists are drawing ever greater numbers under the guise of freedom fighters.

There are “Freedom Fighters” in Balochestan, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, and Khuzestan …to name just a few. And each group is vying for an independent state.

There have always been rumblings among various ‘tribal’ groups within Iran, but nothing has been quite so organized as it is today.

The Balochi Freedom Fighters, call themselves Jindollah; and appear to be based within the border area of Afghanistan and Pakistan, near the Iranian city of Zahedan. Last month they released a series on Youtube files (see attached links) claiming they had caught Iranian spies that they planned to execute, and some additional footage of a training camp with Israeli “Galil” style machine guns and Toyota pick up trucks. Given the number of “Coalition” armies in Afghanistan, and Pakistan’s active cooperation with the United States, it is very hard to imagine that a group of armed men could be active in Afghanistan or Pakistan – without direct knowledge and likely support of the United States and its allies.



Then there are “Southern Azerbaijani” freedom fighters, they call themselves “SANAM” and appear to be based in Baku (Azerbaijan) with an active radio station (VOSA) beaming out of Israel. As we all know, Azerbaijan has become a puppet Western state – being milked for its oil by the West. Israel, has active commercial and military engagements with Azerbaijan (And Georgia by the way), and has won several major oil field service contracts. Again it is very hard to imagine that a group could be active, operate an office building in downtown Baku, and operate a radio station without direct knowledge and likely support of the United States. Last December, their headquarters was mysteriously set on fire!




Then there are the Kurds….American and Israeli ‘darlings’ or ‘poodles’ in the liberation of Eyerak (Iraq). “Kurdistan is the most stable part of Eyerak” – is what the ‘Coalition’ forces leadership claim. Yet, there appear to be over 20 Kurdish organizations (see // with well funded activities promoting Kurdish independence in Iran. Needless to say, they have substantial resources with radio and television stations, and offices in every major western capital.

And then there are Iranian-Arabs in Khuzestan also demanding their freedom for a nation they call “Al Ahwaz” – with a radio station sited in the Balkans! See //! It’s a fascinating depiction of their goals (including a map of what they are claiming).

I could go on and on – BUT – what I find really strange is that on the one hand it is clear that successive American and British governments have maintained ‘tight’ (back room) links with the Mullahs in Iran; and then on the other hand they seem to be funding ‘freedom fighters’ to break up the country and destabilize Iran…and the Mullahs.

To quote a famous line from old Western (cowboy) movies, from the mouth of “red Indian” leaders which are constantly defeated in the movies (with their land taken away from them): “white man speaks with forked tongue”!

The Shah who was a US servant, was toppled by the same people he served (the west). The Mullahs that are now serving US interests (by letting them siphon off Iranian oil from the Caspian, having killed over 300,000 communists in the first 10 years of their regime, and most recently provided full military support (men and hardware) for the invasion of Afghanistan …) are being undermined by the same people masters they serve.

Would so many ‘liberation movements’ have emerged if the Mullahs were less oppressive and Iran was a real democracy? Are these movements an expression of anger to the brutal theocracy imposed on Iranians?

The same forces financing Jindullah, SAMAN, Al Ahwaz, Kurdistan etc. are also paying handsome money to over 20 Iranian TV and radio stations beaming into Iran on a 24 hour basis.

So there is a final question, as we try to topple the Theocracy in Iran: Will this process create instability to the point where these separatists emerge (during a power vacuum) and break up the country during an upheaval? Will the fight for democracy in Iran end up compromising Iranian territorial integrity?

The Mullahs have a great deal to be paranoid about!!


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Devil's Advocate

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Assuming that everything you say about Israel's support of sepratist groups is correct, how is that any different from Iran's financial and military support of Hamas and Hezbullah, two organizations that are determined to destroy Israel? Didn't Iran start this game first? Isn't it Iran's fault?

Instead of blaming others we should look inside. Iran's government has no concern whatsoever about Iran's territorial integrity. Otherwise, it wouldn't play a dangerous game that may result in the disintegeration of Iran alltogether in exchange for the dubious return of "spreading its influence in the region" and / or in exchange for the ideological reward of becoming the standard bearer of the Arab Palestinian cause.


A very intelligent look

by Mehdi on

Unfortunately for Iran, the so-called opposition or even intellectuals are so obsessed with "removal of IRI" or some such goal that they don't seem to hear or see the facts in front of them anymore. We see Rashidian here, for example, who like a tape recorder can only utter one sentence: "IRI must go." By that he means "by any means, be it Israel bombing them or US annexing it, whatever." Almost all those who cry about IRI's repressive attitude are exclusively interested in power - no interest in Iran, really. What happened to decency and honesty? Is there no real human out there?

It is in this light that I usually find myself defending the IRI. And believe me, I find it very odd, having lived in the US for the past twenty years and never gone back! But when I look at all these wolves ready to pounce, I figure the damage from IRI is by far the least! In fact I have never heard of any report of repression by IRI except from groups such as MEK and a few who were caught in the crossfire. Even according to the propaganda by such groups, having IRI continue and slowly reform (inevitable evolution) is still by far a better answer than any other "solution." So while people like Rashidian burn in hatred for IRI, the fact is that the IRI is the most valid hope Iran has right now. And that's a huge disgrace for all those who call themselves opposition! You can justify it all you want but who cares about that? I am sure that IRI also has a huge pile of justifications.



by maziar 58 (not verified) on

hopefully we'll see free Iran again.


Arash Monzavi-Kia

Real threat, real problem

by Arash Monzavi-Kia on

Dear Mr. Bahar,

Thanks for sharing your well researched and nicely written piece. Although I do not share your view about the successive Iranian governments simply being the servant of this or the other super power, your key point about the looming danger to Iran’s sovereignty is accurate.

The current political calculus of the Iranian plateau is mostly influenced by three violent rivalries. First and foremost are the Arab-Israeli conflict, then the Islamist-US fight and finally the West-Russia struggle. The Islamic government in Tehran has set itself at the nexus of all three struggles, while oppressing the Iranian populace to a shameless servitude. The stated official policies of Tehran, “down with America” and “down with Israel”, and their relentless support of Hezbollah and Hamas, make them a dangerous threat to the West. Their support of Islamists in the former Soviet republics alerts Moscow; and their brand of non-tolerant and oppressive Islam disgust the rest of the world. In short, the crazy mullahs and their rabid dogs (the Hezbollah), have made enemies of almost everyone! You are again right that the Iranian people are poor unfortunate hostages at the hands of those fanatical maniacs, who brainwash, force and beat them into ignorance and/or submission.  However, the internal politics of Iran and the generational demographics make imminent upheavals quite possible. Again, as you correctly point out, those changes will release the ethnic and regional autonomists, who have always (e.g. 1st world war, 2nd world war, Islamic revolution) been activated during the times of trouble. In the past, the fierce rivalry between the East and the West, (Russia vs. England and later Soviets vs. USA), has always made a compromise position on Iran’s integrity an inevitable necessity. Unfortunately, this time around, with the West truly worried of the strength and ambitions of a crazy government in Tehran, all the cards are on table. A break up similar to the Soviet Union, or a federal/feudal system like Iraq or Afghanistan, are real threats to our people’s future.

Arash M-K


The solution is to close the British embassy by force

by Amir Kabir in Fin, waiting for the British razor shave (not verified) on

Close study of Iran's history will prove that it was the British and their spymaster "Monty" Woodhouse who convinced naive and isolationist American politicians to drop their sympathy for Mossadegh and follow the path that they (the British) successfully followed in the Middle East and beyond for two centuries. America was a mere hired muscle for Britain. Just like in WWII when Germans came to their back door; Britain pulled America into the war.

So in the real sense of the word, Kim Roosevelt and CIA agents were nothing more than field operators in the hands of British masterminds. When Mossadegh cut Britain's hands from Iran's oil industry, America was the only ally that could help London achieve and execute its conspiracy plan. Who better than a trusted grandson of an American president who wanted to make a name for himself?

What happens today is a continuation of the British plan, designed more than 175 years ago, no more and no less. The only difference is the China factor and their potential influence in Iran and that was substantially resolved by occupation of Afghanistan -the corridor between Iran and China.

The voices of separatists are not a random act of freedom fighters. They are rather entirely the bargaining chips for the American and the British to force Iran to submission for Caspian Sea's long term oil and gas contracts.

For the British and American Iran at the presence boundaries are perfectly fine but as long as long-term oil contracts are signed and accepted by IRI. More than 90% of the IRI leaders are protected by the British Embassy and a guarantee of an escape route in case of a political turmoil. For the Iranians, to fall into the trap of "separatists" is a deadly mistake as they will all be exposed by the very same British and Americans whom are supporting them!

The solution for the brave Iranians would be to substantially damage the British interest in Iran and eventually force them to leave our land. The British departure would automatically mean IRI demise, be it done by the Chinese help or whatever, but for as long as the British Embassy and other whore houses operated by the British remains open in Iran, the voice of the Iranians will be silenced.

Close the British Embassy and free Iran.

دو قرن است که دولت انگلیس عرصه را به ملت ایران تنگ کرده است. فواحش وطن فروش بساز و بفروش و جیره خوار انگلیس مادر خود را و مام میهن را برای چند هزار دلار به انگلیس فروخته اند.

ملت ایران باید بیاموزد که تنها راه چاره، اخراج تمام اتباع جیره خوار انگلیس، صیغه کردن اولاد مونث آنها و بستن سفارت فاسد و شیره کش خانه های آنها که تحت عنوان کنسولگری در سایر شهرها به پخش هروئین، تریاک وشیره مشغول هستند.

مرگ بر انگلیس خمینی پرور
مرگ بر انگلیس که مارا با آمریکا دشمن کرد
مرگ بر انگلیس که مارا با اسرائیل دشمن کرد

سفارت انگلیس را باید بست


The Shah , a US servant ?

by Reza K. (not verified) on

You got rid of the servant for us, and brought us the angel. Thank You!
Now what the hell are YOU doing in the US??
They kept feeding our people garbage like that, and they fell for it.

29 years later, we know he was no damn servant.
Servants were those who conspire to topple him.

Last generation swallowed your crap one, Mr Bahar ; this generation doesn't.

Good Day!

Jalil Bahar

Excellent Comment

by Jalil Bahar on

I really like your comment - the IRI is a separatist entity from Iranians!


Jahanshah Rashidian

IRI is separatist

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

As you rightfully alluded, "separatist" movements are political by-products of a regime which does not represent the unity of country. --When occupying Mullahs reign the country, why Kurds, Turks, Arabs... should feel a part of the occupied country? Was it the feeling different in the history of Iran?

Furthermore, nothing should divert Iranians from "toppling " this regime, not a risk of "territorial integrity." Because under the plague of the IRI, the risk of territorial division is bigger. Psychologically, most Iranians feel like "separated" from this occupying regime or in other words, the IRI is a separatist entity from Iranians.