Who will represent the other 72% of Iran's population?

by iranvatan

Mujahedins have Rajavi - 2% of Iran's population

Monarchists have Pahlavi - 1 % of Iran's population

Islamic Fascists have Khamenei - 10% of Iran's population

Islamic Reformers have Moussavi/Karoubi - 15% of Iran's population

What kind of a leader can represent the other 72% of Iran's population?

Who will represent the other 72% of Iran's population? I am in that 72%.

The condition in current Iran:

You are either rich or you are poor.

You either have money or you have yourself to sell.

You either die happy or you die a painful life.

No middle class, the workers class is vanished...it is two classes Rich and Poor.

Unemployment at double digit somewhere in 30% and inflation is crushing every household.

However; Iranians as always trying to negotiate their way through this crisis,

But there is NO Negotiation with TERRORISTS. Either rise now and fight for your dignity and pride or take the beating and humiliation for more days to come.

No to Rajavi - Mujaheddin Khalgh

No to Moussavi - Islamic Reformist

No to Khamenei - Islamic Fascist

No to Pahlavi - Monarchist

Yes to Nationalism, Yes to Iran, Yes to Iranian People

We don't want any foreign intervention, foreign interference and traitors and puppets as leaders. NO MORE...NEXT LEADER must be Iranians, selected by Iranian people under a Constitution written by Iranians, in the name of Iran and Iranian people.

Nationalism is the solution and pride and solidarity is the ammunition against Fascist Islamist.

Respect and tolerance, unity and solidarity is our definition of a Nationalist Iran. Everyone in Iran is Iranian and ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation don't matter since when we are together as one nation we will accomplish everything


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So you made the numbers up?

by Reality-Bites on

I understand the crux of your point (i.e. having an alternative to what Iran has had before), but you used very specific numbers in your piece, including the title, as if this was factual. But it isn't.

Why this matters (aside from importance of accuracy and being factual) is that by continually claiming that "we" want or don't want this or "we" want or don't want that in your posts, you are using these numbers to support your points and inferring that you are speaking for the majority of Iranians, when it is clear that you are not.

Aside from my anecdotal evidence, I don't know how many Iranians like/dislike the IR or the monarchy or the MKO or anyone else, so I'm not going to make up arbitrary percentages and pretend they are factual, and neither should you.



by Truthseeker9 on

I understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately many brains are wired to think there are no alternatives other than going back to the past. Just turn the clock back and everything will be OK. Unfortunately the old saying  "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" comes to mind. The future will hopefully be sorted by the younger generation who want to start with a clean slate.


Iranvatan: Old School is

by alimostofi on

Iranvatan: Old School is what you used. It tends to mean folks like me.

Now let me give you a serious question. Do you put Iran first or democracy?

Warning: I am an old dog at this and you will learn not to criticize Monarchists or the Royal Institution after I am finished.

Are you ready. Now answer the question.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi



by iranvatan on

I am not your enemy..I am not sure why you make threats and are beligerent my hamvatan aziz


what kind of a language is this "We "Old School" have kept it alive for 33 years. Do you really want to take me on?"

The OLD SCHOOL is dead we don't want MONARCHY..we don't want it point blank..we don't want Mujahedin or Islamic Fascist...


You guys had your chance now let someone else do it


and don't threat people..threatning is illegal and you can get criminaly charged..that was just an advise 


One Iran for all Iranians


Iranvatan: Iran is not

by alimostofi on

Iranvatan: Iran is not lost

We "Old School" have kept it alive for 33 years. Do you really want to take me on?

Step up.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


Numbers don't count - Reality counts

by iranvatan on

Wher do te numbers come from, from reality from facts..from you

What does it matter?


we don't want RAJAVI, we don't want Pahlavi and we don't want Islamic Fascists or IOslamic Reformers...

We want an Iranian why is it so hard to understand and grasp...

 why is it Brazilians did it with Lulu or Indians did it with Singh


why can't we do it


Give someone else a chance who is one of you...stop believing in DAMN lies and fairy tails...from teh stories of Kings and Kingdoms...


Iran is destroyed,,Iran is Lost ...we have lost what we had...


We need to get it back and get it back soon 

One Iran for all Iranians


We all stand on the same carpet - A Persian Carpet.

by alimostofi on

Please look at all this from a cultural perspective. 100 per cent of Iran is united for Iranian culture. Enough about politics and religion. We only love Iran. No one will like politics no matter what you say about human rights and democracy. No body will like religion no matter what you say about God. Please will listen to you only if you talk about Iran. Once we have Iran back we will all stand on a common Persian carpet. That is our culture. It is the best. We can vote and pray on our own carpet.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi



by alimostofi on


FB: astrologer.alimostofi


Like someone else already asked...

by Reality-Bites on

Where did you come up with these percentages?


Great Analysis, IranVatan!

by P_J on

I could not agree with you more!   Your accounting is right on the spot. 


I disagree with you whole heartedly!   Even considering the 1% popularity for RP is being extremely generous.   What you have been witnessing, on this site, is made of a group of paid professional Pahlavi hustlers.   This crowd does not represent the accurate account of his popularity, either inside or out!

Most Iranians, especially the NEW generation does not even know who he is, or anything else, although they are quite familiar with the toxic last name of Pahlavi.


In the Name of Iran and Iranian people

by iranvatan on

NOt in the name of anyone politicakl affiliation or leaders...They all can GO To HELL since they created the HELL

Only in the name of Iran and Iranian people

No foreigners or foreign intervention they can go to HELL as well.

 we will never ever sell Iran natural resources to anyone... 

One Iran for all Iranians


Knowledge is power..Iran is the next powerhouse in Middle East

by iranvatan on

For centuries we have been deprived of that propserity and growth

 Due to our ability to understand politoc and be able to speak for ourselves. 

You see we are a sentimental, religiuos and traditional people. And given our long history we have high tolerance to oppression and abuse.


We trusted leaders who never ever cared about Iran or Iranians. Either puppets to the West or puppets the Religion.


My God is Iran and my relion is Iranian people.

One nation, one flag and One Iran.


Monarchy, Islamist, Mujahedin, Tudehi, you all had your chance and you messed up., You sold, your stole, you murdered and you betrayed Iran and Iranian people.


It is over for you guys.


Iranian the 72% are the NATIONALISTS who love Iran and will die for Iran. You are either with us or you are our enemy.


Iran 72% includes:

Iran Etnic Minorities, Iran Religiuos Minorities, Women, Workers, Old and Youn, Rich and Poor...They are ALL Iranians..


They don't care about name or symbols and titles..


They only care about one thing Iran and Iranians. 

One Iran for all Iranians


where did you get these figures???

by shushtari on

there's no way MEK has 2% and pahlavi has 1%

I can guarantee you if you take a pool in iran today, 90% of the people you were alive in 1979 pray to go back to those days!

I'm not a monarchist by any means- but, reza pahlavi has a LOT, LOT more support than you claim 

Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

I Agree with you 100%.


72 is an Islamic #! It represents...


Hossein, Abbass, Abolfazl, and the rest of the gang who attacked Yazeed's army of 10000 and got wasted in Kirbala. 

Sholom for Shah of Iran.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

What organization took these polls, and got these numbers?

(Or is this just a subjective wild guess, based on  the population that is made up of your friends and relatives?)



by hirre on

One of the biggest nationalists was Reza Shah, he overthrew the old monarchy, centralized Iran's power and finally united Iran. If he wouldn't have done that Iran would have been divided into several pieces... I'm telling you this because it's a historical fact and I'm not even a monarchist or like them that much either... After Reza Shah we have another nationalist, Mosadeq... And so on...

Just because you are a nationalist doesn't mean you have to be in a certain way (which I imagine you have created a stereotype for). It's what good you do for Iran that counts, not just empty words without facts backing them up.

Guess what, the other 72% consist of: poor people, middle class people, rich people, religious people, non-religious people, bad people, good people and so on... One nationalistic solution will definately guarantee that the 72% will be split into several fractions... The only solution is to have a democratic platform where everybody can be heard, even the other 28%...


"FG" I disagree

by iranvatan on

I represent the 72%


No we don't want Foreigners or Foreign intervention, yes you heard that right

Iran was never ruled by a nationalist as a matter fact for the past 400 years we have had puppets ruling Iran

Nationalism will unite all Iranians who love Iran and will fight under one flag No symbols attached except the name Iran.

Iranian people will finally realize how wonderful, smart and proud they are and we will regain that confident we had and will come back.

Yes to Iran NO to PUPPETS 

One Iran for all Iranians


re: We don't want any foreign intervention

by FG on

Who is "we?"  Do you think you really speak for all Iranians though I'd imagine most of them are fed up with regimes that rely on nationalism having already endured 33 years of the same? Why would they want more?


I suspect, as in Libya and Syria, you won't get foregin intervention UNLESS YOU REQUEST IT (to circumvent tanks, artillery and especially helicopter gunships after experiencing them first hand).   Even then, sometimes the request is not answered to the degree desired (See Syria).

Basically, you are saying that you'd prefer a much longer war, far more deaths and injuries, and far more destruction of property and the economy rather than ask for or accept such aid.  Even if you fall to your knees and beg, you won't get ground troops except perhaps small numbers of special forces.

Extreme nationalism ia old hat and opens the door for fascism of which it is THEcentral characteristic and is always accompanied by the dishonest promotion of emotional Xenophobia.  There are better things to rally around ....like democracy, human rights, separation of church and state, economic progrss etc.   Iranians don't need a plague as solution.

How many European countries play promote nationalism today?  Alas in the current economic crisis, as in the Great Depression, right wing parties of the sort you advocate our rearing their ugly and divisive heads.  Is that a good thing for Europe?  The answer is self-evident.  So why would it be any better for Iran?


Iran has substantial minorities who will RIGHTLY see any emphasis on excessive nationalism or the promotion of xenophoia as a threat. After recent persecution by the regime, they will ponder whether it is safer to remain or leave based on potential advantages or disadvantages.  

When Samual Johnson said, "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" he wasn't referring to the mild national pride but to exactly the kind of pumped-up natinalism you see as a solution to Iran's problems.  Any unifying upside is countered by an equal and opposite force on the downside.  Basically, nationalism when used as ideology is just as dangerous as other "isms."

I liked the rest of the article until I got to this stuff near the buttom.  

Learn from countries that succeed, not those who fail or are failing (Putin's Russia where the motives for doing so are, as usual, to rally folks blindly around the regime, as distinct from the nation.   Notice how one effect is to make Russia a near pariah and isolate it.  

Nationalism may unify some people around a regime and it drives many others away because it implictly threatens them, especially miinorities.  You can't blame the latter and post-IRI is not to time to scare them.