It is happening - we are becoming Yugoslavia

by iranvatan

Now the enemies of Iran and Iranian people have spoken and trying to cause war and civil war. It is our fault we let them. We let this Fascist Islamic Regime tear the country apart and make it vulnerable to the enemies of our state


There is this petition out there against another stupid and ignorant congressman. Why is that most DUMB ASS congress man and women who s
ay the most dumbest shit have German last names?Like congress women Schmidt or congress women "Bachman" and now this idiot Rohrbacher.

Despite I signed it I am not worried about it.

First of all if any Azeri asshole or any asshole Iranian wants to sell their identity and become someone else. Let them be, it is a free world. There are many traitors out there I am sure there are some Azeri traitors or some Tehrani traitors.

But the land stays they can flee to their country Turkey or northern Azerbiajan in Soviet Union but without Iran.


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