Iran Go on Strike Mordad 29, 1391

by iranvatan

If we go on Strike now in a show of unity we will cripple this regime...

This regime is on a verge of collapse. They have nothing and no one to back them up except China and Russia but they are also busy with their own issues.

If Iran and Iranians decide to go on STRIKE now this regime will be collapsing in months.

4 weeks of Strike will destroy this regime.

You don't need to announce it just take a vacation or call sick....

The strike will prevent yu from been arrested, shot by these Islamic Fascist THUGS and Terrorists. 

Let us go on Strike on Mordad 29, 1391 


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Sorry BUT

by JustAnIranian on

I doubt this will  happen. Iranian workersdont have the financial buffer they had during the Shah and they don't have a leader.

The people who do have money are not employees.  


Not a bad idea...

by FG on

Would it be more effective after Assad falls or the sanctions get a little more bite or the currency reaches a new low? 

I suspect the regime will smash up some shops when you do.  It's standard practice.  

I also think getting government workers to do so could be as problem because they fear for job security.   Have they been getting paid?

Whatever happens Iranians must avoid the Big Mistakes of 2009 which I've pointed out often enough.