Naked Iranians


Naked Iranians
by ILoveIran

Naked Iranians – all civilians – lying dead in the street with their clothes and limbs torn off from the suicide blasts: News outlets everywhere say that Israel and US have done this and released CIA memos and former CIA officers confirm it. 


And then you sit by and let the Israelis and U.S. carry on about “Neda” and “human rights”?  Does that make any sense?


Does it make sense for the Israelis and U.S. to complain about “Islamists” and the “Mullah terror regime” … and their usual slogans on blogs like this? 


In case the significance of the facts is lost on you: Both Israel and the U.S. support Jundallah, which is a militant Wahabbi Islamic suicide-bombing cult. (Notice the word, "Islamic.")


And when Iran catches these bad guys (or if someone is incorrectly or mistakenly arrested which sometimes happens) is it right to cry “human rights violations” without tracing the chain of events that led up to the arrests and not vocally condemning Israel and the U.S.? 




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Mohammad Ala, on the personal attacks,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

that is what hapens when you openly expose and shine a light on the nasty side of the character/the dark side Iranians residing in the USA/Canada have, this is a defense mechanism, when being open and vulnerable and open to change is what will serve them.  The article has deep truths in it, though it misses the mark when it indirectly supports the IRI, INSTEAD OF getting people to realize that the IRI and the west are both harmful to Iran and the people of Iran need to remove the IRI. IRI and religion do not represent the culture of Iran.  Religion that seeks power is corrupt and disfunctional by definition.


ILoveIran, we all know you are partially right

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The USA & Israel want nothing good for Iran, support extremists, and brought Khomeini and IRI, we Iranians do have a big problem and that is that the ISA/Israel use war to make money and love extremists, many in the USA are pushing for a war with Iran, to profit and devastate Iran.  Yet human rights and Neda, which western democracies never cared for anywhere in the world, matter and we want a Government that serves the people of Iran, even if it was 1/10 as good as the late shahs government we would be thrilled.  Do not diminish the death and torture of tens of thousands of Iranians by the mullahs, We Iranians without US support need to find a solution ourselves to bring down the IRI and serve Iran like the late Shahs team did in a secular way.Mullahs are not on Irans side, nor are they patriotic like the Pahlavi Kings, so as Iranians we should not be on their side.  Thet already gave away all our rights and resources to others and human rights are being massively abused, the extremist system that can produce no good for Iran does not need our support, we need to be clear o that, the same way you are aware of the ills of the USA/Western democracies towards Iran under the cover of being pro democracy and supporting and wanting extremists in practice.  Dr as you seek to raise others awareness, be aware that a system which performs so poorly in comparison to both freedom, human rights and independence compared with how the late shahs team did perform can not expect to keep iranians backwards and have our lasting support.


The Misbehavior

by ILoveIran on

1.  One this site at least half a dozen people have coordinated together to threaten violence, slander, attempt to invade privacy, and intimidate others.

2.  I have no issues pointing out that retired CIA officers, de-classifed State Department memos (and independent journalists) confirm that Israel employs Jundallah, a suicide bombing cult that has detonated bombs among Iranian civilians in public places, and has kidnapped and beheaded people for ransoms. 

Who are the people that don't want those facts told?   

Mohammad Ala

Personal attacks. Sad.

by Mohammad Ala on

I do not understand the personal attacks by calling someone Boy or similar terms if you disagree with him.  There have been many jabs thrown at each other which are not productive.

Those who live in the West (USA and Canada) are more viciously attacking other members.  Sad 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on


If I were you

I would abandon medical practice and go fight Israelis ....just like El che.



Israeli Style "Democracy" ... Iran: "No Thanks"

by ILoveIran on

"Democracy" in Israel means turning the Black Ethiopian Jews into slaves and racial subordinates and making them live in segregated neighborhoods, while the Palestinians are crushed for 60 years under an apartheid regime that has no historical parallel.  Gaza is nothing more than an open-air concentration camp.  And of course, this same "democratic" Israel wants to influence Iran's system of government by supporting the Rajavi cult and by 'mass starvation of Iranians from a blockade' and by cooperating with Jundallah (Al-Qaeda affiliates).  


iraj khan


by iraj khan on

some one mentioned the criminal racist regime of Israel is democratic?

In my opinion Israeli system is closer to Nazi Germany. This is what media reported about Israel's actions against U.N. Human Rights Council today:

Israel suspends ties with U.N. Human Rights Council

"Jerusalem (CNN) -- Israel has decided to suspend all working ties with the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, and will not cooperate with the council's plans for an investigation of Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories, Israel's foreign ministry spokesman told CNN Monday"



Nice to know ...

by ILoveIran on

Of course we know what it means when someone comes along and writes "Long Live Israel" / "Viva Israel" under videos where former CIA officials, independent journalists, and declassified State Department documents admit Israel and the U.S. hire Al-Qaeda types to set of suicide bombs among civilians in public places in Iran.


Viva Israel

by divaneh on

Good one Israel, idiots are there to be used. Wish you success with your building projects. the more citizens a democracy have, the better.


In-between legs

by ILoveIran on

There is a joke in there somewhere: Though not in my practice, at least on I am forced to check in-between some peoples' legs. 

You wouldn't want to know what I have found.  

Oon Yaroo

Faramarz I think our Doc is a gynecologist not cardiac surgeon!

by Oon Yaroo on

He keeps drawing sexually arousing images like for example BiBi kissing Maryam Rajavi and Sad'dam dancing with Rumsfeld, and now this Ménage à trois!


What does Mahmoud Abbas have to do with Israeli acts of terror

by ILoveIran on

What does Mahmoud Abbas have to do with Israeli acts of terror against Iran, like sending Jundallah suicide bombers to set-off explosives in public places and kill civilians? 



by Faramarz on

One of the things that truly burns the Basiji and the pro-Regime crowd here is that the Palestinian people actually have a democratically-elected leader named Mahmoud Abbas that is pursuing peace with Israel and also despises the Islamic Republic and refuses to be associated with the Regime and Khamenei.

Good for him and good for the Palestinians.


Netanyahu / Maryam Rajavi / Jundallah: Ménage à trois

by ILoveIran on

Of course we know what it means when someone comes along and writes "Long Live Israel" under videos where former CIA officials, independent journalists, and declassified State Department documents admit Israel and the U.S. hire Al-Qaeda types to set of suicide bombs among civilians in public places in Iran.  

Oon Yaroo

Doctor Jaan, when do you get the time to take care of your

by Oon Yaroo on

patients when you nonstop post stuff here...!

All the photoshoping you do would take me years to do...!

I mean when was the last time you performed any surgery? Have you cut anything open in the past 24 hours?


Long live Israel

by RostamZ on

Israel is the only country that figured out what Islamist all about and they are the only one that are standing to the IRI thugs. So, stay alert and careful. Make sure you double check your shadow you IRI agents.


RG is right

by Cost-of-Progress on

this does look like our own sargord dirooz resurrected as a doctor.

He was a chomsky fan too.....


Naked Iranian Men

by ILoveIran on

Then you will pleased to learn that many (most?) of the profiles claiming to be Iranian here are actually Israelis and their surrogates.  

But the naked men, women and children referenced in the story resulted from the suicide bombers sent into Iran by the US and Israeli governments.  


Iranian women YES Iranian men NO

by NicholasRowe on

Nothing is more disgusting than a naked Iranian man. Sorry dudes.


VOA / Parazit should report this.

by ILoveIran on



Israel's 60-year pattern of terror destabilizes the region

by ILoveIran on

And since at least the Iraq/Iran war Israel has extended that pattern to Iranians, as well as its long time abuse of Palestinians.

Here we see them sending Al-Qaeda suicide type bombers to Iran.


The regime in Tehran would

by مآمور on

The regime in Tehran would not be any more desperate than the cows in Israel!!

I wear an Omega watch


Doctor joon

by Cost-of-Progress on

When do you have time to "practice"? Two weeks a member and you are breaking the record for posting pro- IRI propaganda.

The regime is that desperate, ha?