Israeli War Posturing versus Reality


by ILoveIran

Israel is used to fighting Palestinian women and children, and tiny militias. Israel lost the Lebanon war several years ago to a small militia and had to retreat with its tail between its legs with at least 50 of its tanks destroyed only a few kilometers from its border, and hundreds of soldiers were sent home in body bags.  Israel tries to enhance its military reputation by attacking Palestinian farmers and bombing the world's largest open air concentration camp called 'Gaza.'  It's like shooting fish in a bowl of water: it isn't strength or bravery; it's propaganda and genocide to cover-up 60 years of apartheid.   

Iran is a nation of 85,000,000; with 220,000,000 Persian speakers worldwide, and tens of millions of non-Iranian supporters.  Iran's military influence spans from the borders of China to the Mediterranean.   In the court of world opinion, Israel is an isolated pariah state.  Even in the U.S., people are speaking out about the shameless and dishonest tactics of Israel.  It's not uncommon these days for retired CIA officers to condemn Israel and call for lessening U.S. support.     

Iran has a massive number of highly trained brigades of specialized battalions and sub units of special combat forces that make Israel's military look like wimpy boy scouts with anger management problems.  Iran’s soldiers are fiercely loyal, courageous, capable, highly trained and unafraid to sacrifice in defense of Iran.  Iranians have a collective memory that spans thousands of years: One Israeli miscalculation and they will pay an eternity for their foolishness. 

The Israeli influenced media simply wants to terrorize regular Iranian families with its constant war talk, defamation of Iranians, war propaganda, and economic penalties that only bring hardship to regular families.  Israel also seeks to draw other larger powers into conflict with Iran because of its cowardice and weaknesses. Israeli cowards are scampering to team up with whomever they can: And it's a sure sign of desperation when Israelis have to ally with a 60-year old Maryam Rajavi and a handful of brainwashed and untrained imbeciles who couldn’t even give Saddam anything of value.

What you see in the media is the Israeli bully who is used to fighting Palestinian women, children, and tiny militias. The Israeli bully is effectively admitting that Iran is too strong for it.  "Come help us America," we hear over and over again in the subtext of Israel's war propaganda.      

For the first time, Iranian families know what it is like to be subject to the same Israeli propaganda machine that has terrorized Palestinian families: That bullshit isn't aimed at Iranian soldiers because they are unafraid.  Israel only knows how to terrorize the simple people to exert pressure: How many more 'Shahs of Sunset' and conferences with Maryam Rajavi can they parade in the media?  It's actually becoming comedic.  

Let the Zionist/MEK dog bark all it wants.

Sleep Kurosh: Your native sons will defend your sacred land.   

Justice for Palestine.

Justice for Ethiopian Jews who are subject to Israeli racism.

Justice for Armenians living in the Holy Land.   


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mr ferdosi: I volunteer to run your site's lonely heart section

by mousa67 on

There I'll give you all the tender love and care you need. I'll tell you about the precise location of mossad HQ. I'd even be happy to give you a guided tour of the place, if you wish. Just let me know, I am at your service.

Shahab Ferdowsi

حکایت پشت کوه

Shahab Ferdowsi

These folks must think the rest of us "just emerged from behind the mountains".

ّFunny you should say that. I am told that the central headquarters of MOSSAD is in Haifa on Mt Carmel and just behind the house of Abbas Effendi. So, to answer your question, yes, the rest of you (meaning, the IC cabal) emerged from behind a mountain indeed.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

well said indeed.

BTW  liked your English version of :AZ poshte kooh...



He's not blocked

by Cost-of-Progress on

his "IlovePalestine" username is. He's around, can't you tell.

These folks must think the rest of us "just emerged from behind the mountains".

Calling everyone zionist this and zionist that does not give credibility to your anti iranian stance even though you may believe that you are a patriot (delusional, indeed).

A patriot does not support the anti nationalist rgeim of the unelected clergy.

By the way, those who want to start their own website need not worry, or bother. There are planty of islamist sites in which you'd feel right at home.

Now, be gone. 

Shahab Ferdowsi

And good luck with your upcoming media campaign

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

Sooner or later you will either run out of money or people will simply get sick of your agenda and clue in to what you Baha'o-Fascist thieves are really all about.


Good luck with your new site

by Reality-Bites on

And good riddance. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Interesting though that if IC is supposed to be such a "Neo-con/Zionist" and "political thuggery" (the irony) nest, you lot keep coming back under different usernames to recycle the same old bitter messages of hate.

Chances are even if your "site" gets off the ground, you'll come back here again and again (under different usernames - of course) because, being so desperate for attention as you are, the one thing you fear more than anything is being ignored.

You truly deserve your own website.


mr shahab ferdosi: I third the motion.

by mousa67 on

I look forward to joining your new site and commenting there.

Thank you.

Shahab Ferdowsi

I second the motion. Time for a new site

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

And one which the Zionist/Neo-Con lobbyists, the US military and their friends cannot control and cannot censor. In short we need a site with solid safeguards from the cultural lumpenism and political thuggery of this one.



by hirre on

The majority of the people on this site dream of one day going back to a free democratic Iran that doesn't support terrorism and supports its own culture and at the same time denounces fundamentalistic islamic views. Naturally those who want to use this forum to talk about the palestinian problem will after a while start hating israelis (or even jews) and therefore directly/indirectly support the IR (using the same rethorics).

Supporting the IR doesn't go well with the belief of the majority, not on this site, not in Iran, it can be through the use of the palestinian situation or any other situation, which is a problem of its own...

Those who support the IR in the case of palestine must know that the IR has an agenda of its own. Even if all israelis and palestinians come to a final agreement and resolve all their issues the IR will not stop in this matter, think of this. Even today there are many palestinians who don't want the IR to interfer with the palestinian issue because the result has always been negative. If Iran really wanted to help the palestinians it would, like the west, try to engage them in dialog with Israel and stop supporting Hamas and Hezbollah. The IR is a "friend" which the palestinians don't need...


We are not in the business of "posturing"

by mousa67 on

We are in the business of pre empting

We are in the busines of delivering justice.

But we do love drinking pasteurized milk.


Welcome back ILoveIran

by AMIR1973 on

It's nice to see you again  :-)


IloveIran, If UR Blocked at a Zion- Controlled Site

by ShirOjan on

Like this one then is it not about time to start a REAL IRANIANS dot com site? I don't see any value here to preserve except anti-Iranian BALDERDASH by horribly ignorant posters and the regular paid and unpaid sayanim (the helpers of the savage Khazar converts) masquerading as the original biblical Hebrews who are dreaming for Eretz Israel (from the Nile to the euphrates river):


Only Iranians can stop them, hence they are ravaging the public worldwide with Iranophobia.

You are always welcome to our soon to be announced site where only the REAL NATIONALIST IRANIS are welcomed.


Iran Bashing, Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway:




by Shemirani on

What is 30 years of hateful movement (coming from a few molahs and some brainwashed moslem in the name of god and " brotherwood ") compare to 2500 years of friendship between Iranians and jewish in the region ? ITS REALLY NOTHING..... PEANUTS !


Kasayi ke hanooz Sinezani Felestin mizanan badjoori hoviat khodeshoono ghom kardeand ! eshtebahi khodeshoono felestini farz kardand !

  Palestinian lovers Get out of IRAN's OIL money because it's all you want from us !!!! Stop bullshiting around ! IRAN helped you for 30 years with our own money, what we gained of it ? NOTHING , plus what did you do with the money ? NOTHING oh yes you spent it to bomb other people !  WE HAVE ENOUGH OF YOU (doostie khale kherse basse)




Dr. Ala's question

by Siavash300 on

I personally support the idea that enemies of Iran to be bloked from this site because this site belong to Iranians who love Iran, NOT back stabbers or mentally ill person such as Jahan Khalili. The guy was putting Iranian next to dogs and you expect not to be blocked. You probably didn't know that. If you didn't know I can copy and paste his statement for you. What an expectation do you have that Iran and Iranian haters continue their insult against our people on I.C and not to be blocked.

   The other idiot was keep talking none sense when we have been victims of Arab brutality throughout history. He was trying to substitude Arab with jews.  Our number one enemy is stinky ruling mullahs and our number 2 enemies after filthy mullahs are arabs who killed more than one million of our people no long ago. So that make sense any one who is against Iranians to be blocked. Thanks Administration because I personally don't want anyone insult Iranians.  

Shahab Ferdowsi

Dear Mohammad Ala

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

When the pro-Zionist lobbyists and their friends who control this site get uncomfortable with a poster they cannot control or whose arguments they cannot actually answer they simply block the account and resort to good old fashioned censorship. This is the tried and true tactic of virtually the entire Zionist lobby everywhere. Please note that this is their idea for a future post-IR Iran, i.e. no different than the one presently in power but just window dressing, shifting furniture around but with no substantial difference.   With respect to you and your views!

Mohammad Ala

Why? IC members deserve an explanation.

by Mohammad Ala on

Why ILoveIran's account is blocked?  A month ago, Jahan Khalili's account was blocked, Why?

IC members deserve an explanation.  Thank you.


Why arab supporters don't want to join Iranians?

by Siavash300 on

Recently we are witnessing the fifth colum of lizard eater arabs inside Iran getting more and more nervous and active on I.C. More the less, they realize mullah's time in Iran is up and stinky mullahs will get overthrown very soon. What is puzzling me is the fact that these people don't want to join Iranian people in fight against tyrrany of Islamic criminal gang.

 I am sure pay is much better for these people in our new establishment. Plus they enjoy to be with mass Iranian, not just bunch of the filthy rag heads.


More Zionist venom

by ILoveIran on


tagord, you have

by Cost-of-Progress on

outdone yourself, but don't you get tired of this garbage day in and day out?






Israeli Fascism part 2 ... see this one

by ILoveIran on

And they send their bloggers everywhere to try to dupe Iranians into supporting this garbage ... truly shocking: 


Shahab Ferdowsi

Israelis admit they are fascists

by Shahab Ferdowsi on


 It is really not surprising when you consider that the Jewish Haganah
units in British occupied Palestine were made up of young zealot Jewish Zionist militants  in Nazi Germany who were trained
by the Nazis themselves (particularly by the SS) with the condition that they leave Germany. Once
in Palestine they became the backbone of the terrorist Irgun and Stern Gang brigades,
and through terror (i.e. Deir Yassin) usurped the Palestinian lands. From its ranks, the Haganah-Irgun-Stern Gang evolved into
the present IDF. The historical Nazi-Zionist connection and the fact that the Nazis gave material and logistic aid to the Zionists (while millions of European Jews were being massacred by the Nazis) needs to be looked at more closely. I leave you with this,


 Early in 1935, a passenger ship bound for Haifa in Palestine left the
German port of Bremerhaven. Its stern bore the Hebrew letters for its
name, "Tel Aviv," while a swastika banner fluttered from the mast. And
although the ship was Zionist-owned, its captain was a National
Socialist Party member. Many years later a traveler aboard the ship
recalled this symbolic combination as a "metaphysical absurdity."1
Absurd or not, this is but one vignette from a little-known chapter of
history: The wide-ranging collaboration between Zionism and Hitler's
Third Reich.