Letting separatists run wild on this site for years. Iranian.com, you asked for facts and you got them.


Letting separatists run wild on this site for years. Iranian.com, you asked for facts and you got them.
by ILoveIran

Fakhteh Zamani runs ADAPP.  This is what ADAPP is praising on the ADAPP site (see photo), and it is written by the man (Mr. Asgharzadeh) who claims that Iran’s name was created by the Nazis.[1]  The name of Iran derives from Middle Persian, Ērān, from thousands of years ago, and is noted in the inscription that accompanies the relief of ArdashirI at Naqsh-e Rustam.  Does anyone really think the Nazis came up with the word Iranshahr?   


ADAPP (run by Fakhteh Zamani) Praises this (see photo & text below):


Soviets Form Puppet Government in Northern Iran:

De-archived materials show the USSR formed the government of Pishevari (which seized Northern Iran) by the direct orders of Stalin.[2]

The Soviet military supported the new 'autonomous' entity and prevented Iranian army from restoring governmental control over the area. After Soviet withdrawal, Iranian troops entered the region in December 1946 and Pishevari and his cabinet fled to the Soviet Union.[3]

According to Professor. Gary R. Hess:

'On December 11, an Iranian force entered Tabriz and the Peeshavari government quickly collapsed. The Soviet willingness to forego its influence in (Iranian) Azerbaijan probably resulted from several factors, including the realization that the sentiment for autonomy had been exaggerated and that oil concessions remained the more desirable long-term Soviet Objective.'[4]

According to the Fravahr site, an Iranian Jew that served in the Israeli army, by the name of Ishak Parviz Nazarian, funds many of these types of "human rights" (separatist) groups.[5]


[1] Asgharzadeh: //www.kavehfarrokh.com/articles/pan-turanism/ad-hominem-attacks-against-kaveh-farrokh-and-interview-request/

[2] Woodrow Wilson Center, Cold War International History Project 1945-46 Iranian Crisis.

[3]  //www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/war/azerbaijan.htm

[4] Gary. R. HessPolitical Science Quarterly, Vol. 89, No. 1 (March., 1974) //azargoshnasp.net/recent_history/atoor/theiraniancriris194546.pdf

[5]  Ishak Parviz Nazarian: //www.fravahr.org/spip.php?breve338



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by Fesenjoon2 on

AO never said she/he is "against poetry". Neither did I.

All we're saying is that we're against the obsession Iranians have with their poetry, among other things. Iranians are not better than others, and their culture is not some glorious phenomenon bestowed from the heavens to humanity. For every Hafez-Goethe, there are hundreds of other occidentals who influenced western thinkers and poets. We're not special, and dont deserve any special credit for having the Divan of Hafez, as HFB seems to think.  

That's NOT an abusive statement, it's NOT spamming, and it is merely an opinion, and it should be respected.

But YOU suddenly came in (with a very zanandeh tone) and started questioning my (and AO's) academic background in science (!), supposedly because I (or AO) are not crazy about poetry, and put a higher value on science/technology instead. And that's unfortunate. VERY unfortunate and sad, because all I ever felt for you and Maryam and ALL the other women contributors on IC was utmost respect and love. It is my wish someday to see women rule Iran, because I know that THEY can only make a difference, contrary to our men who are mostly born and bred in a culture of mard-salari, assuming it is the norm to treat women like crap. I look at Ebadi, Sotoudeh, Farrokhroo Parsa, Anousheh Ansari, Farah, my old classmates at Tehran University, the women PhD advisors I had in graduate school,... and all I can do is feel pride and hope for Iran. The ONLY hope in fact I have for Iran is for women to change things.  

So please please please....dont follow the footsteps of others on this board who immediately turn the topic of discussion to who their opponent is, when faced with an opposing opinion. Why the ad hominem Anahid jan? Saying that obsessive poetry is not doing Iran any good (and that we should throw all our obsessive energy on science and technology to catch-up with the rest of the world) is NOT an attack or being abusive. But ad hominems ARE personal attacks.   

Please please please....you dont know who I am. I might even have published poetry. I might even have more academic higher education than you and HFB combined. Farfetched you think? You can "doubt" and speculate all you like, but you have no factual clue as to who me or AO are. AO may be a scientist with a PhD from Yale or Harvard.

The point, Anahid, is: why should it matter who we are? Why should it matter who me, you, and AO are? I simply see you as an azeez contributor, and I never judge you. Your opinions are respected by me, whatever they may be. I dont care if youre a Nobel laureate or a hi-school dropout. I really dont care, because I accept you as my equal. Please....treat others the same, and respect their opinions. 



by Fesenjoon2 on

VPK said on 

"A blog for poetry is not a debate forum for Fesenjoon and AO. They may write their own blog."

You dont get to choose what users write posts in what forums. It's technically not any of your business.

Please stop stalking us. Wherever and whenever me, AO, or someone against your opinion writes something somewhere, you immediately appear and jump in and stir up fights and accusations. This is harrassment.

Do you even know why rtayeb was banned by the admin? It wasnt because he was defending poetry. It was because he called AO a "FU**ING IDIOT". It was the admin's decision to ban him. We didnt know it. We didnt even ask for it. Unlike you who called for me and AO to be permanently banned in return, we never asked you or anyone to get blocked. But please, for the 100th time, stop stalking us!

VPK said on 

"The obvious conclusion is that neither AO nor Fesenjoon (if they are really different people)..."

The obvious conclusion is that your accusation is a classic case of an ad hominem. Ad hominems are considered personal attacks. akheh be to che ke man kiyam?! Get this thru to your head and LEAVE US ALONE! 

G. Rahmanian

Please, guys!

by G. Rahmanian on

Could you stop it? It's getting nowhere. So, why waste your energy here?

Anahid Hojjati

AO, I am not asking for you to be blocked

by Anahid Hojjati on

I like some of your contributions. I am not asking for you to be blocked. I am just giving you my opinion about your contribution on that HFB's blog, but that is my opinion.

Anonymous Observer

it's called a discussion

by Anonymous Observer on

And it's not abuse just because you don't like my position. People leave many more comments on other threads. Singling me out however and calling for me to be blocked for something that is done here every single hour of the day is abusive. And that is what you are doing here. How many comments has VPK left on this blog about me which has nothing to do with the subject of the blog? Why don't you call his abuse? But you won't. Because you agree with him. And that's the problem with our culture.

Anahid Hojjati

AO, what is it when you left more than 10 comments on HFB

by Anahid Hojjati on

's blog? wasn't that abuse?

Anonymous Observer

Not frustrated at all

by Anonymous Observer on

In fact, I'm really glad that you wrote this comment. It's a perfect example of the unfair attack that I have been subjected to by VPK and Mohammad Ala for a long time just for expressing an opinion. If this is not abuse and BULLYING I don't know what is.

Anahid Hojjati

AO, because of issue of double standards

by Anahid Hojjati on

that Iranian society even those in Diaspora have many times regarding women's issues, sometmes we have to be vigilant. so don't be frustrated when I raise the issue.

Anonymous Observer

You people are just hopeless!!

by Anonymous Observer on

"AO claims to be against poetry..."

how silly....


Let me simplify it for you HFB

by Anonymous Observer on 

"There's nothing wrong with reading Hafez and being spiritual.  But one's entire culture should not be consumed by it--as is the case with the Iranian culture.  It's kind of like sending your child to school only to learn literature at the expense of everything else."

from the same blog that you complain about.

Actually, I have made a comment about excessive obsession with poetry on Mr. Noury's blog.
 So, that's an outright lie and I hope you admit your misrepresentation:


But I have never written an anti-poetry comment on your peotry blogs .  In fact, here I am complimenting you on your own poem and telling you how much I enjoyed reading it:


So, what does that say now?  I'm anti-man and pro-woman?!!!! 

wow, there's no limit to silliness I guess.  Why don't you all get together and write a giant anti-AO blog?  It'll be fun.  There are quite a few of them around already.  One more wouldn't hurt.  Plus, you can all vent your frustrations and outrage out--Iranian style--at the person who has a difference of opinion with you.   

PS- How do you know I'm a man? 

PSS- Like I said, the little Iranian mind... That's why we're the only country on this planet that is ruled by a theocracy.  It's all about our small minds.  I can only imagine if VPK was in charge of Iran and I was living there, and I had a different political opinion than him.  I would probably be immediately arrested for being "anti-Iranian," and an "Iran-hater" and thrown in a dungeon somewhere.    

Anahid Hojjati

Regarding AO's anti poetry efforts:

by Anahid Hojjati on

I was reading Saadat Noury' s blog and this question came to me. I don't remember AO ever writing an anti poetry comment on thread of Saadat Noury' s blogs.  How come AO does not show up on his poetry blogs? AO claims to be against poetry and he left about 10 comments against poetry on HFB's blog but I don't seem to remember him paying a visit to any of blogs of Saadat Noury. I am wondering why?

Is it when women write about poetry that AO objects but men are free to write about any subject? Is this another case of men deciding for women what issues they should focus on.

Anonymous Observer

How desperate, lonely and obsessed one must be....

by Anonymous Observer on

to spend hours upon hours of one's life trying to get an avatar blocked on a social site...and chasing that avatar from thread to thread...

And this doesn't include the several blogs that he has either written about me or involving me... 

Truely sad and lonely...and obsessed....

Or is it the ever present Iranian vindictive and dictatorial mentality?!!!



 Admin: haven't you

by vildemose on

 Admin: haven't you noticed the decline in traffic since cyber mercenaries from S. Lebanon and Gaza launched their propaganda campaign to demonize Iranians as anti-semites and hate-filled jew haters??

I wouldn't not be surprised if all of the miscreants are working for the neocons.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Admin: go ahead and ignore this as well

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I said my thing and anyone could decide who it rude and insulting others. In addition the double standards are obvious. One person is getting to say:

Then writes:

He's an obsessed little dictator.  

an Iran-hater, while VPK's contribution to the Iranian society has been eating chelo kabab and trolling Iranian sites. 

Admin says:

The reason for closing any account on iranian.com is simple: Profanity, abuse and personal attacks.

Well Admin are you going to stand by your own rules? Are the above personal attacks or not? I guess AO gets a different set of rules than normal people. I am not yet even addressing the outright lies about being "chased". Or the link which shows absolutely nothing yet he claims to show me going "berserk". I guess reality and truth are not a part of IC or its rules. I got better things to do right now than petty garbage. For now bye!

Anonymous Observer

What is also quite hilarious

by Anonymous Observer on

is that this caharacter is playing the victim on this thread, when in his very own comment, he has made several personal attacks against me & Fesenjoon (who is not even on this thread).  Aside from accusing us of using multiple usernames, he has engaged in the following personal attacks:

 AO and some others are turning IC into their private playground. The attempt is obviously to run others either by shouting them down; insults or attacks. 

 The obvious conclusion is that neither AO nor Fesenjoon (if they are really different people) are interested in a debate. Rather they want to wreck the poetry blog and turn it into a joke. Much to the detriment of IC and people genuinely interested in it. 

And no need to "reply" to anything.  There's no need for me to change anything that I wrote below.   

Well, I think I'm done engaing this troll.  What does it really say about our culture when we have little dictators like this running around trying to silence debates?  Really sad... 


VPK Jaan

by Truthseeker9 on

Please don't see this as me having a go at you, because the most important thing I think is I like and respect you, you are a nice guy with good intentions most of the time. But the same can be said of spamming in other blogs. It can also be said many times people like to jump in discussions and do a lot of spamming themselves and throw in a few spanners just for the sake of commenting. The reason I am saying this is not to antagonise you, but to say people see things sometimes as it suits them and forget that they do the same.



With regards to insults, I will not mention names but a lot of people who consider themselves "stars" of IC (who use their name) make the foulest insults and crude remarks as attacks to others. But IC also lets them off, so ....

Anonymous Observer

Meanwhile in La La land...

by Anonymous Observer on

  •  "Why should a blog devoted to Hafez be turned into a sham by uninvited spammers.

The admin may either throw out the rules or apply them fairly not both."

Meanwhile, a blog about separatism is being turned into a discussion about comments, etc. by a spammer who has written five other blogs on the subject.  :-))

Here, VPK, I have a classic for you:


Reminds you of someone? 


Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am replying to this to keep the poster from editing it. This is a great proof of the inappropriate actions of the poster.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear AI

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Fair enough and I respect your right to it. However it is more clear when you state it as you did. Which is "you question motives or "a person" based on their posts. Anyway thanks for the explanation.

Now about my motive I realize the need for disagreement. But the way some behave is destroying the whole place.I will give examples of what is a problem:

  • Making blatant false accusations like the ones AO made against me. These are lies and I want to see them retracted or proved.
  • Making blatant personal attacks including name calling which according to admin are reason for banning. Please read the post by AO on me right here.
  • Jumping in the middle of a blog like HFB and spamming it. Why should a blog devoted to Hafez be turned into a sham by uninvited spammers.

The admin may either throw out the rules or apply them fairly not both.


Dear all: Separatism is extremely bad.

by mousa67 on

When my wife separated from me, due to the irregular working hours of my job (that's another story for another blog maybe), it costed me a fortune in divorce settlement. So, as we say in Yiddish, translated into english: " A fat,bitter, ugly wife is ten times better than a hefty divorce settlement"

Artificial Intelligence

Dear VPK

by Artificial Intelligence on

I understand your point. However, please be aware that as far as I am concerned (in my opinion), Mr. Ala is dishonest and a major  hypocrite. He is a hypocrite because he attacks people he does not politically agree with as "bogus" when they are anonymous yet he protects and defends  people he agrees with who are anonymous as well. The fact that he is an IRI appologist does not help him either

I think there is an attempt here (by you and others with good intentions) to make every single dialogue  100% civil, 100% without ANY sort of attack and to be nice nice koumbaya. This is an impossible task. This is an unreasonable task.

The reason I took a jab at Mr. Ala ("best fiend IloveIran") is due to the fact that he posted the same comments on multiple treads asking the same question.  IloveIran was clearly a multiple Id user signed up for a week who was just talking trash an nonsense- the type that Professor Ala likes. Mr. Ala is being attacked for being a major league dishonest hypocrite. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I admit to not having read much of IC recently. But I still maintain that IC is their least of worries. My friend they got international sanctions; getting kicked out of markets. What is IC compared to that.

Yes they may make themselves feel better by posting on IC but it is a waste. Nothing they do here is going to save them. IRI has one single hope: give up now and hold real democratic elections barring that they are gone.

As other dictators they will not see reason before it is too late. Then only when the mob is at their door with pitchforks. In summary: don't worry; rant all you want and IRI is regardless a gooner!


VPK, Make no mistake

by Cost-of-Progress on

As insecure as the regime is, they do have eyes everywhere. Just look at the people blogging here for the last 2 weeks.

In any case, you missed the point I was making.

Cheers buddy, expend and focus your energy where it counts.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear COP

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I doubt IRI gives a *** about this blog. The powers which bring down IRI is far from IC.



An example of lack of unity

by Cost-of-Progress on

Are you guys serious?

The regime, and their supporters who roam this site just love it when instead of concentrating your energy on opposing these so called Iranians (or not, as the case may be), you use it to attack one another.

Baba bee khiyaal. Aren't you all on the side of reason and freedom for Iran? Or is it that we Iranians suffer from an acute case of "my way or highway" and that's why we are getting it up the arse from all directions?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

An example of a personal attack

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


AO writes:

He's an obsessed little dictator.

Dear Admin is this a personal attack?

He also disrespects true Iranians.  

How about this one? Who decides a "real" Iranians is it AO? 

If I were obsessed with this person I would be writing more. Go check the postings and find how few posts I have made. However I will post when I see fit. I have not even written in response to Fesenjoon for months!

He went berserk and started attacking and harassing me for that commen

Prove it.  I went to the link; there is no "going berserk" or harassing you. AO: when you make an accusation back it up with facts. If the best you can do is a link from September last year with no reference to you then no go.

As for Fesenjoon's credentials all I got is his word. Sure I could make any claim and being anonymous nobody knows whether it is right or not. For all I know anyone could claim to have done anything.

Arguments must stand on their own not based on who makes them. Specially when "who" is an anonymous person who nevertheless tries to claim credit for actions which may not be verified by anyone.

Anonymous Observer

Dear TS- 9

by Anonymous Observer on

VPK had has had an unhealthy obsession with me and Fesenjoon for a long time now. He has written at least two blogs about me, and has chased me from thread to thread trying to silence me by threats, attacks and other means.  The funniest one (funny for me that is, sad for him to show how obsessed he is) is when I commented on a thread about an Iranian having a similar look to a handsome lead singer of a rock band called the Fine Young Cannibals.  He went berserk and started attacking and harassing me for that comment:


He's an obsessed little dictator.  He's a vestige of the old Iranian intolerant mentality that has a hard time adjusting to the free exchange of ideas in cyberspace.  So is Mohammad Ala for that matter.  

VPK also disrespects true Iranians.  He calls Fesenjoon, who voluteered to fight in the Iran / Iraq war and who was tortured in IR's prisons, and who has done more academically for Iran and Iranians (without mentioning more) an Iran-hater, while VPK's contribution to the Iranian society has been eating chelo kabab and trolling Iranian sites.

PS- you have criticized me many times before also.  But VPK is now on to attacking you because he thinks you are allied with me.  It's a metal condition for him.  That's what he does though.  He's on this site to silence opinions that do not conform to his own.  


dear VPK

by Truthseeker9 on

With regards to the first part, you don't know that. Reason I like him is because he is intelligent and witty, and represents the minority of younger modern Iranian readers.

Threats and noise ??? ... isn't that an IC norm, look around your own circle ...    :) 

Nice talking to you. Got to work now, bye.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear TS

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Just as you are free so are others. You are always there to defend AO but never criticize his actions: why? Does he not do the same things you accuse others of doing? Spamming of blogs with unrelated noise; threats; ...

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear AI

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


See below commentb your new best friend IloveIran: 

Just because someone asks "why was X" blocked does not make them best friends. I am almost always on the same side as you are. But I may have questions also. The right response is just what you did. To post the offending comment minus the jab.