Why do the Russians not want to see any change in Iran?


by Diba

Bahman Aghai Diba

According to many reports (1), Russia is opposed to any efforts to promote a change of regime in Iran. At the same time, the Iranian regime has welcomed the Russian position and described it as “positive.” (2).

Why, under present circumstances where the people of Iran are fed up with the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the country is on the verge of disintegration due to the peoples’ frustration over finding a way to get rid of the medieval Islamic regime, are the Russians opposed to a regime change in Iran? The answer to this has many aspects:

1- The Russians have historically been very active against the interests of the people of Iran. The Old Russian Empire tried to destroy Iran in order to devour the smaller parts one after another. Peter the Great left guidance to destroy Iran in order to get to the “warm waters” of the Persian Gulf. In 1907 and 1915, the Russians twice tried to destroy Iran in collaboration with the British. Following several unequal wars between the outdated Iranian army and the Russian army which was much more advanced, during the time of the Qajar Dynasty, the Russians separated and devoured several parts of Iran (1813), including the present territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. (3) For a long time, the Russians of the USSR created difficulties for Iran’s exploitation of oil resources in the north (under the false pretext that those resources were connected to Russian sources, and if any concession was granted by Iran for their exploitation, it should go to the Russians).

2- The USSR always used the ideology of communism as a nationalistic policy in its favor (this can be compared to Iranians creating Shi’a Islam in order to confront the invading Arabs). The Russians of the USSR always tried to find a way to turn Iran into a communist state.

3- The Russian Federation, as the successor of the USSR, feels that it was deceived by the West and now it is using Iran as a center to retaliate. The Russians were under the impression that if they abandoned the communist policies of the previous regime, they would get many things from the West that they had been deprived of. However, system change in Russia has brought many problems, and the West is not really helping Russia to overcome any of those problems. The Russians have a sense of being cheated, and they are willing to take every opportunity (like the one of Iran) to pay back and even blackmail the West.

4- The Russian Federation has replaced the West as the main source of military hardware for Iran. Russian nuclear industries, which were on the verge of bankruptcy, are now revived due to their deals with Iran. Russians are selling all of their low-level, low-quality materials to Iran in exchange for hard currency. This is a great opportunity for the Russians, where in the absence of Western rivalry, they can sell their garbage to Iran at a price much higher than fair market prices.

5- The Iranian regime is in acute need of the ideological gibberish used by the former USSR. While the Russians have no use for such ideological gibberish anymore, they have a good market for it in Iran. You can find almost the same Soviet cold war literature being used in the Islamic regime of Iran right now. The Russians love to see Iran repeat former Russian government gibberish about Western values and policies and even culture, while they are not able to do so themselves. This is the export of gibberish by proxy for the Russians. Iranians repeat old Russian gibberish and then get the negative repercussions of doing so in the world.

6- The Iranian people (not the present regime, which does not represent the people) have a special inclination towards Americans. Unlike the government of Iran, the people of Iran are the most pro-American people in the region. The Russians know very well that the next regime of Iran will definitely pay back the Russians for their behavior, and will respond to Russian overtures according to the demands of the Iranian people.

7- The Russians are angry about the role played by the Americans in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation of that country, and now they try to retaliate using opportunities such as the one created by the Islamic regime of Iran. (4)

8- The Russians have violated the rights of Iran in the Caspian Sea. According to the existing regime of the Caspian Sea, the Russians had no right to stop Iranian ships from traveling to the northern parts of the Caspian Sea. At the moment, the Russians are imposing the formula of the Modified Median Line on all Caspian states, which gives less than 13 percent of the Caspian Sea to Iran. The Iranian Islamic regime has given a free hand to the Russians to do whatever they want, including turning the Caspian over to the center of the one of the biggest naval concentrations of Russians forces.

9- The Iranian regime has turned a blind eye to the oppression suffered by Russian Muslims, including the Chechens, while simultaneously making many contributions to the Palestinian cause and campaigning against the oppression of Palestinians.

10- The Russians are receiving concessions and advantages from both the West and Iran over Russian policies towards Iran’s nuclear case.

The Iranian people have not forgotten Russia’s backstabbing of the Iranian nation on each and every occasion. It seems that the Russians, in any capacity, be they military men of the Tsars, lackeys of Stalinism, or the remnants of a wicked empire, have one aim which has remained the same: Support the enemies of Iran inside and outside of the country, and try to disintegrate Iran.

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Russia's "Democracy" is much like Iranian "democracy"

by FG on

I should note first that should Russia and Syria fall, the regime will be in dire straits because of internal factors.  You already see how Hamas is distancing itself.  Hence, the fate of the the three nations are interlinked and troublesome events concerning the other two should always interest readers here.

  On that note, see what Russia said yestereday regarding the Syrian opposition:

From Enduing America: Russia has sent yet another signal that it is unwilling to cooperate
with the Syrian opposition, but it will stand by the Syrian regime.
Russia's foreign minister, Sergi Lavrov, accused the opposition of
failing to confront its militant "extremists", and even accused the opposition of creating a humanitarian crisis in order to drum up international support for intervention.

And this:

 Inside Syria: the rebel call for arms and ammunition

Exclusive: With Syrian rebels desperate for arms, Ghaith Abdul-Ahad finds smugglers doing a roaring trade selling guns and bullets



It's not just the way elections are handled--prevetting which bars some candidates and parties, then further rigging on election day.

It's not just the use of death squads to kill leading critics of the regime--especially journalists, opposition politiians and human rights workers.

It's not just the arrest of the above or their beatings by plainclothes brownshirts.

As in Iran, there are no really private tv, radio or newspapers except those that survive via self-censorship.  Interent censorship isn't quite as bad...yet.

It's also the phony nature of pro-government demonstrations which resemble those in Iran.  The one Russia's government organized this week was much smaller and less spontaneous than the people's demonstration it was intended to offset.  Except for a few militia types from a party youth organization, there was a noticable lack of enthusiasm.  Many of the demonstrators reported that, as in Iran, they were forced to attend.

The Russian government often exercises unrestrained brutality toward demonstrators.  In the recent one, having learned from Syria's example what the mullahs can't learn, Russian security forces were untypically restrained.  It worked for now.   

Those security forces will be less restrained when the spring comes and demonstrations grow larger.  In an earlier post, I discussed the advantages and disadvantages the regime will face if things heat up when the weather warms.




 How much of the Caspian

by vildemose on

 How much of the Caspian Sea was given to the Russians under khameni and IRI? Can someone write an article on this subject?


A state of war only serves
as an excuse for domestic tyranny.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Born December 11, 1918


Khamenae is their poppet

by amirkabear4u on

Maybe because khamenae is a Russian poppet !!!  Why every mollah has to be linked to British?????



by hirre on

There has not been any system change in russia for democracy after the CCCP, all of the former KGB leaders etc have the political power now, just look at Putin (former KGB), look how he runs the country, it's like Corleone running the "family", no wonder the west still don't trust the russians... Same guys, new clothes... In Sweden we still have problems of reports indicating russian espionage activity within and around Sweden's borders...


It's easy

by hirre on

If regime is changed and sanctions are lifted the iranians will kick out the russians and chinese as the main suppliers and instead work with the US, germany, france, britain, scandinavian countries etc.... It's like upgrading your car from a Lada to a BMW, it's hard to resist...


great blog

by shushtari on

thank you.......it is a fact that the filthy russian and chinese govts are keeping the akhoondak regime in power......

one week of them not buying oil, and it's over for khayenei and his band of thieves