Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi in the Evin Prison of Iran


by Diba

Bahman Aghai Diba

I saw Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi, who is currently known as theoretician of violence in Iran, the first time in Iran’s Evin prison. It was during the first term of Mohammad Khatami’s presidency and no one had heard anything about this Ayatollah. However, Assadollah Lajervaedi, the Butcher of Evin (Head of the Prisons Organization of Iran), had invited him several times to address the entire assembly of prisoners in Evin Prison. At that time, Messbah was not famous at all and I was wondering why the Butcher of Evin had chosen him out of the great spectrum of narrow-minded, Arabo-philes (like Anglophile or Francophile) and disgusting Mullahs to speak in the prison that he loved like his son.

First, I was thinking perhaps it was due to the resemblance in their physical characters. The Butcher of Evin and Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi both looked so disgusting that everybody (even those who did not know what kind of ruthless criminal they were) felt annoyed by looking at them. Walking together you could easily see the two hyenas running shoulder to shoulder. However, later I came to the conclusion that presence of Messbah was more than a simple issue. Messbah was one of the persons that were very well aware of the criminal acts committed in Evin prison. The Butcher of Evin (Lajevardi) as one of the most prominent members of the Islamic Motalefeh Group (some of the other members were: Assghar Oladi, the biggest plunderer of the Iranian Economy; Zavarei, the head of the Real Estate Registration Organization of Iran, who is dead now and has returned to hell), was a close friend and associate of Messbah. At that time, Mohammad Khatami (the former president of Iran) was still playing the role of the “First Lady” and the extremist Islamic groups headed by figures like Messbah Yazdi were working behind the scenes to change the situation towards eradication of the small reforms that Khatami had in mind.

They controlled the real power and they were able to reject every move of the so-called Reformists. Finally they set Khatami aside and staged rigged elections and placed Mahmud Ahmadinejad as president of Iran.

When I was listening to the new president of Iran for the first time, I felt that his words and even his gestures were familiar to me. Later I came to the conclusion that I had heard those words from Messbah Yasdi in Evin prison. He was talking about the government of God and the lack of need for public support if there was something that God had ordered.

However, comparing Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi to other Ayatollahs from all points of political and religious spectrum, I think people like Messbah give a proper image of Islam and those who try to insert nice words in the Islamic texts are wrong. Islam has nothing to do with democracy. The idea of Velayate Faghih (Government of the Chief Mullah) is based on a Government of God and it leaves nothing to democratic institutions. I think religious figures like Messbah are more sincere in their introduction of Islam as compared to demagogues like Ali Shariati who had fabricated a religion out of his own hallucination.

Looking forward to the day that the people of Iran throw Messbah and Shariati and all of their companions to the garbage and start a new life according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Conventions on Civil, Political, Social and Economic Rights.


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by Diba on

The time was the second term of Rafsanjani.  thousands of prisoners in those days ( 1988-1996 that I was in Evin Prision) were present in the speeches that Lajevardi arranged for Mesbah.


You are lying through your teeth

by auto7643 on

You say: "I saw Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi ... the first time in Iran’s Evin prison. It was during the first term of Mohammad Khatami’s presidency ... Assadollah Lajervaedi, the Butcher of Evin (Head of the Prisons Organization of Iran), had invited him several times to address the entire assembly of prisoners in Evin Prison."

Mohammad Khatami served as IRI President from 1997 - 2005.

Asadollah Lajevardi was the warden of Evin from June 1981 until 1985 when he was replaced due to complaints. He was assassinated by MKO supporters on August 22, 1998. Lajevardi had been out of favor for over a decade and had no government position at the time you claim he invited Mesbah.

Next time you lie, at least get the dates correct.


Discussing Islam

by religionoutofgovernment on

I agree with Roozbeh and others that we will need to live with Muslims in our country and they should be respected and their rights protected under a democractic and secular system, just like and equal to any other religion. However, this does not prohibit us from discussing Islam on IC. In addition, in a future democratic Iran, we should be able to openly discuss religion, without threats and Fatwas against our lives!

 For the last 1400 years, we have not had an objective and open analysis of Islam without fear and intimidation. Any criticism and questioning of Islam has been called an "intolerable insult". Thousands of intellectuals have been called apostates and tortured and killed. It is time to open the real discussion and openly discuss the sexism, cruelty, pedophilia and polygamy. And please Mammad, don't tell me about the "Islamic Experts" who have already explained and justified the above questions! These experts have done nothing but use a twisted logic that is no good for anyone with an IQ of over 60!

About Taleghani and the rest of Nehzate Azadi, I am sure individually they were nice people. But there is no question that since 1343 they supported Khomeini and were his political arm. Their religion played an important role in their political views. They did not believe in a secular system and INTENDED to have a political system based on religion. Of course, that is what we got and you see the results. So, judge them for their destructive legacy not their individual "nice" character!

maziar 58

thank you Roozbeh

by maziar 58 on

you said it just as its supposed to be.

thanks again and have a wonderful 2012.



Lajevardy was assasinated in his little hole in Bazer by two

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

uzi carrying kids. Probably children of some fo the people he had ordered to be killed. Khatemi sent an official note of condolence and called his a faithful soldier. Now Lajevardi would be an outstanding member of Khatemi's phony "civil society."


And, with due respect

by Mammad on

what you are saying about Islam is pure absurdity. The concept of velaayat-e faghih is not even supported by the majority of the Shiite Olamaa. They reject it.

This is just another excuse for you Mr. Diba, following your familiar path, to attack Islam and Muslims without differentiating between those who believe in reactionaries such as Mesbah and those who do not. I say the vast majority do not.



I am curious

by Mammad on

Was Lajevardi the warden of Evin at that time? He was not. He had been sacked years earlier and had gone back to Bazaar, where he worked. He was assassinated in September of 1998, just a year after Khatami was elected. If you were in jail at that time, perhaps someone else invited Mesbah.

I say this because Lajevardi lived in my childhood neighborhood. Every morning he would pass by our home on his way to work. My mother would sit in the kitchen that had a window to the little street - actually a wide alley - read the Quran and wait for him to pass by just to see him and say "khodaa jazaa-ye tow ro bedeh."



Thank you Roozbeh

by Mammad on

for speaking the truth. And, yes, Taleghqani was a wonderful man liked and respected by people across the political spectrum, from left to right.



Did you ever meet Taleghaani?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I did not, but I know people -godless people- who did, attended his sermons and were most impressed by him.

Our just anger and disgust at Islamic regime, the Fascist ideology of VF, should not distract us from the very simple fact that the vast majority of our compatriots are not only devout muslims, but also want to have nothing to do with this criminal facsistic ideology of velayate faghih and it's leadership, Khamenei, and ahmadinezhad.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Bahram G

Glad you are free

by Bahram G on

Thanks for posting this. Sorry that you ever had to be an inmate in Evin. May you find peace and joy of heart.