Iran: Full text of Majles letter about Ahmadinejad


by Diba

Iran: text of Letter of Majles about Ahmadinejad

Translated by: Bahman Aghai Diba

In the Name of God

Respected Board of Directors of the Islamic Consultative Assembly [Majles]

With greetings, on the basis of the Principle 89 of the Constitution, and articles 196 and 197 of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Rules of Procedure, while expressing gratitude for the extensive services of the administration in various fields, hereby, the following questions, which are signed by one hundred persons, are addressed to the respected president, in order to go through the legal procedures and remove any doubts and misunderstandings from the mindset of the respected Majles deputies and in the line of strengthening the Islamic Republic’s system:

1- Why the law for provision of foreign currency facilities to the Metro in Tehran and the major cities, and the transportation systems of other cities, was not announced and implemented, in spite of acute needs of these cities for better traffic, especially at the advent of implementation of energy targeted subsidies?

2-The minister of sports and the youth affairs was introduced after five months that the law on establishment of the ministry had been adopted and the minister was introduced to Maljes with an unusual letter. Isn’t this a kind of struggle to evade implementation of law?

3- According to the official statistics, the rate of economic growth in the country in 1389 [now is 1390] was 1% , but the rate announced by the IMF is almost 3%, while according to the plans, it should be 8 %. Isn’t this an indication of weakness in the economic management of the country? Also, is it possible to have generated one million and 600 thousand jobs with such a growth rate?

4- How the figure of 1500 billion Tomans in the budget which was assigned for upgrading the cultural indicators in the country in the Law of the Budget of 1389 [last year] was spent?

5- The law for making the subsidies targeted was designed to be a 5 year plan. But the level of increase in certain energy items indicates that that the administration has cut the period of its implementation to less than three years. Therefore, the people are suffering from unnecessary pressures such as the cost of gas. Also, the share of the industrial and agricultural sectors is not yet paid in a proper manner and this has led to increase in the cost of production of the products. Why the administration is not committed to implement the law adopted by Majles?

6- What explanation is there for your 11 day resistance in front of the governmental order of the Islamic Revolution’s Leader regarding the reinstatement of Hojatolislam Moslehi, the Respected Minister of Intelligence?

7- What was the urgency of removing Mr. Manuchehr Motaki the former minister of foreign affairs while he was in an assignment to Senegal that caused disrespect to him personally and damaged the system of the IRI in the world?

8- What is the meaning of your remarks saying that Malies is not at the top of the issues?

9- While you were well aware that criticizing the performance of some of the performers of the “law on chastity and Islamic code of dress [Hejab]” in the public media will lead to weakening the power of the system and worsening of the respect for the Islamic code of dress in the society, you did accuse in a live TV program some of the performers of this law, contrary to the consensus of the Islamic jurists regarding the Islamic duties of the administration in the line of “persuasion of virtue and prohibition of vice”, which is part of law, and by saying that the problem should be solved only through cultural activities, you deserted from implementing the commitments of the administration and after the widespread protests of the sources of emulation, the Friday prayer leaders, the scholars and Majles deputies against your words, you declared in a live TV interview that your view was the same as you had said. How your treatment in this case can be explained?

10- Why the theory of Iranian School, instead of Islamic School, was tabled by your chief of staff, in contrast to the foundations of the Islamic Revolution and in spite of the opposition of the majority of the grand sources of emulation and scholars and those who care about the system? And why did you confirm and emphasized it so that it led to degrading the status of the Islamic revolution and reviving racial bigotry among the Muslims and gave a tool to the opponents of the Islamic unity? In general, why are you not rejecting the group known as “deviant current” and continue to defend them , in spite of the warnings and admonitions of the great Islamic scholars?

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