HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Prince Shahryar Shafiq (1945-1979)


HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Prince Shahryar Shafiq (1945-1979)
by Darius Kadivar

Prince Shahryar Shafiq , son of Princess Ashraf Pahlavi was an Imperial Navy Captain. He was assassinated in Paris on December 7, 1979 by a death Squad of the Islamic regime.

Prince Shahryar Shafiq (b 1945,Rabat Morocco-d. December 7, 1979,Paris)  was the son of HIH Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, the twin sister of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, and Ahmad Shafiq of Egypt.

Military career

Shahryar Shafiq was an Imperial Iranian Navy Captain, and the only member of the Pahlavi Dynasty who chose a military career. He participated in the military operation of the Takavaran units in recuperating of the three Persian Gulf Islands of Abu Musa,Greater Tunb,Lesser Tunb when Britain ended its protectorate of the region in 1971. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in February 1979, he was the only member of Dynasty to stay inside Iran and keep fighting against the Islamic revolutionaries, up to the point when he had to flee in a small boat from the Persian Gulf to Kuwait, under heavy fire.


After exile, he joined his family in Paris, France and began organizing a resistance movement inside Iran. He was assassinated in Paris on December 7, 1979, being shot twice in the head on the Rue Pergolese

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