ROYAL RHINOPLASTY: Stephen Fry On The Imperfections of the Monarchy and Why It Should Be Preserved


ROYAL RHINOPLASTY: Stephen Fry On The Imperfections of the Monarchy and Why It Should Be Preserved
by Darius Kadivar

Contrary to George Galloway's Republican Take on the British Monarchy, Comedian Stephen Fry speaks about the British monarchy and aristocracy as analogous to his crooked nose and precisely why that means they should be maintained. 

Stephen Fry on the British monarchy and aristocracy and how they're analogous to his crooked nose:

(NOTE: An excerpt from his wonderful autobiography Moab Is My Washpot)

Blackadder the Third - Episode 6: "Duel and Duality":

The Duke of Wellington arrives to challenge the Prince to a duel, unaware that he and Blackadder have exchanged places. Hilarious clip taken from the classic BBC comedy Blackadder.

(NOTE: Watch FULL Episode Here: Part I, Part II):

Prince Charles, Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie talk about Stephen Fry and Blackadder:






Stephen Fry Replies to Christopher Hitchens on George Galloway's take on 'respecting' religious Beliefs:

Stephen Fry on His Admiration of the Enlightment Philosophers and his critics of Catholicism, from the Intelligence Squared debate (The topic was 'Is Catholicism a force for good in the world?):

Stephen Fry's beautiful comments on a world without God:

Stephen Fry delivers a 6 minute 'speech' on how a world without a belief in God should be neither mundane nor uninspiring:

Stephan Frye on The difference between the English and Americans and French in terms of Political philosophy and understanding of Democratic ideals and of Justice:


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