HISTORY FORUM: How Truly Democratic is The British Monarchy ?


HISTORY FORUM: How Truly Democratic is The British Monarchy ?
by Darius Kadivar

Is Queen Elizabeth II as powerless as it is often claimed or does the Queen of England have Royal Prerogatives ? Can she influence her country's politics ? Or is she Only a symbolic figurehead as for instance is the case in a Truly Constitutional Monarchy like Sweden ( which has a much younger dynasty than that of the House of Windsor) Is the Labor Party inspired by Republican ideas ?  Some interesting and surprising revelations on the pros and cons of the British Institution in this Excellent documentary. 

Power & Glory of the British Monarchy (1/3)

Power & Glory of the British Monarchy (2/3)

Power & Glory of the British Monarchy (3/3)

The Crown: PBS Report on how and when it can be borrowed  by the Queen for ceremonial duties:

And Explained by Her Majesty The Queen Herself:


New Rules Set for the British Monarchy and it's Constitution:

Ten things you didn't know about the British monarchy
(Not all is applied as strictly as proclaimed here except on paper):

England's Budget-Conscious Queen

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anglophile jaan You're Welcome

by Darius Kadivar on

Glad you enjoy my blogs.

I agree with you that we Iranians or at least I suppose in the Diaspora in the US (Iranicans as they are called ) seem to have a kind of inferiority complex when it comes to acknowledging the positive aspects of our Royal institutions.

I think however that back home many Iranians actually miss their Royals or at least have a Nostalgia for their more glorious past.

I think much of the misconcepts are due to lack of knowlegde of what is a Constitutional Monarchy in reality.

It is interesting that some argue that it is ridiculous to restore the Pahlavis on the Throne on grounds that they are a fairly young dynasty compared to the British. Yet this very documentary shows that the British Monarchy is probably less democratic than a much younger Dynasty that of Sweden which is barely 200 years old.

So the argument that an older Dynasty would be more legitimate to be restored than a younger one falls short.

All the more that the founder of the current Dynasty in Sweden was not even Swedish but French. He was one of Napoleon's generals known as Bernadotte ( best known for being the husband of Napoleon's first love: Desiree de Clary):


He was to become known as King Karl XIV Johan of Sweden.

At Least Reza Pahlavi is Iranian and grandson of one of the Greatest Iranian Nationalists : Reza Shah the Great !

I am optimist and I truly think that Iranians will see that the best path towards a national Reconciliation will be one that leads to a Restoration of the Monarchy with the current Crown Prince Reza as future King: Reza Shah II but as Constitutional King and I believe he has the personality to abide to such a constitution for it is in the best interests of both democracy and the monarchy itself. All the more that his eldest daughter if ever Crowned was not exposed to the same rigid mentality of the Pahlavi court before the Revolution.

The age of Divine Rule is definitively over in Iran like it has been in Great Britain since the Restoration after Cromwells death. But the Monarchy is far from dead and has little to be ashamed of compared to the disastrous legacy of the Islamic Republic.

Thank you for your kind comment and indeed David Starkey is an excellent historian and interesting character.

Warm Regards and VIVE LE ROI DE PERSE ;0)



Dear Mr Kadivar

by anglophile on


I am pleased to have found in you a fellow anglophile. I have followed some of your blogs on British monarchy and found them very interesting. David Starkey is one of the most distinguished constitutional experts in Britain and it is encouraging to see how his subject has found an audeince on the other side of the Atlanic.

But it is so disapponting to note how Iranians whose monarchical heritage goes back to 2500 years ago are so anti-monarchy whilst the British with a heritage half as old are so keen to preserve and promote this great national institution. British monarchy and indeed all modern European monarchies must serve as a model for both the royal family and the people of Iran to aspire to follow.

Yours royally,