NEO CON WARMONGERS ? Tehrangeles Demo in Support of Iran's Greens


NEO CON WARMONGERS ? Tehrangeles Demo in Support of Iran's Greens
by Darius Kadivar

Not later than last July many IRI apologists on this site turned Opponent to the IRI overnight were trying to give lessons in Patriotism to Iranians with Sun & Lion Flags. The Green Flag had even become a convenient substitute to the Tri Color National Symbols for all those who opposed regime change and were trying to Falsly associate all Iranian Tehrangeleses or the LA TV's as Neo Con Warmonger Channels aimed at bombin IRan in a bid to restore the Monarchy.

People such as this young fellow HATEIRI was fooled into this reasoning too in this blog  refering to this video where immature young and ignorant so called Pro Green demonstrators attacked often older generation Iranians who were demonstrating peacefully with the Sun and Lion Flag.

An intolerant Attitude which was also Encouraged elsewhere in Washinton DC by NIAC spokeperson of the time Babak Talebi ( who has since mysteriously been replaced by another newcommer- Michelle Moghtader maybe for good reasons):

I never considered the above people as IRI Agents nor NIAC as a Spy Nest for the Islamic Republic ( Unlike Houshang Amir Ahmadi's AIC who did not hesitate to even meet Ahmadinejad in person) but I have always felt that they were IRI Apologists in what that term means and that is finding excuses for the regime's shortcomings and Totally Underestimated the ruthlessness of the IRI and trusted it's leadership far too much. Very much like other self proclaimed spokespersons of the Green Movement such as Hamid Dabashi who have all since shifted a great deal in their naive views and are even begining to think that sanctions ( that do not hurt the people) are not to be dismissed after all ( see Dreyfus on Iran Interviewed by Hamid Dabashi).

I welcome this change of attitude because it is constructive and we should all work towards unity on a common cause to say the least: Support Democratic Change and Human Rights in Iran and demand world leaders particularly in democratic countries to respect the legitimate demands of the Iranian people as opposed to the interests of the illegitimate regime of Tehran.

Maybe the following videos are proof enough of the necessity to see our community to spend it's energy more constructively and focus on the essential instead of indulging in the same stupid generalizations as some  ANONYMOUS blokes on this site who have not learned a thing in 30 years but wish to preach others from their High Horse and ignorant comments  not only Once, Twice or Thrice ... and then hypcoritically call for dialogue and mutual understanding.

Well I've Got News for them ... Not All Khars are ignorant Olagh ! or Camels navigating blindly towards the Isle of Ignorance ... LOL

Oh if they still don't understand the above comment ... It's called a Metaphor !

So Eat Your Heart Out ! ...

Ebi Taslim

Googoosh Iran-Man Hamoon Iranam I am Iran :

Farrokhzad -on the Responsability of the Artist and Political activism:

Iranians from Los Angeles including prominent Diaspora Artists like Ebi, Shohreh Solati, Shahram amongst others demonstrate in front of the Federal Building - Los Angeles Protest - July 09, 2009 After Iran Election 2009 - in Support Iranian People - Video Produced By Amir Lahijy , Javedan Productions Presents

BBC Iranian artists Protest in Los Angeles July 25 2009:

Persian Power: Westwood Iranian Election Protest ( Local LA TV):

July 09, 2009 After Iran Election 2009 - in Support Iranian People - Video Produced By Amir Lahijy , Javedan Productions Presents:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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Enough? It's not started yet.

by benross on

Enough? It's not started yet.

Was Rosie


by Was Rosie on

But seriously DK,

having looked at the links in the body of your blog, don't you think you're being a little hard on the man? I mean, wasn't this enough for one day?





Was Rosie

Too late, DK, I already blew the whistle on you.

by Was Rosie on

No worming your way out of it this time. No more Magical Mystery Tour for you:



great blog, btw ;oP


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

The beautiful Sheer o Khorsheed Flag of Iran for ever

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

and if the IRI nochehs (thugs) don't like it we say to them our beloved flag poles up yours... 


God bless Sher and Khorsheed!


I second that

by benross on

Keep up the good work DK. Iranian flag is what IRI fears the most.

Sargord Pirouz

Those oversized

by Sargord Pirouz on

Those oversized Shir-o-khorshid flags being waved at demonstrations in Los Angeles last June (and beyond) were a godsend to the far right establishment inside Iran, and a major embarrassment to the Greens. IRIB and IRINN lost no time showing clips of the spectacle to appalled audiences throughout the country.

Darius, by all means, keep up with the RP promotion and those Shir-o-khorshid flags: it's the best insurance you can personally provide to the continuation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.